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Forums / Anxiety / Is this anxiety?

Topic: Is this anxiety?

11 posts, 0 answered
  1. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    29 November 2018

    How’s it going everyone?

    Can anxiety try make you doubt yourself over something that happened, making it like something else did? To hopegully explain more I’ll give a quick story.

    Ladt Friday the 23rd November 2018, it was a windy and had been raining during the day. After watching a movie and about to head to bed as I was feeling sleepy. I noticed that the fireplace wasn’t going to make it through the night so went out back to get a log. After I got the log which was just over a metre or so from the back sliding door. When almost back inside I heard a weird vibrating noise that was quite loud and with an occasional thump. It gave me a freight, looked around and didn’t see anything so quickly went back inside and closed the door. I then later thought in bed just as I was about to fall asleep my mind came to the conclusion I was bit by a bat. I didn’t see or feel anything land or even bite me but somehow my mind came to the conclusion I missed it even though I’m confident I didn’t. The next morning I was telling my parents about the noise and my dad said it’s from the wind pushing some styrofoam against a pole along the pavers next to the fence as he occasionally hears it too when windy feeding our dog. I did also make the mistake of using ole google and that made it worse reading about the diseases bats have such as rabies or Ablv in Australia even though it’s rare I freaked out and couldn’t help myself. We do have quite big bats around the area, however for some reason my mind thinks I missed seeing it and feeling it land on me and subsequently biting me. I know it’s illogical however the thought of what if is there a lot of the time, coming and going throughout the day. So can anxiety play tricks on you and create doubt over something you know didn’t happen?

    Thanks for reading and helping out

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  2. IsaJett
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    IsaJett avatar
    184 posts
    29 November 2018 in reply to Mattimuss

    I can’t tell for sure sounds like u were excessively worried about bats

    glad u ok

    in regards to anxiety .i have it ..and here’s how I pull describe it ..

    it usually just occurs in my own head ...just all me ...saying stuff ..just going really negative and then blow it out of proportion . But to a friend of mine ...he be like ...what ???

    i have all these worst case scenarios played in my head a Pyscho drama series ...

    and then my heart would race ..but then days pass and I’m still alive ..

    it’s a serious waste of time . I have found that meditation helps heaps though..quiet the mind altogether .

    u can try Jason Stephenson meditation video ..he is on YouTube and it’s free

    you should try it

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  3. MsPurple
    Community Champion
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    MsPurple avatar
    1492 posts
    29 November 2018 in reply to Mattimuss

    Hi Mattitmuss

    I'm not a professional so can't say for absolute certain, but anxiety can play mind tricks on you. It can make you think things that may not be entirely true. For example I thought I had an sti before sexually active when I was younger. So for me it cna make me worry about things that I shouldn't be worrying about

    Have you discussed this with anyone? Might be a good idea to discuss this with a gp. I was nervous to discuss it af first but it was great to know this is normal and I wasn't alone.

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  4. geoff
    Life Member
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    geoff avatar
    11911 posts
    30 November 2018 in reply to Mattimuss

    Hello Mattimuss, thanks for posting your comment.

    Having anxiety is always an awful and worrying experience and from what you have told us, is that if you have any of these doubts, it's possible you may have OCD.

    If you believe this maybe the case then a diagnosis by your doctor would help you understand the symptoms.

    Hope to hear back from you.


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  5. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    30 November 2018

    Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    I will check out meditation videos on YouTube. Will also book in an appointment with my GP hopefully soon.

    I think also all that reading about bats has gotten me excessively worried about them to. Hopefully will slowly get it all sorted sooner rather than later.

    I have been lately excessively worrying about a couple medical things, but they generally last a week or two then nothing until my brain decides x could happen. Ah well

  6. azarrah
    azarrah avatar
    50 posts
    2 December 2018 in reply to Mattimuss

    Hi Mattimuss, welcome to BB.

    I just wanted to add that usually anxiety as an illness isn't diagnosed until it has persisted for several weeks or months, occurring more often than not. Overexaggeration of a risk can point towards anxiety, but doesn't automatically mean you have it. It is possible for any strong fear to warp your memories - that fear does not have to be anxiety-related.

    I do suspect that overexaggerated fears can point towards a person with a propensity for anxiety. As a child, I was once absolutely convinced I was choking to death, even though I obviously wasn't. At the time I did not have anxiety, but looking back, it's pretty obvious that I've always been predisposed to those kinds of thoughts. Then again, just because you have felt this way, I'm sure it doesn't necessarily mean you have or will have anxiety.

    Best wishes!

  7. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    3 December 2018 in reply to azarrah

    Never thought of it that way, you bring up some good points. It was only earlier this year that I started experiencing these odd thoughts and worry, mostly all medically but most of the time they go within a week or so tops. Probably has something to do with spending some time in hospital as a teenager.

    Its interesting though how you mention that you can be predisposed for it. Perhaps genetics play a role? It’s interesting but at the same time a touch annoying.

    Hope all is going good

  8. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    4 December 2018
    Thought I’d give everyone an update. Going to the doctors thrusday arvo. Of course though if slowly been getting a head cold since yesterday from the weird lately lately or maybe even from my dad who had one last week and still has the end of it. My worrying mind of course thinks maybe it’s rabies as from stupidly googling last week it start of mostly as flu like symptoms. I don’t know why my head is this way and I can’t to get it sorted before it gets worse. Coincidentally I was good on the weekend with keeping busy but came back Monday when I woke up with a slight sore throat. The logical side of me knows I’m overacting as the whole bat thing did not happen and I know the cause of the original noise but alas my worrying/illogical side takes over.
  9. MsPurple
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    MsPurple avatar
    1492 posts
    4 December 2018 in reply to Mattimuss

    HI Mattimuss

    Glad you have booked to see your gp for both your cold and mental health. I know it may come and go however this is normal for anyone. I maybe anxious most of the time but not all of the time. You can let the doctor know how often it has been occurring.

  10. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    6 January 2019
    I was doing good with all this, was writing in a journal as the doctor said. The doctor didn’t think it was too bad yet, just to write down when it happens which until recently hardened occurred. This new anxiety/obsession is with a water illness that’s like meningitis but very rare and unless the town water isn’t treated it’s really rare to get. Which the town water here has all the chlorine and chemicals to kill germs and bacteria in it. It all popped up when doing a sprinkler system, turned it on but no water came out. So turned it off and pulled out the end sprinkler with it came a second of water gushing at me chest and splashed on face. Wasn’t worried really until I stupidly used google about water in face and it popped up. I’m sure as a kid I would have had water in my nose from the same two water but now I’m anxious about getting this serious disease. It’s silly as it’s so rare and with town water, the treatments for it would kill it off anyway. Just can’t shake the thoughts at the moment. Hopefully the thoughts go soon
  11. Mattimuss
    Mattimuss avatar
    8 posts
    16 April 2019

    Things were going really good until yesterday. Yesterday when I got into work, I picked up a small black thing on my desk that I thought was dried up glue from the last week but was informed it was mouse poo. I put it down, then got paper towel to pick the rest of the pieces up before throwing the out. There was also a green tinge on the end of some of them as apparently poison baits were placed on Friday. I did wash my hands after picking the one piece up, however I stupidly googled to see what mouse poo looked like and that was my downfall as all these diseases that can be spread by it came up. Which freaked me out, wondering if I will get one of those said diseases listed. However one of the worse ones doesn?t seem to be in Australia however that doesn?t stop my worrying. I am going to get back to writing down my thoughts again as last time it really helped; I shouldn?t have stopped doing that. I am also pretty sure growing up as a kid I would have picked up mouse droppings and was obviously fine. Same with my coworkers who touched some bits on Saturday while cleaning up.

    A fresh annoying thought came to my head today while getting a blood test done for an upcoming doctors appointment for an unrelated manner, but after holding the swab with a finger after they’ve taken blood, my damn mind thought what if you get sick from that. I don’t get why these silly thoughts come to me. I know they’re silly but can’t ignore them fully. I wish I didn’t have them and when I go to my doctor on Thursday I’m just gonna ask him what he thinks. I wanna get on top of it again so it doesn’t get worse. Anxiety does seem to run on my mothers side of the family, maybe it’s genetic a bit as well

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