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Forums / Anxiety / Help... Internal Tremors/Buzzing

Topic: Help... Internal Tremors/Buzzing

  1. Grey2day
    Grey2day avatar
    1 posts
    12 April 2021

    I was wondering if anyone has any follow up results.

    I've been getting this more and more over the last 4-5 years. It creeps in the closer to bed time it is, not so much when I'm rested. External anxiety worsens it, but doesn't cause it. I'll feel a surge in my left side and a vibrating electricity down my left side from under my stomach down into my toes. sometimes the vibration spreads if i can't sleep, then it leads to bathroom struggles (frequency/restriction).

    On bad nights the internal vibration leads to external toe twitching and clusters of muscle spasms on my left foot, and this is chronic. If I can't sleep sometimes it leads to full body shakes and lower body temps (like you'd get with a fever).

    I find protein and fat help calm it down.

    I have a long history of unexplained neurological issues though, the doctors always blow me off as anxiety. I used to get bad involuntary movements, but this predates the smartphone era so when I tried to bring in video of that to show the doctor, he wasn't interested and called it "obsessive", so I've suffered with it in private doing what I can to manage it.

    anyway, the buzzing/vibrating stuff got worse while the external movement stuff lessened. I'm going to try Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements next, though they are mainly marketed towards neuropathy patients.

  2. Aykay
    Aykay avatar
    1 posts
    14 September 2021 in reply to Guest_41
    I have had this on and off for a year or so now too. I notice it when I wake up at night sometimes, and have also noticed it while laying down awake when I’ve felt especially run down. In reading some of the replies to your post, I’m intrigued that someone has elevated platelets (I also have this), and a couple of people have had referrals to ENTs which I’ve just had as well, as I’ve now developed loud ringing in the ears so acoustic neuroma is suspected. I’ve never been on any meds. I’m curious to know if anyone else has figured out what this buzzing sensation is?
  3. MarMicKil
    MarMicKil avatar
    1 posts
    14 January 2022 in reply to Xmandahx
    Xmandahx said:

    Hi Vale16

    im interested to know how your husband is going with the symptoms now? I’ve been dealing with this for 6 months and have had 6 doctors tell me it’s anxiety. However I pushed for and mri which showed a build up of mucus in my sinuses. I also have fluid behind my ear. Am booked into see a ENT in November.

    Just wondering how you went at the ENT as I think I have the same problem. Big sinus issues since September, was using Nasonex for awhile but that didn't help and then got a prescription for an expensive nasal spray and got that twice ($50 each) and that didn't budge it either. It feels as though there is pressure or fluid behind my ears and my sinuses are still playing up. That with my chest and stomach jumping all day and night. She keeps on just telling me that expensive spray will clear it, there is nothing else I can do. I cannot do MRI unless I am sedated because of my anxiety and being claustrophobic.

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