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Forums / Anxiety / Chest Pain on Palpitations.

Topic: Chest Pain on Palpitations.

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  1. Billy B
    Billy B avatar
    1 posts
    28 January 2019
    Hi Everyone - My first post here. I've had anxiety in the past but have a handle on it now, I think. Lately I've been having palpitations on exertion but mostly when I get a bit emotionally stressed or very excited . Palpitations don't bother me (nowadays) as I know they're just about always benign. I have been to the doctor and had an ECG, an exercise stress test and an Xray - all have returned normal results. My problem is sometimes I seem to have such a powerful palpitation that i get a short sharp pain in my chest. Nothing else, no dizziness etc. It's always on the Palpitation and goes as soon as the palp does. It's not real painful but certainly noticeable, a bit like a cramp feel that only lasts a second. I'm asking does anyone else experience the pain? I have a doc appt in a few days to discuss this as well. I'm cool with it if it's normal, but it's very disconcerting and seems to ramp up the anxiety even more = more palpitations. Thanks. Bill
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  2. Peppermintbach
    Valued Contributor
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    4094 posts
    29 January 2019 in reply to Billy B

    Hi Billy,

    I think anxiety can be so distressing, and the palpitations sound very unsettling. It must be confusing not knowing the cause of the palpitations.

    I’m glad that at least a lot of physical causes have been ruled out. While I’m not a doctor, and just speaking as an everyday, unqualified person, I wonder if the palpitations have more of an emotional cause.

    I noticed you commented on how they seem to coincide with periods of heightened emotion, and feeds into/exacerbates your anxiety...or is the the other way around, the anxiety feeds the palpitations?

    I don’t personally have palpitations regularly, but when I have them, they aren’t painful and tend to coincide with either physical exertion (e.g. strenuous exercise) or peaks in emotion e.g. feelings of surprise, shock, etc.

    Hopefully you will get to the bottom of things at your upcoming appointment. Please feel free to chat in the mean time here (or any time), and to let us know how the appointment goes. Granted, there’s no pressure of course...only if you want to. Please just know we are here to support you...

    Kind and caring thoughts,


  3. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    2806 posts
    29 January 2019 in reply to Billy B

    Hi Billy,

    Welcome to beyond blue. Pepper has provided much good information that I wont repeat. What I will tell you is a little of my story...

    The feeling that you speak of can be related to anxiety. I am on my 3rd medication (from my psychiatrist) to deal with depression and anxiety. Until recently (the current medication) when I started work in the morning or something particularly worrying got into my my mind, I would have this feeling of my chest being pushed in, heart racing etc. I also have venesections on a regular basis and once while this was done I was speaking with the doctor about something that was asked of me while in the waiting room (whether I was having any chest pains). I explained what I said to you above, and given that he knew a little of my history he said that it was likely anxiety. But under different circumstances (more than that!) are similar to the feeling a heart attack. I said out loud "Great! Now I won't be able to tell the difference" With a sympathetic smile he said "Yup".

    In summary I would typically get the physical symptoms of anxiety, sweaty palms, lump in throat, racing heart, etc as though going into fight of flight mode.

    My current medication targets both anxiety and depression. It does an OK job with my anxiety. Hope you can get to the bottom of whatever your issue(s) is or are, as it that feeling can be frustrating if not painful.

    With Peace,


  4. RyanW
    RyanW avatar
    2 posts
    29 January 2019 in reply to Billy B

    Hi Billy,

    Also my first post, you have described how I've been feeling absolutely perfectly which puts me at ease however I'm unsure how to manage it. I've had panic attacks before and can typically breath through it eventually however I am don't know what to do to get through this. Would appreciate your feedback on how you're coping (or anyone else)


  5. Doolhof
    Community Champion
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    Doolhof avatar
    7057 posts
    29 January 2019 in reply to RyanW

    Hi Billy and RyanW and All Reading,

    I feel it is important to discuss these pains with your Dr. It does sound Billy like you have had a few tests done to help determine if there is something "wrong" or alarming happening.

    I'm sure your Drs would prefer you go and talk to them about the issues you are having with your heart just in case it is something other than a panic attack or anxiety.

    If the issue really stresses you out when it happens and you do think it is a heart attack, you can always call the ambulance service. A person will talk to you and help you determine what is happening.

    I've suffered from chest pains in the past and my Dr can not find any reason for it. I have had a few tests as well. The last couple of nights I have been awoken with severe pain that takes my breathe away. In the past, the Dr has said he is unsure why this is happening.

    To ease the pain I do some deep breathing and try to relax my mind in-case it is anxiety.

    I will need to be aware of my own advice and return o the Dr if the pain persists during the night.

    Hope you all find some answers and remedies!

    Cheers from Dools

  6. RyanW
    RyanW avatar
    2 posts
    11 February 2019 in reply to Doolhof

    Hi all,

    Thought I'd share my progress:

    Went to the doctor, the doctor said it was definitely anxiety related and all it is was the muscles in my chest tensing during an anxiety attack. I was prescribed with medication to relax my muscles and it's made an absolute world of difference.

    Hoping to switch medication that is less intense but for now I've found a solution.

    All the best everyone!

  7. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    smallwolf avatar
    2806 posts
    11 February 2019 in reply to RyanW

    Hi Ryan,

    Good to hear that you have found something that is working for you now. It is really horrible when you feel like you are a heart attack waiting to happen.

    Do you have any strategies to help you with anxiety triggers?


  8. SubduedBlues
    Champion Alumni
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    SubduedBlues avatar
    805 posts
    11 February 2019 in reply to Billy B

    Hi Billy B,

     I'd suggest that you continue to reach out to your Doctor. Also, I suggest having your cholesterol checked.

    The other question is: what is causing you to go into palpitations in the first place. If you could reduce the onset of these you may be able to avoid the chest pains from occurring.


  9. Jase7
    Jase7 avatar
    2 posts
    23 February 2019 in reply to SubduedBlues
    I no just how you feel ,my chest is going to explode,it gets that tight i get tingles down my left so cruel

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