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Forums / BB Social Zone / MBTI personality types

Topic: MBTI personality types

  1. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2234 posts
    9 September 2016 in reply to Wary Wolf

    Wary, being a fellow INTP, I understand the scepticism. I don't liken the MBTI to horoscopes though, as I have done a decent amount of research into it all, and know the information to be less broad than your examples (which are good ones, but there's more information to be had). Personality Hacker is a good site that goes into more depth, for instance, the differences between the INTP and INTJ types, highlighting the similarities and differences, and how basic motivations and emotions impact on the things others might see as identical traits in the two types but which are in fact similar only on the surface and come from different origins and with different intended outcomes.

    There is some argument over whether personality types change over a lifetime. I lean toward the belief that plastic and adaptable nature of human experience and thinking can effect behaviour through training, but without conscious discipline, the basic traits you start out with have a way of reasserting themselves. At least, that's my experience and there's been research to back up the assertion. You're welcome to counter that with anything you find. A mature INTP doesn't mind being proven wrong, after all, as long as there's decent evidence to back it up.

    I find it interesting that as similarly logical thinkers we've come to the topic of the MBTI from opposite standpoints. Could make for a lively discussion though.


  2. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2234 posts
    9 September 2016 in reply to Hope and Love

    Hope and Love, I have more than one INTJ in my life, and you're saying things that match up pretty well. My partner and a close friend of mine are both INTJs, very deep thinkers, not at all interested in small talk, not quick to trust or inclined to open up easily... Sound familiar?

    As an INTP, I'm analysing too, so there's no danger of me taking offense at that, though unfortunately a lot of people will. Also being an intuitive type, I'm one who won't dismiss your reserved approach as cold or unemotional either. I know how vulnerable an INTJ can be and exactly why you take care in who you are open with. I saw that in my partner as we became friends, and I respected his careful way of expressing himself and gauging my character in turn.

    I enjoy the contradiction in the INTJ spirit, both cynicism and idealism in equal measure, each trotted out in different moments, and I understand where both come from and how they interact. It's part of what makes my relationship rich, along with that profound loyalty you mentioned. I think INTJs and INTPs make particularly good friends or romantic matches because both are rare types and there aren't too many others that think with the clarity or logic that we do, and I can say for my part that just not being understood has been the defining feature of my existence for most of my life, before meeting my partner. I'm always glad to meet other INTJs and INTPs.


  3. Wary Wolf
    Wary Wolf avatar
    11 posts
    10 September 2016 in reply to Blue's Clues

    I reckoned you'd probably get it Blue,

    I more just enjoy playing devil's advocate for these things. And whilst I could see it as being a somewhat useful diagnostic tool, problems arise when you take into consideration certain variables. The obvious one being: how did a person feel when answering the questionnaire, or did they put too much thought into their answers? And even if you diagnose correctly, what might work with one INTP may not work with another.

    I've only done limited research on it, and from what I understand, yes certain core aspects of one's personality does essentially get set at a relatively early age, around 7 (that's from a few years back, so I'm not really up with the latest there.). So I'll definitely concede that there are valid points to be made in favor of the test. I just more view the importance of actual observable behavior over a simple test. I.e. The test might be good as a baseline, but I'd rather get to know ya ;)

    Still it's probably more accurate than the DiSC version, which is probably where I transferred my contempt from. Although my frustration with DiSC lies in that it marked me as having all of the personality types except for S.

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  4. Jeb_CC
    Jeb_CC avatar
    9 posts
    16 September 2016

    I don't even know what personality type I really am. I used to be an INFJ, but ever since I've gotten depression, I've shifted to an ISTJ at times. I find it quite comforting though since ISTJ helps me to do things more helpful towards my health and work, whilst my INFJ would do anything to make other people happy - which can fuel my own sadness.

    I absolutely love personality types and I feel almost hurt whenever somebody says; "Oh it's just like the horoscopes, complete rubbish!" But it's not at all! I admit it's not the most accurate but it definitely has reasoning to it. It feels good to understand yourself, and I don't think I'll ever stop researching my own personality type(s?).

  5. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2234 posts
    16 September 2016 in reply to Jeb_CC

    Personality Hacker is a good site, Jeb, if you want to have a look at the differences between the two types and see if you really have changed type. Sometimes you can be one type with some leanings toward another but the basic motivators and such remain the same as they were. Just my thoughts, as I am an INTP with a few INTJ leanings. A closer look tells me I fall pretty firmly in the INTP camp though, in spite of my test results flopping from one side to the other - as Wary mentioned, the tests are a bit subjective and can come out differently depending on mood.

    Wary, I'm not familiar with the DiSC, perhaps you can tell me a bit about it? As for the MBTI, I look at it the same way as all psychological research - only so much can be gleaned from behaviour alone. Unfortunately what's inside the mind is always going to be partly accessibly only from the reports of the person doing the thinking, so results will be subjective. I think the test, as you say, is a good baseline, and less of a "diagnostic" tool than one for self-assessment. As stated above, Personality Hacker is a good site for delving deeper into the differences between types and untangling the results if you're not convinced your test had it right. I found it pretty handy.

    I'm all good with you playing devil's advocate. I'm a bugger for doing that sort of thing, myself. Sometimes it's well received, often it isn't...


  6. Jeb_CC
    Jeb_CC avatar
    9 posts
    17 September 2016 in reply to Blue's Clues
    @Blue: The site kinda confuses me to be honest! I use the 16personalities website most of the time, it's really interesting reading up on the personality types. But I can't decide what my 'main' personality would be. INFJ or ISTJ... they're very different to one another. But I fit into both perfectly at different times. I feel like I use ISTJ as an escape at times... to focus on things and put feelings aside so I can be my effective self. But then other times I'd want what's best for others around me and provide support.
    Though I don't think I can really ever figure out what my personality type is. I can pretty much change at will if need be - which is what I use to create different characters and also understand other people. It's like putting yourself in another person's shoes but also their inner mind rather than just situation. So lol, if I ever want to impersonate someone, I totally could.

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