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Forums / Anxiety / How to deal with anxiety and going out

Topic: How to deal with anxiety and going out

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. missy86
    missy86 avatar
    4 posts
    8 August 2013

    For some time i have had a fear of going out of the home, some days are worse than others. I think its the fact that i get scared of having a panic attack? i do put a lot of things of and don't go places cause of it. how does one get over this? I had to have a scan the other day and that was scary, i could feel the panic coming but i tried to change my thoughts and it went away!,  do i just keep on pushing myself? i don't really go to the store cause of this or i try to put of family gatherings 

  2. The Real David Charles
    The Real David Charles avatar
    1014 posts
    8 August 2013 in reply to missy86

    Dear Missy,

    A friend of mine decided to beat something similar by saying "Once I've got my special red lipstick on I'm fine".   Bit simplistic but sometimes you can find one thing that makes it easier to get out.   Plus, the wrong phone call or thinking can lead to panic attacks at home too.

    Why don't you wait it out for a bit ?   PIck a good day and run with it.  Take the pressure out of the situation.    It is often said that knowing you're going to die (similar to torture) is worse than the actual dying.   You need to do what's comfortable and slowly build up some ways to cope if you feel up to it.

    We all put a lot of things off.   Including the washing up !  Lol.  Seriously, social situations are a bit prone to anxiety.  You're being sensible by avoiding something that triggers a panic attack.    A bit of counselling might unlock the real reason.

    Adios, David.

  3. jess334
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    jess334 avatar
    395 posts
    14 August 2013 in reply to missy86

    Hi Missy 

    I have the same problem.  I am working with my therapist to help me get out of the house and back into my life.  Right now, I am focusing on doing one thing every day that gets me out of the house and into an anxious situation.  Then I have to stay in the situation until my panic has halved, or gone away.  Last night I managed to stay at my boyfriends house all night.  Then today I had trouble just going to the doctor.  

    Its just one day at a time and one situation at a time. Being scared of panic brings on more panic.  Talk to your doctor about therapy, it can really help. 

  4. Saska
    Saska avatar
    14 posts
    20 August 2013 in reply to missy86

    Hi Missy

     Good on you for managing to cope while having your scan.

     I have severe anxiety and have been house bound for a few years. I was so bad I couldn't get out of my bedroom. I have been working with a therapist and attempting to move away from my safety zone.

     I find breaking down fearful tasks into small, achievable steps is the way to go for myself and as Jess says staying with the panic until it decreases, and not moving on to the next step until you can do the previous step easily. My first aim was to get out of my bedroom and in to the next room. Such a small step, but a huge one for me. I continued doing this until I felt ready to move on to the next step.

     Another thing I do is look at a situation and give it a mark out of ten for how much anxiety it is going to possibly cause. If its a 3 out of 10 I make myself give it a go, if it's 9 out of 10 I opt out.


    I wish you well in your recovery.



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