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Forums / Anxiety / RE:Anxiety,Depression,ADHD

Topic: RE:Anxiety,Depression,ADHD

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  1. Steves_87
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    10 posts
    2 October 2021
    Hi all. I’ve been struggling for some time. I recently started zoom therapy sessions and discovered that I still have adhd which explains a lot of what I’ve been going through for years. I have to go see a psychiatrist to get prescribed dex or something to help with concentration. I’m so over having a mental illness it’s exhausting every day. I feel like I’m a burden to my amazing partner who has been my support network. I feel like my problems are exhausting to my partner she also suffers from a mental illness and is medicated. So a little background I separated from my ex wife April 2 years ago subsequently went through a horrible time started a relationship with this other girl which lasted 6 months she wasn’t the right person then in December 2019 I met my current partner we met online I had just decided to take a chance on finding my soul mate and there she was we lived in two seperate cities and it was fate that bought us together love at first site and subsequently we went on 2 dates and New Year’s Day last year became official moved in together in February everything has been a fairy tale. I struggled to find work during the early days of Covid and I did find work in September back in my industry of support work. Things had been going well until this year a lot of stress with the management and uncertainty in our site closure led to a lot of anxiety about being out of work again I then applied for jobs got hired the site closed one of the lovely clients requested for me to work privately with him as we had a good relationship. Currently I’m only working 3 days a week started work in the new place I also got hired at but it’s casual and I’m waiting for shifts which sucks because I’m not working as much as I’d like to I decided to undertake study to do my diploma of community services but as I have adhd I struggle with motivation concentration anger depression anxiety. I feel like I always want to sleep even though I’m not actually tired I could listen to music play video games do constructive things but I don’t I constantly feel like I have this brain fog. I know I’m very intelligent but I feel like my mental health will always hold me back. At 34 I haven’t really achieved much in my life left school at the end of year 10 and have struggled all my life trying to keep my head above water one thing I am good at is keeping a job and I guess I’ve gained confidence over the years. My partner has been wonderful to my confidence & continues to support me
  2. Petal22
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    1358 posts
    2 October 2021 in reply to Steves_87

    Hi Steve’s 87,

    Sorry you are feeling this way.

    I understand it is exhausting having a mental illness…….. I suffered severe anxiety OCD it was a very exhausting condition….I’ve now recovered after a journey…

    I understand adhd would also be an exhausting condition…. have you been able to speak to your gp about the way you are feeling? You could do a mental health plan together this would enable you to see a psychologist who could give you helpful strategies for anxiety…..

    Im glad that you have such a supportive partner.

    Hang in there, things will get better

  3. Sophia16
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    129 posts
    4 October 2021 in reply to Steves_87

    Hi Steve,

    I am glad that you are seeing a psychologist. Not everyone can be brave enough to do that.

    ADHD is so difficult. i personally do not have it but I have so many friends who do and they struggle with it a lot. They take medications and it really eases their minds and helps them through the day.

    YOur cute love story is amazing. I am so glad that you have found the one who supports you. You are not a burden to her and i am sure of it. No one can be perfect.

    Please think about your strengths and write them down. Look back at it when you feel negative about yourself.

    Stay safe and i am here to chat if you need me.

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