Personal stories from NewAccess participants

Life can get tough sometimes, but there are ways for you to get back on track. Watch and read personal stories from people who've used our NewAccess program.

Brenton’s experience

"The NewAccess program gave me a light,
gave me a future."

Tamara’s experience

"The great thing about NewAccess was the accessibility. I was under so much stress financially and it was free."

Rusty's experience

"It was the first time someone actually discussed my feelings and how I was at the time."

Sam's NewAccess journey

NewAccess, a free coaching program developed by Beyond Blue for anyone who’s feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed about everyday life has made a big difference to 21 year old Sam Daddo's life.

NewAccess and me: “Learning about anxiety was incredibly powerful”

When 44-year-old Tara contacted her local NewAccess coach in early 2020, she didn’t know how the program could help her or even exactly what it was she needed help with – she just knew she had to do something.

NewAccess and me: “It helped me so much”

When a combination of events and circumstances left 66-year-old Sue feeling down and like she wasn’t coping, she discovered NewAccess.