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Topic: Dizziness

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Apricit@@123
    Apricit@@123 avatar
    24 posts
    15 April 2022
    Does anyone get dizzyness with anxiety this sucks :(
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  2. jemma09
    jemma09 avatar
    94 posts
    28 April 2022 in reply to Apricit@@123

    Hi there Apricit@@123

    You're definitely not alone with this. I also get dizzy/light-headed as a physical symptom of anxiety at times.

    A nice place to stop in this forum is the "what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?" post. Many people have shared their physical symptoms (you can too if you like), this might help you to feel less alone.

    Some tips for when you feel dizzy:

    - sit or lay down for a rest (prop your head up)

    - have a glass of water / have a small snack

    - do something you like (such as a gentle hobby, reading or watching tv sitting down)

    - try some breathing or other calming technique that suits you

    Take care and I wish you all the best :)

    - Jemma

  3. Bob_22
    Community Champion
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    Bob_22 avatar
    49 posts
    5 May 2022 in reply to Apricit@@123

    hi Apricit@@123,

    Yes absolutely! In fact it's one of the biggest symptoms of anxiety. It can accompany nausea, palpitations, muscle tension, breathlessness and a whole range of other physical symptoms. I find if I'm experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety quite acutely, that breathing techniques help me.

    There's some examples audio clips of breathing exercises and other things like guided meditation, mindfulness and body scans under the 'Relaxation Exercises' section of the bb website. :)

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