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Topic: Social Distancing Film Club

  1. shirker
    shirker avatar
    67 posts
    28 November 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Aww Gems, I'll be sorry to see you go. Have a safe trip!

    To answer your question about Mank, I haven't seen it and it really wasn't on my radar. I've never seen Citizen Kane and I don't have any real affinity with that era of cinema - I've seen very little films from before the mid-sixties, and most of what I've watched from that period has been either Japanese or spaghetti westerns. (As a sidenote, anyone who loves spaghetti westerns should hunt down the recent Indonesian film Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts).

    The film on your latest list that's of most interest to me is The Eagle has Landed. I remember seeing the trailer at the cinema as a kid and it looked soooooo cool, but I've never managed to watch it in the 43 years that followed!

    Of the films I've seen over the last few months, the absolute stand-out has been a Taiwanese film A Sun - it should be available through Netflix, and I think it would automatically be in my top-10-of-the-decade list. A word of warning though: describing it as a tearjerker is probably an understatement - it was more like a hardcore sobfest.

    Other films I've seen that should be recommended:

    Network (1976) - it felt scarily contemporary

    Mr Donkey (2016) - a (very) black comedy from mainland China … I think Ren Suxi (who was also in A Cool Fish, which is still showing on SBS OnDemand) is fast becoming my favourite comic actress

    My Prince Edward (2019) - a clever and very honest sort-of romantic comedy from Hong Kong. While it follows a very well-worn romcom template, there's a twist … it isn't funny. Or romantic.

    I also revisited Storm Boy (1976) for some warm nostalgia … I would have loved to have a pet pelican when I was a kid.

  2. Weaponsofmassdisstortion
    Weaponsofmassdisstortion avatar
    46 posts
    25 December 2020

    is no one going to recommend "no country for old men"? like seriously?

    @uncut_gems, I really liked "let the right one in" , I saw the American version, which wasn't too bad. Although they could have dyed Chloe Grace Monet's hair another colour. I think it was a bit obvious having a cute little girl with blonde hair play a vampire. I have recently found an archived version of the book (english translation of course) online

    Here's some recommendations for tv shows;

    Person of interest

    Being Human(UK and North American versions are both pretty good)

    Cracker with Robbie Coltrane

    The black list


    Swamp People

    if anyone here is into Asian cinema, I recommend:

    Donnie Yen classics:

    Ip man series(he fights mike tyson in the third one)


    Kung fu jungle

    Or if you would rather Tony Leung;

    Detective Dee and the mysterious flame

    Grand Master (although it does drag a bit)

  3. shirker
    shirker avatar
    67 posts
    27 December 2020 in reply to Weaponsofmassdisstortion

    Hi Weapons

    No Country for Old Men is a classic for sure.

    I really liked the series Cracker - I think I would have watched them on VHS back in the day!

    Donnie Yen is good in everything I see him in. I think my favourite would be Bodyguards and Assassins - a mix of history, politics and action (currently available on SBS On Demand). Dragon / Wu Xia is also very good.

    I enjoyed Detective Dee and the Mysterious Flame too - it reminded me of the Saturday movies I would watch on TV as a kid ... things like Jason and the Argonauts or Valley of the Gwangi.

  4. Weaponsofmassdisstortion
    Weaponsofmassdisstortion avatar
    46 posts
    2 January 2021 in reply to shirker
    Bodyguards and Assassins? I was always under the assumption that I had watched everything worth watching with Donnie Yen. I will have to check that one out. I doubt I will be able to watch it on SBS on demand. Uggh, I can never get it to work. If the Donnie Yen movie is the same as the one I am thinking of, it has Donnie Yen open up a paper mill in a small town, under a different name, to get away from his tragic past. I have sometimes seen it called "Swordsman" and sometimes seen it called "Dragon"
  5. shirker
    shirker avatar
    67 posts
    2 January 2021 in reply to Weaponsofmassdisstortion

    Hi Weapons - your description of Swordsman matches with the film I was referring to.

    Bodyguards and Assassins might have fallen below your radar because Donnie Yen wasn't the main character - it's very much an ensemble piece, with Tony Leung, Nicholas Tse, Leon Lai and Cung Le all playing major roles, and Fan Bingbing, Simon Yam and Jackie Cheung (among others) all making appearances!

  6. Weaponsofmassdisstortion
    Weaponsofmassdisstortion avatar
    46 posts
    12 January 2021

    I am going to post some forgotten gems for everyone; How I live now,

    Also, something from Chinese cinema; The Mermaid, quite amusing.

  7. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    25 January 2021
    I don't really watch movies or TV, or read. i should do that more.
  8. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    4 February 2021

    Hi all.

    I don't really read or watch movies or TV, but what are some things people are watching lately, or reading even?

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