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Forums / BB Social Zone / who enjoys a bit of shopping every now n then?

Topic: who enjoys a bit of shopping every now n then?

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  1. gibby3794
    gibby3794 avatar
    72 posts
    21 January 2015
    i personally do not buy much for myself and really needed a new pair of shoes as my air force 1's which ive had for over a year (my friend gave them to me after having them for about 3 years) so i brought a new pair of them today ($135) a new pair of gym shoes (on special for $25) two pairs of thongs for $3.50 each and some socks and undies (cant remember how much hahah, as i said its been ages since ive brought anything for myself so decided to actually do that for once (all stuff was needed not just a want lol) but now that i actually have them im really glad i do as the shoes are both heaps more comfortable then the last pairs i had and now i dont have to put shoes on just to go to the corner shop, im thinking next fortnight i might go buy some more shorts as most of mine have gone missing and i might buy a new pair of jeans as well :) 
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  2. romantic_thi3f
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    3114 posts
    22 July 2015 in reply to gibby3794

    Hi gibby3794,

    I saw your post didn't have any replies so I thought I'd comment :) 

    Sounds like you're pretty shopped up!  What a bargain though! Done well :) 

    I love shopping too.  I tend to do mine more online but I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and fight it hard to part with my money haha :)  I generally only spend money on clothes where I have to but prefer to buy food (like go out in a restaurant or cafe) or an experience. 

    Cool post btw - nice to see something positive! Have a good one :)

  3. Denv12
    Denv12 avatar
    42 posts
    2 August 2015 in reply to gibby3794

    Love a bit of shopping. Us guys like the guy stuff. I like buying a bargain so I browse through the mens clothing shops when I need clothes. Just bought a new pair of boots whilst on special. Got them cheap. Bought a jacket off the auctions sites cheaper. I like to read so I'm always looking for books like self help books (some great books on social skills/dating skills,etc out there)and cars,etc.I shop online to get home deliveries.


    Thanks for posting a good topic,gibby3794. Nice to see other guys shopping around.

  4. starshine
    starshine avatar
    5 posts
    15 August 2015
    I love bargains too. :) My favourite shopping is op shopping. I like getting things that are not so fashionable. I scored a merino wool beret today for $4 and a knock-off bag for $7. I also love browsing through antique stores. I don't necessarily need to buy - it's nice looking and imagining. I can just wander. 
  5. Simona
    Simona avatar
    1043 posts
    30 September 2015 in reply to starshine
    Okay.  My latest purchases have been a few pairs of ankle boots since they were on sale and a Nike sweat top.  Also some organic beauty products (all handmade).    I do love spoiling myself with beautiful artesian bath products especially if they incorporate gourmand fragrances:  vanilla, honey, coconut and chocolate. 

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