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Forums / Anxiety / Palpitations ruling my life.

Topic: Palpitations ruling my life.

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. ShazzaM80
    ShazzaM80 avatar
    2 posts
    3 December 2019
    I have been an anxious person from as far back as I can remember. Started when I was 3 when I witnessed my grandmother pass away from lung cancer, then the sudden death of my father when I was 5 years old.
    Fast forward, I had a baby at 15 whom had heart defects and she had 2 surgeries by the time she was 18 months old. I then had 3 other children who were heart healthy and then my 5th child had a hole in his heart. My 6th Child had a serious heart defect that required surgery soon after birth and again at 6 months of age. 7th child heart healthy. When I was 20 and pregnant with my 2nd child I began having palpitations which I was told was normal in pregnancy, however they continued after the birth of my son. Over the last 18 years O have had about 5 holster monitors and echos and echos and the cardiologist assures me I have benign palpitations or Pvcs. This year they have increased to be everyday and it's frightening me. My step father has had 2 heart attacks this year and my partner is in prison. I feel so alone and scared all the time so the doctor put me on medication. Since starting this I felt like I had my life back until 4 weeks into it the palpitations came back with a vengeance. Doc assures me it's not the medication but I'm stressed that it is the medication causing the increase. I guess I'm just after some advice or reassurance from people in similar circumstances.
  2. Kjp1409
    Kjp1409 avatar
    2 posts
    3 December 2019 in reply to ShazzaM80

    Hi ShazzaM80,

    I can sympathise with your situation completely! I too suffer from heart palpitations on a daily basis, shortness of breath and sharp stabbing pains (usually in my ribs). I freak out all the time, thinking that I'm going to have a heart attack or that there is something seriously wrong with my heart. I have also been to a cardiologist three times in my life and ECG's, ultrasounds and Holter monitors and every time, they say it's fine. It's a struggle and something that consumes my every day thoughts. I have another cardiologist appointment this coming Friday to put my mind at ease (temporarily) again and the lead up to it has been horrendous.

    All I can say is that you're not alone and that you're okay. The only advice I have is to try to avoid things that exacerbate them further (for me it's caffeine & alcohol) and to try to breathe through it. I know it's hard to do that though! If you're super concerned, you could always ask your GP for a referral for a cardiologist to help ease your worries.

    All the best xx

  3. ShazzaM80
    ShazzaM80 avatar
    2 posts
    4 December 2019 in reply to Kjp1409
    Thankyou for your reassurance. I have been to the GP numerous times, he keeps saying it's anxiety. I am also peri menopausal which I think doesn't help. I don't drink any caffeine, smoke, drink alcohol or drugs. Everything seems to be setting them off at the moment, when I eat, when I exercise, when I'm anxious, it's a never ending cycle. The cardiologist offered a medication to ease the palpitations but I have medication anxiety, anything new scares the crap out of me as I have had a couple of bad reactions in the past. I guess I just have to accept that I am fine, this is anxiety and I am beginning to go through the change of life. Just wish these palpitations would leave me alone, then I would feel somewhat normal again.
  4. Step Twelve
    Step Twelve avatar
    10 posts
    10 December 2019 in reply to ShazzaM80
    Hi Shazza,
    Your post stood out for me because I experience Ventricular Ectopic Beats (or VEBs), which were identified using a holter monitor ECG. These are completely benign but it's really uncomfortable and scary when I get several of these beats in a row - it feels like my heart isn't beating properly and I worry that I'm about to have a heart attack.

    But these episodes always pass, and they have never caused me any actual physical harm. My doctor assures me that they are normal and very unlikely to be problematic. They come and go - sometimes I can link them to stress or poor diet, but sometimes they're completely random.

    When I feel these palpitations, it's the hardest thing to just let go of the worry and just trust the evidence. I've gotten much better at it though. Deep breathing and reassuring myself of the facts really helps.

    I have experimented with various remedies for the palpitations and tried to identify some triggers. As Kjp1409 mentioned, caffeine and alcohol can cause it, also high stress levels and not eating enough vegetables seem to bring it on for me. Some things that help me are: deep breathing exercises, making sure I'm well-hydrated, and getting some extra magnesium either from lots of green veggies or a supplement. A bit of dark chocolate is also known to help with arrythmia.

    Good luck working through this. Trust that it will most likely pass, and you will be just fine =)

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