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Forums / Anxiety / Help... Internal Tremors/Buzzing

Topic: Help... Internal Tremors/Buzzing

  1. Guest_41
    Guest_41 avatar
    16 posts
    22 November 2017
    Hey all...

    I have been getting this really odd internal vibration buzzing feeling in my legs, stomach & chest for about a month now... ever since I came off an antidepressant (it started while I was on the antidepressant)... It only happened occasionally to begin with but now I'm dealing with it all day & everyday.
    Every time I mention it to a Dr they brush me off or on one occasion I was blatantly ignored...
    I honestly don't know what to do? Anyone had this? Is it anxiety related or do I need to take this further?
    I forgot to mention I also feel very rundown but I also have a 4 months old Daughter who isn't sleeping well..

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  2. BballJ
    Community Champion
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    BballJ avatar
    2037 posts
    22 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Midnightmoon,

    Sorry to read what you are going through, does it feel like pins and needles? Anxiety has many forms of making our bodies do strange things, I get dizzy when I have anxiety along with chest pains so it is possible it could be from anxiety or coming off the anti depressants, I am shocked the doctors have not said anything other than brushing it off, have you been to see different doctors? Being run down doesn't help either and we need sleep to function properly.

    My best for you,


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  3. Mathy
    Mathy avatar
    344 posts
    23 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hello MidnightMoon and welcome :)

    You’ve posted in the Anxiety section, so am I right in assuming you have anxiety/depression?

    I agree with Jay, I’m shocked that your Doctors have ignored you, especially when you have a young baby :(

    I live with anxiety/depression and PTSD. I’ve also experienced a lot of weird and wonderful (not) physical symptoms, either related to my AD OR anxiety.

    It can be scary, so I would encourage you to insist that your GP put to one side the fact that you have anxiety, and have taken ADs, and run the checks they would run if you had these symptoms and they had no prior information.

    For example, I recently had a panic attack, and hadn’t had one for 14 years. I had chest pain, I’m 61yo, so couldn’t assume it wasn’t a heart attack. I went to Emergency and told them exactly what I just wrote. They were great, confirmed I wasn’t having a heart attack, reassured me and supplied advice about anxiety etc.

    You are entitled to feel reassured, or treated, not fobbed off. This sort of attitude from medics really annoys me, you are entitled to be taken seriously.

    If your GP won’t comply with your request, take yourself to Emergency - choose a quiet time - for example 10am - somewhere between Mon - Fri - and tell them exactly what you wrote here.

    Alternatively, as you have a young baby, perhaps try a Mother’s and Babies clinic of some sort? They may be able to refer you towards some help. After all, lack of sleep is related to both having anxiety and a young baby.

    As to being run down, there’s some great deals online for Swiss multivitamins. I find them great.

    I hope that you find yourself some answers. If you don’t please write back, I’d like to know how you’re doing, and offer some other choices, bestest, cheers M :)

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  4. MsPurple
    Champion Alumni
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    MsPurple avatar
    1621 posts
    23 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Midnightmoon

    Glad to see you on the forums.

    I think I have what you are describing. Like a small area is buzzing vibrating, like a twitching feeling. Well for me it was mostly anxiety based or random one offs. But I do understand your concern if it has been going on for a while.

    You also say you are feeling run down. The only thing I could suggest is asking your GP to get some blood tests done. I would ask maybe to get your vitamin and mineral levels checked (e.g. iron levels, magnesium, b12, vitamin d etc) to make sure you have no deficiency. This could just rule out you feeling tired because of anemia or deficiency. I know when pregnant and breastfeeding (not sure if you still are) you have higher iron requirements. If you do have a deficiency it could explain why you are run down. If not it could be stress related or the fact you maybe really busy with a baby at home. Note there is no point taking supplements if they are not required. It is just flushing money down the toilet. It is ok to ask for bloods to be done. I ask my gp to get my iron levels checked every 6-12 months because I have a history of iron deficiency and I would rather get on top of it before it turns into a full anemia

    Hope some of this was helpful


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  5. Guest_41
    Guest_41 avatar
    16 posts
    24 November 2017 in reply to BballJ


    No it doesn't feel like pins and needles it's a really odd sensation that I can only describe as an internal buzzing/vibrating sensation. I do however get pins & needles in my feet & hands randomly as well as sweaty palms.

    I am just concerned because my muscles have started to hurt and I am not able to be particularly active with my Daughter not sleeping im exhausted.

  6. Guest_41
    Guest_41 avatar
    16 posts
    24 November 2017 in reply to Mathy

    Hi Mathy, thank you.

    I am assuming it's anxiety because I have weird thoughts & I have always been a pretty anxious person but never experienced physical symptoms especially not prolonged symptoms before.

    My Mum thinks it's PND, PNA & PTSD from the birth. It was very traumatic and the recovery was painful... I'm guessing I'm still recovering.

    Its just something I don't understand... Because my symptoms can't be seen they aren't real... That how she's made me feel or one Dr got very frustrated with me and said 'it's anxiety will you stop asking about it' I have since stopped seeing her. I struggle to be insistent if I'm told no or told it's not necessary... I tend to leave the Drs very deflated. I tried the AD's which gave me such strong internal vibrations I was unable to sleep and because I have a young baby not one Dr would prescribe a sleeping tablet to help. So my symptoms got worse I had what I assume is my first panic attack and it got worse from there I was a mess... So I tapered off them. It's been a month since I took my last one and I still have this symptom so I'm so concerned it did damage or unlocked severe anxiety???

    I am so sorry you have had a panic attack and had to go to ED. It's scary my heart rate wouldn't come down below 170 and I've also experienced thumping and skipped heart beats and it's so scary.

    I will have to see what the local child health nurse suggests. I'm sure she'll be far more empathetic than a GP who seems to be more concerned with FB likes. I'm not even kidding when I say that.

    I'm just really concerned that my body is going to give way soon... it just doesn't feel right...

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it xx

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  7. Breekim
    Breekim avatar
    1 posts
    24 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Midnightmoon,

    I know exactly what you are talking about, I have the exact same thing happen to me daily for quite a while now as my anxiety has been in overdrive.

    It feels like my whole body is vibrating on the inside but I'm not shaking on the outside.

    Constantly aching all over feel tired all the time and dizzy... its horrible !!

    I find meditation helps a little and trying to distract myself with different things housework etc.

    I hope this eases your mind a little .

    All the best :)

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  8. Mathy
    Mathy avatar
    344 posts
    25 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hey MidnightMoon,

    It was lovely to read your reply, and thank you for your concern about my panic attack.

    Sometimes we get the best advice/help from the person that we connect with/trust the most. I believe that your local child health nurse would be hooked into lots of networks for care of mother and child. I would imagine that as post natal depression is a factor for mothers of babies, she would have some excellent contacts for professionals who work in mental health in this area. I’m NOT suggesting that this is your issue, I AM suggesting that this nurse would be an empathetic and trustworthy source for a referral to help that’s appropriate for you.

    Even based on my own experience, I’m not 100% convinced that the average GP is knowledgeable enough to provide a good referral - mostly because they are 100% flat out all the time. They may have a set group of psychologists/psychiatrists that they refer to. This may work well for 90% of their clients, but the other 10% may be let down.

    Sometimes, when you’re looking for help, going with who you trust, such as that mothers and babies nurse, might be a good way to go. Bestest, let me know how you go, cheers M :)

  9. Guest_41
    Guest_41 avatar
    16 posts
    26 November 2017 in reply to Breekim

    Hi Breekim,

    It honesty does put my mind at a bit of ease. It's horrible feeling like this... It feels like I'm really ill so it's hard to convince myself it's anxiety.

    I really appreciate your reply on my post.

    Thank you xx

  10. BballJ
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    BballJ avatar
    2037 posts
    28 November 2017 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Midnightmoon,

    Just because you cannot see the symptoms, doesn't mean they are not real, I am sorry you have had such bad luck with doctors, have you been to see the child nurse you mentioned in an earlier post?

    I saw Breekim commented and can relate to you which I hope gave you some peace of mind.

    My best,


  11. Jerri2
    Jerri2 avatar
    1 posts
    5 April 2018 in reply to Guest_41
    Hi Guest_41, I've specifically signed up to reply to your post. I found your post while googling internal vibrations myself because I have exactly the same symptoms except for the sweaty palms. Started in my feet a few months ago. Now throughout my body. Its far more noticeable at night when I'm still but it seems to be there all the time. Sometimes there's a momentary pause to the buzzing, then it continues. I'm in similar age group, post menopausal. I wonder if hormonal changes are a factor. I'm physically & mentally pretty fit, I'm not suffering from anxiety, have no history of depression and I haven't been on any medications of any kind recently. I've had blood tests, eliminating Parkinsons, thyroid issues etc. My GP has no idea what is causing it. If I get any answers I'll post them here. I hope you'll do the same. Thanks, J
  12. MelNZ
    MelNZ avatar
    4 posts
    22 September 2018 in reply to Jerri2

    I have been suffering from internal tremors for some time, I'm 43. When l talk to friends or the GP they don't really understand.

    I find going to sleep very difficult as l feel my whole chest shaking. It's scary and l find it so hard to relax.

    im starting to notice it more during the day now as well. I've decided to cut out caffeine, alcohol and see if a change in diet helps.

    If anyone has any ideas as to what this is and how to reduce the symptoms please let me know.

  13. Vale_16
    Vale_16 avatar
    1 posts
    30 December 2018 in reply to Breekim

    Hi Breekim,

    My husband has been suffering from the same symptoms for 6 month now. He has been to a neurologist and an ENT specialist. The ENT said he has inner ear fluid and put him on some medication which did not help. He doesn't seem to think it's his ear and he feels it's something more serious but he is at the end of the road with tests.

    Hoq are you coping and have you gotten any answers of what this could be?

  14. Whazp
    Whazp avatar
    19 posts
    7 January 2019 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Guest_41,

    I can share my own experience. I came off of anti depressants over 12 months ago and have experienced pretty bad physical & physiological symptoms since. I believe i have protracted withdrawal syndrome as a result of taking an SNRI for over 15 years and not tapering slow enough when stopping it (5 week taper). Same problem with doctors fobbing me off and pointing the finger at anxiety but unable to explain how the physical symptoms are present 24x7 without the feeling of fear or anxiety. I found support in another large online forum that deals specifically with people suffering from this.

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  15. Rach1*
    Rach1* avatar
    2 posts
    12 January 2019 in reply to Guest_41


    my best advice is to google "brain Zaps" and take it from there. I know exactly what you mean and think you will find the info you are looking for . x

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  16. Rach1*
    Rach1* avatar
    2 posts
    12 January 2019 in reply to Whazp

    Medication withdrawal?


  17. Adelaide80
    Adelaide80 avatar
    1 posts
    17 February 2019 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Guest_41,

    i am experiencing the same thing and I was wondering how things are going for you now?

    i feel constant internal shaking/vibrating all through my body but particularly in my head. My doctor is sending me for an MRI. I’m pretty scared what that could show.

    i hope your condition has improved.

  18. Lotus_Rising
    Lotus_Rising avatar
    2 posts
    19 February 2019 in reply to Guest_41
    Definitely ask a GP -- maybe a different one -- for tests on your thyroid, iron and B12.
    I was experiencing the internal shaking buzzing, especially when I woke up in the night. All of my thyroid, iron and B12 were low, but since taking thyroid meds, B12 and iron supplements it has all improved. After about 6 weeks, it's not perfect yet, but definitely way better that it was. If you're low in iron or B12 will also need to do some other tests to rule out internal bleeding. If your periods are super heavy that can also contribute to low iron.
    Wishing you all the best in your search for answers.
  19. Brainzaps
    Brainzaps avatar
    2 posts
    18 July 2019 in reply to Guest_41

    Hi Guest_41,

    first of all I wish you are doing well without any internal vibration anymore.

    I have been feeling exactly the same for past two months. It started slowly and now it is constantly happening. More pronounced while resting and in the night. Initially my GP just ignored the symptoms but when I started anxiety attacks, I requested him to investigate further. I am deficient in Vitb 12, bit d, raised liver functions, raised platelets. He just gave me supplements and was not concerned. My symptoms increased and I could feel my brain vibrating. I asked my gp for an mri as I do have chronic migraine and it also increased. My mri has few flares in the frontal lobes. I saw my neurologist and he didn’t validate my symptoms. He gave me migraine care and Endep, which didn’t stop my symptoms. Now I am constantly battling with irritating whole internal vibrations . I am unable to sleep because of vibrations and the fear related to something more dangerous diagnoses.

    i really hope something helped you with your symptoms. Please reply how are you feeling now.


  20. Brainzaps
    Brainzaps avatar
    2 posts
    18 July 2019 in reply to Adelaide80

    Hi Adelaide

    i am struggling with the same problem. It seems like I am unable to prove myself as the vibrations are not visible.

    I hope your MRI was normal and you are not feeling any of these symptoms.

    i look forward to hearing from you.


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  21. Xmandahx
    Xmandahx avatar
    1 posts
    18 September 2019 in reply to Vale_16

    Hi Vale16

    im interested to know how your husband is going with the symptoms now? I’ve been dealing with this for 6 months and have had 6 doctors tell me it’s anxiety. However I pushed for and mri which showed a build up of mucus in my sinuses. I also have fluid behind my ear. Am booked into see a ENT in November.

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  22. mahdi89
    mahdi89 avatar
    2 posts
    5 December 2019

    Please i need help here

    male 30 years

    am having this since 4 days

    i wake up at 5-6 am chest my arm shaking (internally), fatigue all day, during the day i feel my muscle pulsing..sometime my eyes two.., am really afraid here.. went to a neurologist.. he gave me  medication..but i have read that this medication can aggravate this..

    am really afraid to sleep

    please any success stories? will this go away?!

    hope you can give me some hope

  23. mahdi89
    mahdi89 avatar
    2 posts
    5 December 2019 in reply to Brainzaps
    so brainzaps are you okay now ?
  24. JAK01
    JAK01 avatar
    2 posts
    25 April 2020
    I've had the inner tremors for 12 months now, seems to be anxiety combined with gut health? Worse at night laying in bed and more-so on the left side. A lot of activity in the gut. Check out your gut health. I am concentrating on a healthy diet, regular exercise, no sugar or coffee. My naturopath is helping and I found a relaxation exercise on utube called "progressive muscle relaxation". It only takes 10 mins. Will let you all know how things go. Good luck to all of you
  25. AliSa05
    AliSa05 avatar
    13 posts
    25 April 2020 in reply to Whazp
    Hi there I’m wondering if you are any better now? And could offer any advice on what has helped? My story sounds like yours
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  26. AliSa05
    AliSa05 avatar
    13 posts
    25 April 2020 in reply to Adelaide80
    Hi did this resolve for you? I’m experiencing the exact same
  27. Ambzy
    Ambzy avatar
    2 posts
    12 December 2020
    Yes I get it as well you feel a whole shaky feeling going through your body it’s worse when you sit down or lay down and you feel like omg am I going to fly off the chair or something I went to the doctors they kept saying it’s panic attacks it’s not I’m not panicking I’ve had for about two years now I’m going back to the doctors Tuesday because it’s affecting my daily life it’s body tremors they are not dangerous but there really uncomfortable
  28. Ambzy
    Ambzy avatar
    2 posts
    12 December 2020 in reply to Adelaide80
    Did you find out what was wrong?
  29. Kt_36
    Kt_36 avatar
    3 posts
    15 January 2021 in reply to MelNZ
    Hi, did you find out the cause of your Internal tremors? I’m experiencing them also, dr has put it down to anxiety but I’m not convinced!
  30. Kt_36
    Kt_36 avatar
    3 posts
    15 January 2021 in reply to Adelaide80
    Did you get the results of your mri? I’m also booked in to have one done and I’m experiencing these tremors.

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