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Forums / Depression / Bipolar 2, Depression, Anxiety and volunteering.

Topic: Bipolar 2, Depression, Anxiety and volunteering.

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  1. mcc
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    6 posts
    17 October 2021


    I was diagnosed with Bipolar about 2 months ago after dealing with severe depression just after a manic phase. I didn't know what was happening to me at the time and went and saw doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists and now i'm just struggling to accept that this is now me. I am on meds and doing my best to keep my head above water but I am interested in volunteering for beyond blue. I want to help people like myself by just spreading awareness and just feel like becoming a better person. Would this be a bad thing to do whilst I am still trying to accept who I am or would it help?

    Any help at all would really be appreciated.

  2. Megzt84
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    29 posts
    19 October 2021 in reply to mcc

    Hi MCC,

    I think it could possibly help. It’s definitely helped me. I have social anxiety but I have volunteered in the past. It’s definitely good to raise awareness.

    If you are passionate about helping people and people can relate to you then I think it’s great. You may as well give it a shot

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  3. quirkywords
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    12407 posts
    19 October 2021 in reply to mcc


    Welcome to beyond blue .

    I think it is wonderful you wan5 to help others. I would maybe wait until your moods are stabilised .

    Remember by writing this thread and replying to posts here and on other threads , you are helping others. people read more posts than they reply to, so. Y being honest and expressing * your experience you are hrl

    ing others.

    I was diagnosed over 45 years ago and started volunteering over 15 years ago .

    That was because there were no organisations like beyond blue, or many volunteering experiences in mental health area.

    Well done for wanting to share your experiences and help others.

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