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Topic: Have you ever felt this way?

  1. Indra
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    10 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    So good to hear from you mein Freund! Much agreement with you there - depression sufferers do go through major upheaval and generally alone as well. Endurance wise - I should be able to run a marathon with what I have been through! (I don't run lol only after my children and that is a necessity - amazing when endorphins kick in there). Some of the delay has been on here too - I know the moderators are very busy!

    Positivity was a little short lived - but get knocked down - get back up again - and again - I could go on!!! On a good note, my eldest son is back and he was very happy to be so. Lots of family time tonight - miniman was a little over excited haha Peace and quiet now - at least the headache is subsiding now.

    Ooooh I could be evil and starting humming that tune - you must have passed that on - I had Rain on my parade stuck in my head today - nothing that some Rammstein didn't fix haha Will not speak of it again lol

    I did actually say my first concert - just didn't highlight it well enough! a-Ha! the Norwegian pop band - you couldn't blame a teenybopper liking three Norwegian guys in denim!! I am so envious - Thin Lizzy are fantastic! I cringed when Metallica did a cover of Whiskey In Jar. I love Chinatown as well. Hotel California isn't a bad album - you could have said Sherbet - then I would have been worried lol Bowie is awesome as well. The Thin White Duke has a great montage of songs - although my personal favourites are Starman and Sorrow and Ziggy Stardust and what's not to like?? INXS's The Swing and I think Shabooh Shoobah would be the albums I enjoyed the most. My brother liked them as well and kept pinching my tapes (yes, I am old enough for vinyl and cassettes).

    The Fall lyrics are sounding more interesting now. I enjoy when artists do a play on words - John Lennon was the most reknowned for it. Good title too - Who makes the Nazis? I think it is why I like Rammstein as well. They push the boundaries with a lot of their songs - Mein Teil - look that one up and where it originated from!!

    You were close with the translation - "I'll do better my friend, life is full of unknown, but I am not afraid". For me, if you are always afraid, you'll never move forward.

    As for my poetry, I have never really shared it before - I may just have to - at least on here there is no judgement! I think everyone wants to say something attractive - or at least they should!

    Cool - thanks for the heads up for the Rockwiz tour - can be a birthday present for myself in November. Will have to check the dates and make sure it's a weekend I don't have the boys - knowing how my luck runs it probably will be. I have missed out on seeing Black Label Society three times - hair pulling moment!!!

    What a wonderful quotation by Stanard Ridgeway - interesting to read that he was in Wall of Voodoo - I loved their commercial hit Far Side of Crazy.

    Wir alle gehen in der Finsternis, sondern wird zum Licht drehen - me again, I'm afraid!!

    Take care of yourself Mein Freund,

    Big cyber hug right back!



  2. Mares73
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    11 July 2015

    Hi TMB I opened this msg to reply as it appeared on the front page so I assumed you were looking for advice/support. But (please correct me if I'm wrong) you seem to have developed an "exclusive" type of friendship with Indra & I get the sense you are both supporting each other & it feels voyeuristic to interrupt this.

    I can relate to your initial message & hope you are now feeling a lot better. 

    There is a whole community of support here & I'm glad you've found someone you have developed such a strong rapport with. 

    Wishing you all the best & take care of yourself.

    If you ever need other support or advice remember you can reach out anytime.

    Wishing you inner peace & respite, Mares x

  3. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    11 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Sorry my last post was so late. It got caught up in cyberland!

    Wow, you sound like you've had a heavy time of things recently. That's no good. Hope your headache left you quickly and good to see your son back. Hey, Rain on my parade was a hit for Barbra Streisand, and Japan I think? A very hummable tune lol. Your Rammstein is like my Fall. It's high explosives to blast out those evil tunes! Haha!

    a-Ha weren't that bad?. Though my memory is not that great, I remember them having some popular tunes. Yeah, I've always loved Thin Lizzy. Even when my ignorant brother sang "The Boys of Bacon Town" instead of "The Boys are back in town"! I haven't heard Metallica's cover but I think I'd cringe too! lol. Bowie was fabulous. I saw him in Sydney in 2004. His songs alternated from oldie to newy and back again.

    I used to have a massive collection of tapes. I loved them because I would play them LOUD in my car! I had a few records as well, some beauties too. The Swing was a top album. You can still hear it on radio today.

    John Lennon was a great songwriter. I never got into him that much but I really appreciate some of his songs. I looked up Mein Teil, gross! gross! sounds like "Silence of the lambs". That is pushing the boundaries. lol.

    Yes, there is a lot of truth in what you say, "if you are always afraid , you'll never move forward". With my illness, I have lived with fear for many years but the good news is that I'm getting better! And I am just starting to face my everyday fears. I hadn't been out at night for ages. Last night, a friend and I had dinner out at a Thai restaurant and we had a ball! Food - excellent, atmosphere - great! a top night!

    Well, I do hope you are free to see Rockwiz. They play the Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, on Saturday Nov 7. Be there or be square! lol You'll have to tell me your birthday! Actually, mine is roughly 2 weeks away. Is Black Label Society one of your favourites? Sounds like a Scotch convention. lol

    .Don't think I know "Far side of crazy". I remember their hit called "Mexican Radio" The Stanard Ridgeway quote is from "Don't Box Me In" a song from the movie Rumble Fish!

    "We all go in the darkness, but to the light will turn" Loved this one! Brilliant! So many meanings. Subtle, moody etc.

    And from The Smiths, "Et si je semble étrange, bon qu'est parce que je suis"

    .Finally, Liz Phair sings, "And I kept standing 6 feet 1, instead of 5 feet 2..."

    Big cyber hug, mon ami!


  4. Indra
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    180 posts
    12 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    Firstly, you made my day - the Rockwiz tour - it is actually on the day after my birthday (6th), so fingers crossed I should actually be able to go - on my own, but going - I think I need to book in my mother for babysitting that night now! lol

    I have certainly been carrying weight on my shoulders for awhile. Like you would know, there are good and days and bad. I do try to keep afloat - I think this wild weather and the feeling of cabin fever from being inside isn't helping the cause! The boys feel it too - at least we will be going for a drive on Wednesday.

    Awesome news that you had a successful night out! Glad to hear that you are getting better and facing your fears is the first step to being on your way. I went through the same when I was dealing with my anxiety disorder. A step at a time, and now it doesn't bother me being alone at night - apart from the lack of conversation haha

    Your brother and his mondegreen of the Boys are Back - that is a shocker. Firstly, I am not sure I have ever heard a band sing about bacon - I'm sure it has been done somwhere! Seeing Bowie would have been a great night. I haven't seen as many live acts as I would have liked too - various reason have attributed to this. My list in order lol - a-Ha, John Cougar Mellencamp (that mark version of his name), Crowded House (in a pub mind you - awesome show), BB King, John Fogarty, Deep Purple, Brides of Destruction (in Melbourne), Motley Crue/Motorhead (Motorhead were awesome - Lemmy still has it, in his 60's) and Judas Priest (that was not by choice!!!). Oh, very funny - Black Label is Zakk Wylde (Ozzy's guitarist) band - really heavy, have been a fan for years. I am certainly in the wrong era - would have been something to see Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and some of those band from that era.

    I actually did laugh out loud with your response to Mein Teil -yep - it is pretty bad, the song is actually quite catchy musically though. I read a quote from the bass player Ollie Reidel about why the lyrics are in German (exception of 2 songs - Stripped is one, a great song, the title is far from what it is actually about - a nicer one I promise lol) - he said "French is the language of love, but German is the language of anger - fitting to their style of music at times.

    Glad you liked what I wrote - it appeared quite quickly - sometimes I need to write more things down, as I find it hard to remember them later - must be old age haha I also posted a poem to the poet's corner -

    Liz Phair's quote is great - you can twist the variation of the meaning - I perceive it as standing tall, having courage and not shrinking away from things.

    Menschen sind komisch, Das ist das Schone daran!

    Big cyber hug back to you Mein Freund!!



  5. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    12 July 2015 in reply to Mares73

    Hi Mares,

    Thanks for your post, your well wishes and kind words of support etc. I do feel a lot better than I did when I first posted however my depressive illness is still active and I experience changing moods and poor concentration at times. But I am improving all the time which is really keeping me going.

    I have a good friendship with Indra that I value extremely highly. The correspondence I have had with her has helped me immensely. And I hope I have helped her too.

    I wish you success with every aspect of your life and thanks very much for the offer to reach out anytime. It is much appreciated.

    All the Best



  6. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    13 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Glad I made your day, the Rockwiz show should be a great night! I'm sure you'll meet some fellow Rockwizsters there. Yeah, book your mum in now! lol.

    Cabin fever! I know it well. I made sure I got out this morning. Went into a bookstore and found this little paperback on "Punk Legends" including Patti Smith, Lou Reed, XTC, Television and a heap more. Yeehaa!

    Before I forget, have a very enjoyable drive on Wednesday.

    Thanks for your support re: my successful night out. I am gradually challenging my fears. It feels good to achieve something positive. The main goal now is to get out more. But hey! I read somewhere that you were not going so great. That's no good mate, loneliness again. Hope you bounce back real soon!

    "mondegreen", never heard of that one Indra, please explain? You have certainly seen a few bands! I imagine John Cougar Mellencamp and Crowded House would've been great. I have seen a lot of bands in pubs and clubs some were pretty bad and one couldn't play, (The Sunnyboys' singer too drunk). Some I have seen are Midnight Oil X3, Richard Clapton, Hoodoo Gurus, Rodriguez, The Models, Mi-sex, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, The Eurogliders, Spy vs Spy, Divinyls plus a host of local bands and a host I can't even remember! lol. Like you, I would've loved to have seen Led Zep. and for me, Bruce Springstein, Tom Waits and of course The Fall.

    So German is the language of anger. Some of their punk bands would've been pretty awesome then. I downloaded Rammstein's "Stripped"and had a listen. Very catchy, loved the vocals and the guitar!

    I saw your poem at the poet's corner. I liked it a lot. Very heavy and dark, sparse and frightening, for me it was about death which I suppose could be obvious. Was very moving. I'm not very good at writing  poetry though I concede I haven't tried much.

    I totally agree with your perception of Liz Phair, i.e. not taking a backward step.

    The musical quote today is 2 from The Smith's song "Ask". "...Writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg..."and "...nature is a language - can't you read?"

    Watched Quadrophenia last night and hated it! Just kidding lol. I thought it was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it but, Unfortunately as per norm, I fell asleep near the end. Another one for the re-run pile. lol. Will watch it again tonight.

    "People are weird, this is wonderful" - Excellent!

     Les gens sont étranges lorsque vous're un étranger. The Doors

    Big, big cyber hug to you, mon ami!


  7. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    13 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    yeah, Pretty low the last couple of days - a lot of self loathing - as not liking what I see in the mirror and a lot of what ifs? Didn't want to "rain on your parade" (bad pun, I know) so to speak,since you have had some great positives happening!! This, I mean talking on here, is one of my of positives, so I try and keep upbeat.I can be myself and I too, value your friendship immensely - you are making me keep focused - and I was starting to learn German and now French!!!

    Woo hoo - it is always a bonus when you find little gems in a bookstore - I'd rather been in a bookstore than go clothes shopping lol Hope the "Punk Legends" is a good read.

    Thank you for the well wishes on Wednesday - I am hoping the weather holds a little. It is very windy where my parents are - they live right at the lakefront. It is usually about 5c colder too.

    A mondegreen is a misheard song lyric - I heard the phrase on Spicks and Specks - it's amazing how many lyrics are misheard. I am always one for hunting down lyrics to songs I like and learning them properly. Songs are stories, poetry, expression!

    Your concert list - very Australiana! Pub bands - the same can't remember all the names etc and yes, some I have seen have been very average. I did laugh at the frontman of the Sunnyboys being to out of it to perform!! Divinyls would have been good to seen in their heyday, Chrissie Amphlett had a great voice! Cool, you like Tom Waits - he has also done some acting work too. He was great as Renfield in Bram Stoker's Dracula - one of my favourite films (if you can get past Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves dreadful acting in this).

    Glad you liked "Stripped" - I'll convert you yet lol Thank you for your kind words on my poetry. I have always favoured the dark side (yep plagerism) when I write - just easier I guess. Like I said, sometimes I have hundreds of ideas swirling around - sometimes just takes the right moment to put them on paper.

    I especially like the - nature is a language - can't you read? I think everyone should be made to get in touch with nature every know and then. I love going for a hike or a long walk on a beach- that's when my mind is clear!

    Hahahaha good one TMB - I am glad you liked Quadrophenia - even if you ended up having a nanna nap at the end - I can't talk - it's what I do most nights, especially now having a heater on!!

    Haha - I didn't have to convert The Doors - that is another of my faves from the younger years! I had though of replying with that one last time - so snap!!

    Das Leben ist für das Leben , solange du kannst - Split Enz

    As my miniman says - big massive cyber hug back Mein Freund,

    Indra ( I had actually typed my own name in -I only picked it up when I re-read everything!!!)


  8. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    14 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    I agree it's good to keep positive in our correspondence but if you're feeling lousy you can tell me if you like. I don't mind. Mightn't be able to do much but I'll try. I'm very glad our friendship means a lot to you too.

    "Punk Legends" has important details like album releases, significant events etc. nothing flash but informative. It was only $7.

    You and the boys get rugged up on Wednesday!

    Thanks for explaining mondegreen. I too am a stickler for accurate lyrics. For years I thought the Pat Benetar line went "Hit me with your best shot while I'm away" when it was "fire away" lol.

    The Divinyls were an awesome band. I saw them when on holidays one night years ago and liked them so much that I saw them again the following night! Chrissie Amphlett had an amazing stage presence. Yeah Tom Waits has been in a few films. I liked him in Rumble Fish, he played Benny the Milk Bar keeper. Was it a coincidence he was in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula? I love his music! particularly his two '80s albums "Swordfishtrombones" and "Raindogs"

    Yeah, I've always been attracted to the sea and the beach, very pacifying, good for the soul. What worries me naturewise is the potential loss of animals and ecosystems like The Great Barrier Reef. All these wonderful creatures like Madagaskan lemurs (I think) and tigers and rhinos etc etc they are all going to be gone soon. What a shame! never to be seen again.

    You had me laughing a lot when I read about my nanna nap! Very funny! Ha! Well it is your turn to laugh because I watched "Quadrophenia" again last night and I had another nanna nap!! So there. Don't worry I will catch up on the movie at some stage.

    So, now you have a heater on! Didn't you have one before? You might think I'm crazy and maybe I am but I don't have any kind of heating in my flat at all. I don't really believe in heaters (something I will explain at some future date). So I rug myself up and use a blanket if I'm cold. No nanna naps in front of the heater! lol. I never had a heater last winter either.

    "Life is for life, as long as you can" Split Enz. I can't quite make sense of this one. please help. Bet you can't work this one out. "Je vois rouge, je vois rouge, je vois rouge" lol.

    "the music that they constantly play IT SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE". The Smiths - "Hang the DJ"

    Big massive cyber hug to you, mon ami!

    TMB (you can call me MB for short!) I sometimes nearly put names and places in too.

    Au revoir. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    15 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey MB!

    Today has been a hectic one, that's for sure. Was going to reply this morning, but the site was down - so here I am! Today wasn't as cold as what I first thought - we enjoyed a good lunch at my parents and the boys had fun. Just a quick visit this time. When we got back, miniman was happy - I had ordered a copy of Rammstein's Mutter (mother) and it had arrived! That will make 6 Rammstein cd's for the car now lol

    Feeling a little better today - I actually slept a little more last night and no dreams!!! Haha glad you got a laugh at the nanna nap reference - gone are the days of being able to run on little sleep and have energy. I do have a heater lol I think if I was on my own I wouldn't have it on as much, but there is no way I am making the boys freeze and end up sick. Where I am gets bitterly cold at night and in the morning - it's just how the town is located geographically. Closest beach to me is about 45 mins - the one I like the most is about 2 hours away - so not that far really if you think about it. It is sad to think of nature slowly starting to not exist and that you will only be able to see animals in a zoo, or eventually I guess it will all be virtual.

    Divinyls in the early days would have been awesome to see - lucky you!! When I saw Crowded House in '90 or '91, the drumer Paul Hester was playing in a leg cast!! He still did a great job - poor man succumbed to this dreadful battle that we all are facing.

    The Split Enz line was - Life is for living, as long as you can. The problem with German is some of the words have dual meaning or depending what context it is written, the word changes. Another example (Rammstein of course lol) The song "Du Hast" - can be interpreted as either - You Hate or You Have, and they say English is the hardest language to learn lol oh and haha yeah yeah I see Red too lol Armer Junge

    The Smith's lyric I enjoyed - I guess it depends on your mood how you put that one in to context.

    Ok - I am not being lazy here, but I think it would take to long to translate lol "Out of the blue and into the black They give you this, but you pay for that And once you're gone, you can never come back When you're out of the blue and into the black. "My,My, Hey, Hey (Out of the Blue) - Neil Young. I like most of his stuff - when I want to be a sookie lah lah, I listen to his song Harvest Moon.

    Nearly out of characters lol so I will sign off!

    Big massive cyber hug to you MB- wow you can abbreviate TMB lol

    Spater Mein Freund!




  10. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    16 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra!

    Hope you and the boys are doing well. Glad you enjoyed lunch at your parents. And so you "Rammsteined" it there and back? Haha! 6 CDs is pretty cool. I had a quiet day at home, on the computer, had lunch then Went walkabout around 3. Discovered an old church and saw a sign for some activities inside. Looked  promising but I'm not religious at all (and I was an altar boy once!). I got the website address so will have a closer look.

    Great you're doing a bit better. No dreaming and a good sleep eh? excellent! I know I dream but rarely remember them which is probably good. lol. Yes, you definitely need some heat for the boys!

    So it's not that far by car to your favourite beach! If I'm feeling energetic it's a 45 min walk for me or a 10 min bus ride. There are stacks of beaches around where I live. I love bodysurfing or just watching the waves and the scenery...soaking up the atmosphere.

    Poor Paul Hester eh! and Robin Williams and heaps of others...I think I am over the worst of my depression now but it is still a daily struggle. Just glad we have the forums to come to.  Bit of irony (re: Paul Hester), the Split Enz song being "Life is for living, as long as you can".

    Yeah, I like Neil Young too. Thanks for the quote. His album "Harvest" is a classic. I like "Heart of Gold"...Have you ever heard of Ed Kuepper? He was in a Oz pre-punk band called The Saints at the end of the seventies. They had a hit called "I'm Stranded". I think he then formed a band called "The Laughing Clowns". Anyway, after that he went solo. He has had some great albums, I think, and is highly under-rated (and unknown). Here's sample of his lyrics, from a song from the album "Character Assassination"

    "Then I realized my harshest critics can lie and they don't always have my best interests at heart, don't have my best interests at heart". How true.

    My "punk legends" book is going well. It's only brief but has many interesting facts and figures. Another fascinating (to me. lol), book I got recently was a film graduate's discussion of 8 Tarantino movies trying to nut out the reasons for his success. It's funny because Tarantino himself says "When people ask me if I went to film school, I say, "No, I went to films..." Anyway, I hope it's educational and revealing.

    Big massive cyber hug to you!

    A Bientot, mon ami.


    P.S. I might be going away for the weekend. I know I don't have to explain or anything but I'll be thinking about you and the boys while I'm gone. So take care!

  11. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    16 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey MB!

    Hope you are well Mein freund! Good to hear you went walkabout - the activities sounded like something different to do - I am the same - was bought up Catholic - did the whole communion thing - but I kinda lean towards being an atheist nowadays. Miniman wasnt happy today because I had finished driving and he hadn't finished listening haha My parents ended up here today for appointments - so they called in again! We did well - went shopping (DVD bribes) and my eldest did really well! Usually he has had enough after about a minute lol

    Well, I had one good sleep and then last night virtually nil - coffee is my friend!!! I am starting to get used to it - I think??? haha

    You are lucky to live so close to the beach! Envious. When I lived in the city, the beach was about a 15 minute drive - but hardly got there due to other circumstance. It's really something both myself and the boys enjoy - except for the wet sand in the car at the end lol

    I was shocked when I had heard about Robin Williams - that was just too sad. I am glad to hear that you just about have yours beat - it is a struggle. I am glad that I didn't have to gone down the medication way - it is beneficial and a life saver for some, just something I didn't want to do. I am just taking the good days when the swing my way! Yes, I do see the irony in the context with Paul Hester too!

    My other favourites of Neil Young are Old Man and Cinnamon Girl - I have heard of Ed Kuepper - La Di Doh, is the only song that comes to mind though. I had also heard of the Saints, the punk thing is your forte! Agree 1000% and most times your harshest critics are those closest to you.

    My quote for the day was by an anonymous writer and I found it somewhere on the weird and wonderful world of cyber - "Somedays, I feel everything at once. Other days, I feel nothing at all. I don't know what's worse: Drowning beneath the waves Or dying from the thirst". That one really reached out to me.

    Great to hear the book is going well - facts and figures are just as interesting as fiction sometimes. At least this one is being read (sorry, couldn't resist lol) The Tarantino book sounds great - he certainly is an entertaining character. I'm not a fan of all of his movies - all to real violence in films makes me cringe a little - guess that's par for the course when you have lived through some of it yourself.

    Big massive hug back and hope you enjoy your weekend away! Will be thinking of you too!

    Bleib sicher MB,



  12. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    17 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey mon ami,

    Just a quick post to say au revoir until Monday. Thanks for your exciting message. I like the way you write it's like maximum impact. HaHa! Am going to my friend's place out of town, leaving today at 12 to get the bus. Sorry your sleeping was virtually non existent! You need coffee I know! Will get back to you with a proper reply as soon as I can. Meanwhile, have a great weekend and looking forward to corresponding again very soon. Hope you and the boys are doing well. Thinking of you.


  13. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    20 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey there Indra!

    I hope you had an excellent weekend and that you and the boys are doing well. My weekend was really good. I bought movies, dined out, listened to The Fall, went for several long walks, ate rum 'n' raisin ice cream, went to the movies, watched the footy and the cricket and my team won! and I joked around a lot with others. All in all a premier weekend!

    So now I am back home. I couldn't tear myself completely away from Beyond Blue as I made regular checks to look at posts. Didn't see any new ones from you so I hope you're doing ok.Glad your parent's visit went well. Coffee is my friend too, I've been drinking cafe latte with peppermint! very nice. Hopefully you've been getting some decent sleeps despite your intake, lol.

    Yes the beach is terrific! I went for some long walks while away but the terrain consisted of concrete, a few trees and dodging the odd parked car! not very exciting scenery wise. But these were challenges I set myself over the 2 days. I made sure I got out each day for some exercise, I pushed myself to take a friend to the pics, to eat out, just to face my fears and it worked out pretty well. I am definitely making progress! You have helped me a lot setting such a good example the way you look after your kids and the way you stand up to things. Because of my illness I have been in hiding and haven't been able to stand up and be counted so to speak. So thanks for that.

    Saw Paper Towns at the movies, was pretty good. Saw "Still Alice" on dvd, brilliant portrayal of a woman with Alzheimers. Really liked your quote of the day, it struck a chord with me too. Drowning or thirsty, feeling or not. could really identify with that. The 2 sides of depression! You are right about the book, at least I am reading this one! And I am going to try and read Tarantino too. I don't particularly like his movies, I liked parts of Pulp Fiction and disliked others. I am just trying to learn more about what makes movies tick!

    My quote today is a nice one I liked from David Bowie, a song called "Memory of a Free Festival", "...we played our songs and felt the London sky resting on our hands it was God's land, it was ragged and naive it was Heaven..."

    I was shocked too when I learned of Robin William's demise. As far as I could gather he also struggled with a cocaine addiction and depression. I wondered if his "making fun of everything" had in fact made him vulnerable to depression. I don't know...

    Big massive hug!

    Garder au chaud, mon ami


  14. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    20 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    Wow, what a jam packed weekend. I am so happy that you had an amazing time - certainly sounded like fun! I can't take all of the credit lol You have worked hard to get where you are now and I am glad that I could help you Mein freund - break free and do stand up to be counted!!  I am just me! Having friends to support you on your way is the best help anyone can ask for! My friendship is there for you and you have helped me in so many ways as well. Knowing that someone is there for me - that gets me! I thank you too!

    You can never say no to a latte lol although I haven't tried peppermint before. I feel really bad that I hadn't responded to some of the caring posts over the weekend. It was a little up and down for me. My eldest was away, so it was just miniman and myself. The upsides - we saw Antman together. I had reservations about the film at first, but it ended up being quite likeable. Lil man had got a new Iron Man shirt on Friday and wore it two days straight - including sleeping in it lol and showed everyone he saw!! The downside was erractic sleep and some low moments. There was a brief time over the weekend where I felt like just giving up, but I know that there will be a light somewhere along this tunnel.  I was a little ill yesterday, but being a mum - you don't get the time to stop lol Miniman was very sweet to me lol These are the moments that make you keep going.

    I can so relate now to when you had the noise going next to your place - they have started building a house next door to me - noise has commenced. Poor Giz refuses to go outside lol

    I have seen the shorts to Paper Town, it didn't look too bad - glad you enjoyed. Julianne Moore is in Still Alice?

    Glad you enjoyed the quote - it's funny how words strewn together can resonate such emotion some times. You can't go wrong with Bowie either - that was a very deep lyric.

    Robin Williams like many I guess -humour is a good mask to wear when trying to deal with depression - from reading some of the articles around it - a lot was monetary woes and conflict between his children and his 3rd wife. I think the substance abuse doesn't help the cause either.

    In an ocean of "maybe" From the bottom, it looks like a steep incline From the top, another downhill slope of mine But I know, the equilibrium's there Indecision clouds my vision - Falling to Pieces Faith No More - apart from the lyrics being a little dark - I do like the song!

    Glückliche Tage vor meinem Freund,

    Big massive cyber hug back,




  15. the_motorcycle_boy
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    21 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Thanks for your many kind words and your expression of friendship. It's good to know there are people out there who care.

    My weekend was the best I've had in ages. Apart from doing all groovy things I actually felt well! But yours was a bit up and down. Antman was ok eh? It made me laugh hearing about miniman and his new Iron Man shirt! Sounded like a typical male sleeping in his favourite top and not changing for days!

    That's no good you had some low points as well. It makes things hard when you can't even get a decent sleep! Knowing there is a light somewhere in the dark tunnel can be enough to spur you on. All throughout most of my illness I always had that light in the tunnel. It was the fact that I was getting better! Being aware of this gave me something to hang on to. I can see that Miniman's sweetness would be another great motivator for you.

    Bang! bang! I hope the noise isn't too loud where you are. I am glad it has gone from here although they have some sort of machine downstairs that hums for a while every now and then. lol. A house being built could take a while.

    Julianne Moore is in "Still Alice" and she gives a wonderful portrayal. She won the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance. I also purchased "Foxcatcher" and "Unbroken" both highly rated. I really enjoyed going to the pictures, enjoyed the atmosphere and throwing popcorn at people, just kidding. Wouldn't mind seeing Arnie in the new Terminator movie (not expecting it to be great though).

    I like Faith No More though I haven't heard a lot of them. Thanks for the quote, from a song called "Falling to Pieces" sounds cool. I particularly liked the phrase "In an ocean of "maybe"".

    A short one today from Lou Reed's "Perfect Day", a meaningful phrase..."you're gonna reap just what you sow". And from author/poet Charles Bukowski something a bit different...“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

    Well, back to normal today. Had a busy one on the computer, went for a long walk (I need to keep my weight down) and then laid down for half an hour then more computer. Dinner then the Voice. Enjoyed that and saw the guy in a wheelchair, Tim, sing. As they said it was inspirational. More computer, then watching a movie again, called "Fallen". Really like the style of it. Am hoping to learn more from it.

    A bien dormi, mon ami

    Big, massive cyber hug to you!


  16. Indra
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    22 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    So glad to hear of all your positives happening!! It does give you a sense of relief I guess when you can start enjoying life again and awesome news that you felt well too! I think a lot of the time feeling ill and have depression intertwine with one another.  Bravo!

    Yes, miniman is a typical boy - drag him to get washed and all. My eldest son now has an Iron Man t-shirt as well - I am surrounded. Not to mention they are both now into TMNT! I know far toooooo much about action heroes lol

    A quiet day next door - for now. I had an eye roll moment the other day - the cement truck was blocking my drive and I had come out to go - and the dude said "Want me to move the truck?" - no, I wish to 4wheel drive over the footpath was the reply that I had in my head haha I am polite, so a nod sufficed lol

    I have heard of Foxcatcher and Unbroken - wrestling movie with Steve Carrell and Unbroken is the runner in WW2 - brief description from me! It is a different experience going to the cinema v's watching DVD's - and who isn't tempted to throw food around there lol I have to set an example though haha I know when I was younger some friends and I had smuggled some UDL cans in to the movie - but one of the girls dropped her empty can and all you could hear was clink!clink!clink rolling down the aisle - you have never seen four faces become very innocent at once haha

    Lou Reed is definitely a different kind of guy too - although I think most people only know him for "Walk on the Wild Side".  Faith No More are pretty cool - Mike Patton the lead singer is very out there. His solo stuff was done under the name of Mr Bungle - if you weren't scared of clowns - you will be now lol Talking of which, apparently there is supposed to be a remake of IT - nooo leave it!!! Tim Curry was great as Pennywise (I am a little biased here though lol)

    "Just remember love is life and hate is living death.Treat your life for what its worth and live for every breath. Looking back I've lived and learned. But now I'm wondering here I wait and only guess what this next life will bring" - A National Acrobat - Sabbath - again I am biased, I have been a fan forever there lol Wonderful that they actually started out as being called Earth - doesn't quite have the same ring to it haha

    Must go and return to the responsibility!

    Take care of yourself TMB and hope happiness abounds!

    Vorwärts und aufwärts mein Freund,

    Big massive cyber hug back!




  17. the_motorcycle_boy
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    22 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Just finished reading your last post. I enjoyed it very much, as usual. Thanks for being happy for me. You are a real buddy and very generous with your support!! It is much appreciated! And I hope you have your positives going too!  And that life is treating you well, mon ami.

    Like you, I feel depression and feeling ill can be closely intertwined. You spoke of being a little ill the other day...was this related to your depression? I hope you don't mind me asking, I am a bit concerned and didn't get to mention it in my last post.

    So you're becoming an expert on action heroes, lol. You'll have to get a T-shirt too! lol. I don't know much about the TMNT, is one called Rafael and another Donnefrio? Don't know where I dug that up from, ha ha! some dark recess in my mind! Tell the truth TMB you like action heroes too! lol.

    Yeah, if only we said what we thought! The world would be in chaos! Did you ever see the "Yes" movie with Jim Carrey. I liked it a lot and found it really  stimulating. If you haven't seen it, predictably Carrey had to say "Yes" to everything which created a plethora of jokes, misunderstandings and funny situations. A top show I thought.

    Can visualize your innocent faces at the cinema! We used to roll jaffas down the aisle! and I'm not sure but I think we used to throw grapes too! I know I was the babyface of the bunch and couldn't see R rated movies till I was 18 and then had to show Proof of age! Same for getting into a pub!

    Lou Reed was a unique soul, like us all. He had depression at an early age, 17 I think. Thanks for telling me about Faith No More, I used to have their album "King for a day, Fool for a lifetime" and enjoyed that a lot. Do you like Rodriguez? I do, or is he too tame for you? lol. A remake of "It" eh? Didn't fully get why you are biased towards Tim Curry as Pennywise? Cause he was in Rocky Horror???

    That was a powerful Sabbath quote that I liked. True and full on words too. "Hate is living death" Wow. I don't think I have ever listened to them apart from hearing a song here and there. What's your favourite song of theirs? I'll try to download it. Meanwhile here's another from Lou Reed, a bit of social commentary from "Dirty Blvd."  "No one dreams of being a doctor or a lawyer or anything, they dream of dealing on the dirty boulevard".

    Until next time,

    Thanks for being a top friend!

    All the best to you, mon ami.

    Hang in there! Pense a vous.

    Big massive cyber hug to you!


  18. Indra
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    22 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey, hey TMB!

    Just read your post - smiled the whole way through - cheers!! I am glad we are friends - who else would put up with my ramblings on here lol and you are someone I can talk to about music and books and everyone's common thread with depression! Coming to this site I was really looking for some support, to vent in a non judgemental place and who knew I would make a good friend - so in one word - awesome!

    I think it was more just feeling a bit run down the other day - throw in some vomiting for good measure too - just though I would share lol Still a bit tired, but the wheels are still turning!

    Oh thanks - yep I am sure I'd fit in getting a super hero shirt - don't think WonderWoman's outfit would quite suit me lol TMNT - bahaha Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo haha not too mention the other 50 characters that I know now lol

    Oh I agree - I would be in a world of hurt if I really spoke my mind lol For years I didn't stand up for myself, but when you are advocating for special needs kids - you develop a steel set of proverbials!!

    Hahaha the babyface - now that I can picture lol I was the exact opposite - I could get in to pubs and clubs at 16 - I moved out of home when I was 15. Says it all lol Far too independent, but was very much forced to grow up early! Oh before I forget - you said your birthday is looming - let us know and I can cyberly sing lol Is it a milestone one? haha

    The Faith No More album that you had - was probably the better of them - I liked that more than Angel Dust. Oh pull out the question I would fear! Favourite Sabbath song - um - have you got time?? National Acrobat, NIB, Looking for Today, Spiral Architect, Sabbra Caddabra, Snowblind, even Paranoid is great!!! I love Tim Curry's voice - say no more lol I had not heard of Rodriguez - listened to Sugar Man - will be listening to a bit more I think, definitely in the style I like - cheers for that!

    Dirty Blvd was a great lyric there - sometimes people do what they have to just to survive!Or some try to over achieve and fall below their expectations, well that was my view of it!

    Soon the days went passing into years, Happiness just didn't come so easy ,Life was born of fairy tales and daydreams, Innocence was just another word. Was it illusion? Wheels of Confusion - awesome song, especially the instrumental bit at the end!!

    Back at you in friendship TMB!

    Big massive cyber hug!

    Swinging a trapeze today lol hanging on tight lol

    Denken an Sie zu,


  19. the_motorcycle_boy
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    23 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra!

    Great to hear from you again, as usual!. Really glad you enjoyed my last post. Ramblings? To me they are exciting, little adventures into the unknown! I echo your sentiments re: looking for support and finding a good friend. It has been great! a real journey.

    Talk about a blast from the past. I just listened to "Paranoid" and I recognized it straightaway. From 1970! The only problem, however, is that my computer is getting rather difficult to lift...I rang a technician who said it was all the heavy metal on it! sorry, lol. Yeah, Rodriguez is cool, he is an awesome song writer/singer. Here's a few lyrics from "Inner City Blues" to give you an idea... 

    "Going down a dirty inner city side road I plotted, Madness passed me by, she smiled hi, I nodded. Looked up as the sky began to cry, She shot it".

    Regarding my age. I'll be 55 going on 25. Haha! Next Wed, it is. What a pity I won't be able to hear you sing! just kidding! Oh and thanks for sharing the vomiting. It brought up (lol) many memories from the past. I do worry about you though, if you're getting enough sleep etc.

    Ok, no Wonder Woman outfit. lol Just had a mental image of me dressed as Superman, not a similar fit! haha!  Thanks for the TMNT personnel. You must be an authority by now, knowing all those action characters.

    Well, I think my proverbials are fairly heavy duty. I wasn't very good at asserting myself when younger either but I have evolved, a bit tougher from my experiences. Good on you for standing up! Yay! 3 cheers for Indra! You certainly were independent at an early age, leaving home at 15! I was 19. It was a great time, being with friends, hoping to change the world.

    Thanks for all the Sabbath song titles, I'll try to have a listen to a few. Was Ritchie Blackmore in Sabbath or was it Deep Purple, lol. I can't remember. I guess you were a fan from an early age? Yeah, you may have heard Rodriguez before. His big hit was "I Wonder". He had 2 albums then dropped out. "Wheels of Confusion" sounds unreal, Is that another Sabbath song?

    I agree with you that people do what they have to, to survive. Some never even have a chance of avoiding a life of crime etc. They grow up IN it! In a kind of response, the Pixies song, Debaser - "I wanna grow up to be a debaser...debaser" is, as I see it, a desire to change the establishment, to make a difference (or something like that. lol).

    In friendship!

    Big massive cyber hug to you!

    You hang on tight! and remember BB is your safety net!

    Rester forte!


  20. Indra
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    24 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    I was all set to reply last night but feel asleep very early for me - must have been the lack of sleep from the night before. My eldest had an erratic night! Still have a headache - blah!!!!

    Thank you - I enjoy reading your posts just as much. I actually had a look on the front page of this and there had been 809 views - that is just crazy! lol

    Glad you had a chuckle with the Sabbath stuff too - oh and liked the attempt at metal humour - haha there is always one lol The Rodriguez lyric was very cool - he has a very laid back style. It's a pity some of the earlier artists only made a few albums - I guess music is one of the hardest genres to maintain longevity.

    Aren't we all 25? lol It's the old adage of age just being a number - sometimes I feel my age, but mostly not. It's funny that I still see my younger sister as being very young, even though most people think she is older than me! (She hates this lol) I don't look that much different from my younger days - bar a few more crow's feet around the eyes! I think I'll stick to something medieval or bag like when it comes to the costumes haha I am now supreme authority when it comes to action heroes - with the youngest being close to having diagnosis for Aspbergers - his questions are very repetitive - we are on to the Incredible Hulk today and loudly mind you!

    I am glad too that you have evolved stronger - and thank you for the hurrah! Nowadays it's a matter of having to be. I did start working at 15 and for sure, the first couple of years out of home was party central! The house I shared was named the "Loveshack" - not for that reason lol but it ended up being the party house when everything else had closed. The good ole days lol

    Ritchie Blackmore was in Deep Purple - very weird character too - and not very well liked by the rest of the bad members. I am a bit of a Sabbath head, hence the tattoo, so I hope I didn't overload you lol Yep, Wheels of Confusion is on Vol 4 -

    Very true sentiment with how children don't get to chose what happens in early life - crime, violence it all shapes life - just a matter on how the individual wants to lead there life afterwards! Everyone has dreams - it's just sometimes situations become out of your hands - can only hope I guess!

    It's freezing here at the moment - I hope you stay warm over the weekend and enjoy what is happening - quiet one for us! (Always lol)

    Running out of room - so will sign off for now!

    Big massive cyber hug

    Wir reden später Mein Freund!



  21. the_motorcycle_boy
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    25 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    That's ok you going to sleep early last night but no good getting a headache! I had some suspicious characters hanging around outside the flat and I consequently didn't sleep that well. Not to worry! should've invited them in for cocoa. lol.

    809 views that's a lot! Expected the thread to have around 5 - 10 posts when it started. lol. It's certainly exceeded that number.

    My attempt at metal humour lacked lustre, I think. haha! Rodriguez was at a festival called "Tanelon" that I went to in 1982?. It was like a little Woodstock! Very back to nature and hippy-ish. As you say, music is not an easy field to succeed in for long. Some can, but the majority don't.

    You must hold your age. While poor sister looks older! Costumes! I could go as Ned Kelly. lol. I look young for my age but have the grey setting in! My friend says I am handsome, that's why she's my friend! (just kidding)

    I had a quick look at the behaviours associated with Aspbergers Syndrome and I read that they vary widely. However, I understand that these are often accompanied by unique gifts, e.g. a remarkable ability for intense focus, something which I was unaware of. (Incredible Hulk yay!)

    Starting work at 15 wow! I was 17. I remember my first paypacket was $80! which in those days was a fortune! You could pay rent, food, ciggies, petrol etc and still have plenty left for other things. It was cool living with three others and friends would come over as if it was Central Station. Bit of a loveshack too, before and after going out.

    Didn't know Ritchie Blackmore was a bit eccentric. I guess being the lead singer in a mega-successful band would change you. I had an inkling you might have liked Black Sabbath. lol. Actually, a friend of mine once had a black cat called Sabbath! years ago. Never fear, I have earmarked 4 songs to download. The acid test Haha! Let's see Paranoid, Snowblind, Sabba Cadabra and WOC.

    Yes, it's the old Nature v Nurture argument. I guess as I've gotten older I believe more that our freedom of choice is more limited than previously thought. An interesting one to ponder!

    This weekend is at my place, my friend is coming here so warmth will be from  blankets. Home delivery Thai Fri night! Shopping Sat and Markets Sun. Movies and music in between and footy as well. That's the plan. Hope your weekend is good. Listening to a bit of Sabbath, no doubt! Hope you and the boys have a great time.

    Stay warm and comfy all weekend, mon ami.

    Big massive cyber hug to you!

    Ne jamais dire jamais.


  22. Indra
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    26 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey MB,

    Quiet weekend here, fighting off a cold and separating siblings!! Oh, that's a bit creepy having people hanging out near your place - keep everything locked!! It would actually have been funny if you had asked them for cocoa - they would have split really fast I think! Fairly lucky here - it's quiet and on the outskirts of town, so would be a bit far for an attempt lol

    Tanelon sounds pretty cool - it's been awhile since I have been to anything. They have Womad and Soundwave here annually, but I haven't been before.

    I guess I am not doing too bad for nearly 42 lol You said you had a babyface before lol and hey take the compliment if your friend is throwing it your way!

    Thank you for taking an interest in Autism! My miniman is intently focused - but only in things that he is interested in! That is just par for the course - that's where the breakdown in social behaviour slips in. I could go on for hours about all the variants - it's funny, you can read as much material on Autism as you like, but that doesn't count for a whole lot unless you are actually living with it! That's where professionals can be very frustrating at times!

    I don't miss the days of a miniscule paycheck lol I laughed when I read about your house sharing - I think most people live through those days at some stage! Just adds to life's experiences haha

    Haha hope you enjoy the Sabbath songs- you picked 4 of the great ones! - Blackmore was the lead guitarist (sorry to correct) and listening to him in an interview , he was going on about hearing radio frequencies in his head - past eccentric I think!!

    Pondering away - the land of the free, definitely does come with restriction. I know there is more opportunity here and living conditions are better than 3rd world countries, but freedom comes at a price sometimes.

    Your weekend sounds great MB- great things to do for a wintry weekend - feel lucky you have someone to share it with.

    I was a glutton for punishment and thought I would check out online dating - ugh - I must be getting old.  If I wasn't feeling depressed enough lol I can say never again for that one- and I didn't get to the meeting stage lol  - I think I will remain alone, wandering in a sea of wonderment!

    Was nach oben geht, müssen unten kommen!

    Sweet child in time -You'll see the line - The line that's drawn between - Good and bad - Sweet Child in Time - Deep Purple - vocals are awesome in this!

    Big cyber hug back MB,

    Stay warm too Mein Freund!




  23. the_motorcycle_boy
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    27 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Thanks for another very enjoyable read. Oh no! you have a dreaded cold! Hope you are over it quick, Hot soup, strepsils and cough syrup says old father hen, lol.

    Have kept everything locked and no sign of potential intruders since Thurs, so hoping they're gone for good. Near where I live, you hear fights and arguments quite frequently. Am thinking of moving to a quieter town about 20 miles away. There my rent will be cheaper, too.

    Am not familiar with Nomad or Soundwave. Are they concerts of some sort?

    Nearly 42, it seems so young now but time has a habit of running faster as you get older, do you find that? Someone let me get on the bus first the other day so I guess I don't look that young anymore. Hey, it doesn't happen all the time! lol.

    I find Autism quite fascinating but I know little about it. Like any illness, I suppose, you don't really know till you've experienced it. You can know a heap of facts and figures but real experience makes a solid impression. I can understand that dealing with professionals could be quite perturbing. I have had difficulties talking to professionals regarding my depression.

    I thought of you and the boys at the markets yesterday. I saw all these second hand action hero toys for sale, going cheap. I wanted to buy some for you guys. I did get 5  music CDs and 2 DVDs though.

    The Sabbath songs - Could only download Paranoid, She's Gone, Night Wing and Snowblind. Snowblind was ok, would grow on me I think but I was very impressed with the others. Really top songs!  Where's the tattooist? lol. I have met people with similar behaviours to Blackmore in my travels. MI me thinks.

    Yes, we are so lucky to live in OZ. In other countries like the U.S. for example, life would've been much harder and survival not guaranteed. I am fortunate to have someone to share my weekend with just sorry you're alone.

    I reckon good on you for trying the online dating. I have heard of people meeting up from them. You never know till you try. Maybe some are better than others, too. Maybe you could look for Australian penfriends to start off a friendship? or maybe groups that meet to go to the movies etc?

    Here's some more Rodriguez from "Esatblishment Blues" (1970) Will give you more of an idea of him.

    "Gun sales are soaring, housewives find life boring, Divorce the only answer smoking causes cancer, This system's gonna fall soon, to an angry young tuneAnd that's a concrete cold fact".

    Big cyber hug to you! mon ami,

    Bon lundi! Prendre soin.


    Get well!

  24. Indra
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    27 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey MB!

    I am pretty resilient with colds - bouncing back very quickly! Thank you for the well wishes!

    Sounds like a good move from what you have said - you never know when fighting can turn into something worse and hey if you can save on some rent - even better! Rental prices here are still very reasonable and I was fortunate after my first year here - lease was extended and they didn't put the rent up! Bargain!

    Sorry, Womad is the hippy type festival and Soundwave has more heavy metal/grunge sort of bands - they have Mad March over here - Fringe and the Clipsal races are included there as well.

    Ssh - 42 is old enough lol The same - when someone says "oh in the 90's" that doesn't seem that long ago for me - sometimes now all the days blur into weeks - I read somewhere there is 18 Fridays until x'mas - eek!I cracked up laughing about your bus story - sure,sure next thing you will be eating at 4.30pm and playing bingo haha

    Unfortunately nowadays a lot of GP's put business before empathy - rush you in, get you out, no real time to listen to you, unless you make them. Had my blood levels checked today - still in range, but have to go back next week to make sure they plateau.

    Aww, thanks - so cool that you thought of us when you were at the markets - now who was it that liked the action figures? Lol It would add to the ginourmous collection we have here. Awesome that you found yourself some CD/Dvds - what did you find? You will laugh at me - I found another Rammstein CD cheap on ebay - will be here tomorrow or Wednesday lol Now will have to do a reshuffle in the car haha

    Glad you enjoyed the Sabbath tunes - the tattooist I went to was in the city - I haven't been to loyal a customer all of mine have been done by different artists - the last one at the local shop here. He was good, I got a discount as the last one was a cover up lol when I explained my story - he told me off and then said the extra bits I had done were on the house! It was the one on my hip - so long story short - you don't get to have much dignity lol I am not going to wear jeans next time lol

    Great lyric from Rodriguez - very befitting for its time and sounds very anti establishment!

    I am also dodging your reply on the online dating thing too bahahaha

    Rein, Raus, Oben, Unten, Es ist alles das gleiche Richtung

    I enjoyed listening to She Wolf(Falling to Pieces) on the Voice last night - cool song.

    Big massive cyber back Mein Freund,

    Take it easy MB,



  25. the_motorcycle_boy
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    27 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey there Indra,

    Either that was the funniest post you've written or I'm getting better (or both) cause I laughed a lot throughout. So thanks for that!

    Great to see you conquering your cold so quickly! Amazing recuperative powers eh!

    I have been renting here a year and a half and no rent increase so far (touch wood!) I think I want to leave here but not till I'm 100%. Just want clear thinking and normal responses. Sydney's prices have skyrocketed and here could follow. I've lived in roughly 9 places in 10 years! I would love a permanent  home!

    Thanks for explaining about the music festivals. They sound pretty cool.

    Time, it's all relevant isn't it. I tell you it accelerates exponentially as you get older. Now, a month goes by really quickly! Hey Indra, I do eat at 4:30pm and I do play bingo! (just kidding)...forty one, 4, 1. lol. That's how old I am, my favourite movie is from 1983! and people are always telling me to cut my eyebrows!

    All the best with your blood levels! Funny - I'm off for a blood test tomorrow. Glucose levels etc. My G.P. said "You don't get out much?" on my last visit. I mumbled "not enough". I was a bit anxious at the time. I absolutely agree with your summation of GPs and their motives.

    Forgot to tell you about the blue haired action hero i got (oops not s'pose to mention that was I!). I got Chasing Amy and Ace Ventura DVD's and while looking for Sabbath CD's I found The Clash - the singles, REM - the best of, ACDC - High Voltage and Faith No More - album of the year. All for $19!! Another Rammstein! my god! That's 7?! That will be first in the car! You have Rammsteinitus! Good to see you getting what you want. lol.

    No, getting a tatt on your hip wouldn't leave much room for dignity! I actually have one near mine, a thorny  rose, it's my oldest tatt and therefore pretty special. I still remember getting it 30 years ago! A small one that stung a bit!

    You poor thing, here is some more Rodriguez from a great song called "Crucify your Mind"

    "And you assume you got something to offer, Secrets shiny and new, But how much of you is repetition, That you didn't whisper to him too".

    Oh, oh oh il's magic vous savez, il ne faut jamais croire il's pas si.

    dodging my online dating reply eh?

    Falling to Pieces, Yes a top song. I like the girl on the Voice with the real country voice. What a great singer!

    A big, massive cyber hug to you, mon ami!

    As Leonard Nimoy used to say, "Live Long and Prosper".


  26. Indra
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    28 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey MB,

    Well, they say laughter is sometimes the best medicine hey! Glad to hear you had some laughs - lucky we weren't having a latte - probably would make you laugh until it came out of your nose! haha That's what friends do!

    Still fending away the cough - but it is more that I don't have time to be sick - no time off for the wicked or mother's lol (that would make me both!)

    Don't envy you with Sydney rental prices - my brother in-law is from Sydney and he was sharing with his parents and cousin before moving over here - just to make the cost of living a bit easier. I can't bitch - I only pay $250 a week for a newish 3 bedroom house with a yard!

    Miniman has been watching the old version of The Time Machine lately - I think need I one lol Nothing you can do to slow it down though! Oh my - MB - you are leaving yourself wide open for a glut of monobrow or caterpillar jokes here (eyebrows) - luckily I am a very polite person (coughs wildly) haha

    Hope you get good results for your bloods - sounds like you need some Vitamin D there - they do come in horse tablet size - trust me - I know! I am usually low in D and B - I am not a huge meat eater either, but you can stick the Iron tablets lol

    Blue haired action figure? Um the brain is not functioning- oh hang on Wonderwoman!! - do tell lol You certainly bagged some bargains with your market action. Although, I would be using the REM cd as a coaster haha Yes, a severe case of Rammsteinitis - gotta love it though, the boys sing along in perfect German!

    Toughen up princess - if I got through my tatts ok - well the one on my left leg did hurt I admit.....

    Loved the lyric - resonates true - how often do people hide things or are complete fakes - as you are aware my trust levels don't ring too high - me - I am who I am and don't see the point of being dishonest - it all catches up to you one day! The old saying of honesty is the best policy - but you live and learn.

    They stand with their arms tightly around each other a mixture of flesh, so rich in days where the sea touches the land she wants to tell him the truth - Nebel (Fog) Rammstein - had to put one in! It's actually a bit of sad story to this one, but the lyrics to the song are a story so well told.

    Your quotation was awesome! Freinds sind wie Sterne , nie zu weit weg!

    Look to the skies!

    Big massive cyber hug back Mein Freund!

    Friendship and laughter,




  27. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    28 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Oh yeah, so I don't forget and that the post also makes it for tomorrow -

    "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear MB, Happy Birthday to you" Hip,hip hooray! See I sang - cyberly counts!

    Have a great birthday and hoping that you do something enjoyable!

    Best wishes for the day Mein Freund!

    Indra and the dynamic duo xx

  28. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    29 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Thank you very much for my birthday greeting. Singing me Happy Birthday and in key too! Seriously, was very nice of you and the dynamic duo!! Much appreciated.

    Well I woke at 6! It was Liz on the phone wishing me the best. Said she might be visiting Australia next year, so we might catch up. I know her financial situation mightn't be too brilliant (all those bills at Buckingham!) but she didn't have to call collect! Never

    You'll never guess but the noise has started up again here where I live. Hope yours isn't too bad at present.

    A good birthday so far, I received a text message from someone I haven't seen for a while which was a nice surprise. Will probably head out for lunch pretty soon to celebrate. I hope you and the boys are having a nice day! and that your cold clears up soon.

    $250 a week for a 3br house is very reasonable. I pay $330 a week for a 2br flat which is a little dear for me. Am looking at $250 - $290 for a 2br unit or older style 2br house.

    So you would make fun of my eyebrows! lol! Good on you! Actually I keep them pretty tidy now to avoid the curious stare!

    Actually, I am low in vitamin B12 and I get my glucose checked regularly as it has a tendency to be high. Don't want to get the dreaded diabetes!

    Your boys sing along in unison (in German too!) wow cool! And you'd make a coaster out of my REM CD? Huh! There's no accounting taste. lol. "Toughen up princess" you are getting cheeky! That tatt did hurt a bit but I manned it out. lol.

    It seems we both have similar views on honesty. I don't like to lie as one needs to have a good memory. It just goes against the grain. I don't like to saddle myself with excess mental baggage. In fact I can be honest to the extreme, where others lie if convenient I'll find it hard to. I have learned however, that sometimes a little white lie is for the best.

    That Rammstein quote from Nebel (Fog) was tres cool! I read the unofficial translation and liked the rest of it too. Very poetic and sad. Esp. liked "She carries the evening in her chest" and "But the wind eats her words".

    Really liked your message in German about friends never being too far away. Have never heard that one before but very nice. Here's one from Oprah, "Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down". How true eh?

    A big massive cyber hug to you, mon ami!

    Tout le meilleur pour vous! et les garcons!

    Take care,


  29. Indra
    Indra avatar
    180 posts
    30 July 2015 in reply to the_motorcycle_boy

    Hey TMB,

    Very welcome with the bday message! Glad to hear you did something nice for yourself by having lunch out! 6am - that would have hurt you lol All old Liz has to do is sell off one of the tiaras and she would be ok haha You are only a half centurian as well lol I can sing in key when I put my mind to it - had singing lessons when I was younger, but always chose songs that were too adventurous for my ability lol

    Yep - noise is back here too - they have started the frame work next door - poor Giz won't go outside. He has been a brave kitty - he was de-maled yesterday - but was back to his normal self super fast!

    It's always a nice surprise to hear from an old friend too - I just opened my mail and my friend in the US had sent me a $100 gift card - that was so thoughtful of her! She is my evil twin lol we have always used nicknames with each other and it's funny when we actually call each other by name haha

    I would be very nice about teasing you with the eyebrows though lol my humour leans towards the dark side - just tell me off if I am being to bad haha I can take it lol Oh and ouch with your rental price!

    Glad you have your checks done - my mum is type 1 Diabetes and their is a history on both sides of the family - I seem to inherit most of the things that occur - but no, I am not at risk. I do take vitamins - when I remember too lol

    It is great to hear the boys sing along. Miniman always asks for the translation which I am happy to do - I do have to sugarcoat some of the Rammstein songs though lol trying to explain what Zwitter means would be somewhat of a challenge!

    Great minds think alike then. I find now that most people don't like hearing the truth - and yes, a little white lie can sometimes be polite - if that would be the right word for it!

    Glad you liked Nebel as well - I think when there is more of a story to the song, it gives it more meaning and feeling.

    The Oprah quote was good (Oprah TMB - you do need to get out more lol) - I have never been a judgemental person, you never know how a person has come to where they are in life - by choice or not - and I think it would be more entertaining to ride the bus and be yourself - there is so much more to observe too!

    Finden Sie sich , dann werden Sie finden, was Sie suchen - I certainly am trying too!

    Now, don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky, It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy - Dust in the Wind - pretty song!

    Big massive cyber hug back Mein Freund!




  30. the_motorcycle_boy
    the_motorcycle_boy avatar
    264 posts
    30 July 2015 in reply to Indra

    Hey Indra,

    Singing lessons wow! Did they help much? And you tried belting out songs like Bohemian Rhapsody for eg, hard ones to sing.

    Well, I pampered myself more today, I got a massage and I bought an album. You'll never guess. lol. It starts with M and ends in Y and is in another language! Is that enough clues? Can't give you any more, lol.

    Poor Giz, am glad he recovered fast. I think the workers have finished here, they concreted today. Will be sad to see them go. lol.

    That's great you got a gift from your evil twin! You'll be able to buy another Rammstein album or have you got them all? Yeah it does feel weird calling people by their proper names. When you know someone as "Red", Redmond just doesn't sound right.

    You can pay me off about my eyebrows. I can handle it. NOT! (just joking).

    That's good you don't have to worry about diabetes. I've been on the cusp for years. Thankfully it hasn't developed. Mainly have to watch my weight which tends to escalate when I get into the chips and coke. So I behave and it's alright.

    Your car must "vibrate" when you're driving, with all 3 of you singing  Rammstein tunes! lol. Yes, the album I got had AO warnings on it. Lucky it's in a foreign language!lol.

    I just think sometimes there are better consequences if you tell a lie. It only happens rarely but I would say it to save a person from harm for eg. But basically, I believe in honesty. A related issue -  one thing I have learned from experience is not to lend people money! It spells dishonesty.

    I downloaded and listened to "Child in time" by Deep Purple. I quite liked it, some great instrumentals!. There's a song by Frank Black called "Threshold Apprehension" that, if you like, you could listen to. I think it's excellent and I have good taste! lol.

    Good points you made about the bus ride. Hey, me, Oprah and Liz go way back, lol. Actually, I got Oprah's quote from the internet not from watching her show! Give me a break! Haha! I respect that you are non judgemental, I strive to be the same.

    I liked your German quote, very cryptic but very true! and Dust in the Wind was  GREAT!!! who sings that one?

    My music quote is from Tom Waits, It's short but I like it. "and I pulled on trouble's braids" from his Raindogs album.

    N'abandonnez pas le combat

    Big massive cyber hug to you, mon ami!


    P.S. I'm away from Friday noon till Monday arvo when I will write back. Have a super weekend, will be thinking of you and the boys. Stay strong! my friend.

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