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Forums / Grief and loss / My relationship with grief

Topic: My relationship with grief

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  1. blond3
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    16 April 2019

    Hi all, I am 23 and I lost my big brother to suicide in September 2018. I watched him fight a downhill battle with mental illness for about 10 years. The effects of grief didn't really hit me until 3 months later, when something had triggered it.

    I felt so sad, confused and disconnected from the world around me - I felt crazy. I started getting intrusive thoughts about a relationship I formed not long after his death. Ever since this occured, I am a lot more in my own head and more aware of my thoughts but there's moments where I can just enjoy the present like I used to.

    For these past few months I've also had light to mild tension in my head, stiff jaw and sore points in my neck and upper back. It feels as if my head is very foggy and I can't fully function.

    I mainly wanted to share my story but also wanted to know if anyone else has had similar experiences to this?


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  2. quirkywords
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    16 April 2019 in reply to blond3

    blond3 welcome to the forum.

    This place is full of kind ,compassionate and supportive persons.

    I am sorry about your brother and I can not begin to imagine the depth of your grief and loss.

    Grief has a way of presenting itself in different ways and your body is showing how is it responding.

    Have you thought about contacting a grief support group as talking to others who understand why you have been through can help.

    You can browse through the thread or search topics about grief in the search engine.

    It has only been a few months and you need to give yourself time and just grieve in your own way and do what will help you through this hard time.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

    I have suffered grief but not of a sibling .


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