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Forums / Grief and loss / Loss of a beloved pet

Topic: Loss of a beloved pet

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  1. Catsandcomics
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    2 posts
    15 August 2021

    On Thursday evening, we found our beautiful cat had passed away in our home. It was very sudden and unexpected. The last several days have been extremely tough, and my husband and I both have depression and anxiety. We have another cat, which comes from the same litter, who had spent over nine years with her brother and my anxiety is making me so scared of losing her too.

    I keep crying and feel so lost. He was a larger than life cat who was extremely people centric, and clingy so we attended to his every need like parents do with a child. I am a very needy person myself, often craving affection and attention as I lost my father at the age of 5 and was very close to him, and have struggled to move on. Our cat would snuggle and purr loudly, and spend most the time following us around. It provided lots of comfort and attended to my own insecurities. His sibling is very sweet natured and will play and rub against you and enjoys sleeping on humans for warmth, but she is far more independent (dare I say much more well adjusted?) and I get sad knowing that the endless cuddles and attention are no longer around. There's a small part of me that just wants to get a kitten ASAP, but I know that wouldn't be right and it might upset her.

    As we are in lockdown in Sydney, and have been living in one of the restricted LGAs the things I would normally do to distract myself are not around, as I would go out and catch up with friends or do day trips to distract myself. My husband can spend hours playing video games etc, I can't do that. I do lots of arts and crafts but I need to be in the right mood to get into it.

  2. white knight
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    15 August 2021 in reply to Catsandcomics

    Hi, welcome

    So sorry to hear and I feel your sadness.

    We often talk about grief here and there is no real fix. Time will change things and in a couple of months it might be time to buy that kitten.

    My wife and I are animal lovers. She lost her cat not long after we got together. 3 months later we purchased a mini foxy and she is the love of our lives. She's now 9yo.

    How about planting a rose Bush in you cats memory?.

    Thankyou for writing in, you no doubt cared so much for your pet.


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