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Forums / Grief and loss / Is doing exercises bringing out my grief more???

Topic: Is doing exercises bringing out my grief more???

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  1. clovia
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    2 posts
    14 April 2016

    Yesterday was a horrible day... went to work , turned on the radio and the DJ was talking about someone receiving an email from his father after his father had passed.. as he read the email it sounded word for word what dad would say to me... they cut to a song and it was one of dads that we played at his funeral.. this got me going to the bathroom for a cry (thank god I work alone some days)..busy day seeing clients and helping them.. the only quite moment during the day I have another song came on the radio that was a song that ment a lot to the family that he sung a lot...spent all that night having dreams about him.. today I am seeing a new client with her parents only to find out that the clients mum is a nurse and helped dad whilst he was in hospital.. she couldn't stop crying telling me how sorry she was..

    I normally walk each morning to help reduce my stress. I stopped when dad passed unable to find the energy and started again over the weekend...But over the last two days these seems to be making it harder as I think its bring back the grief.. its been two months since his passing and I have been ok and at peace with his passing normally walking helps me for my mental state and listing to music help me remember him in a good way and not pulling at the heart strings.. but not this week.. do I walk through it or find a new exercise to be my stress relief

  2. JessF
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    14 April 2016 in reply to clovia

    Hello clovia, you know sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to grief. Some days, you will see reminders of your lost loved one everywhere, no matter what you do. I think the danger with avoidance is that you may find you end up retreating from life. Thinking back to your horrible day yesterday, you could decide that you won't listen to the radio anymore. Or listen to music. Or even... the most extreme... don't sleep because you may dream about your father.

    It could be that you are just going through a particularly intense wave of grief at the moment. It doesn't sound like your sadness is confined to just the walking. I would suggest keeping up with your walking, and allow yourself to feel that sadness. Let yourself know that it's ok to feel like that. Some days you may feel like crying on your walk, and other days not.

    What do you think?

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