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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / C-PTSD & Bullying at work

Topic: C-PTSD & Bullying at work

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  1. Jlee81
    Jlee81 avatar
    5 posts
    17 August 2020

    Hi :)

    Firstly thanks for reading and replying in advance.

    As of late things in my workplace have become increasingly worse. This includes the feelings of being bullied.
    I had a psychologist appointment Saturday night to which i went through everything that has been happening at work.

    I automatically went to ,” my ptsd is high”, etc...

    To her telling me that i am being bullied, that my reactions at work where not my ptsd. They where normal and yes “ valid” responses and emotions.
    Her suggestion is to leave and find a new job. Ive been there over 7 years, i love my job and what i do. And most people are great.
    Im afraid to leave.

    Im afraid of the unknown so much . Social anxieties are high.
    Im afraid of being able to survive financially .
    I have no family here. My work is all i know. 🥺

    Has anyone experienced this.

    I would appreciate any thoughts, experiences, advice et..

    I hope you are all well and loved through this crazy time

    Jlee ☺️

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  2. Ggrand
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    9848 posts
    18 August 2020 in reply to Jlee81

    Hello Jlee81,

    We are really sorry that you have been bullied at work..

    Are these bullies new employees or has the bullying been going on for a long time with work colleagues that you’ve worked with for years?

    I asked this question because bullying no matter where it, home or work is so wrong and I’m wondering if you could speak to your managers about what your going through...

    I think your psych is looking out very good for your mental health, I mean if work is causing triggers with your PTSD..I can understand your psych saying to leave your protect your mental health from escalating...

    I can also understand your reluctance to leave a job you love..and the financial benefits of having a job,,,That’s why I am gently suggesting that you try if you can to speak to your manager and hopefully he/she can put an end to the bullying...

    I have never experienced bullying at a job personally...but do know it goes on...and honestly I detest bullying of any kind..

    Hopefully some more people will call in here with some insight of their own into work bullies...

    I wanted you to know that we are listening and we do care about you..Please talk here any time you feel up to it..

    My care and kind thoughts..


  3. Jlee81
    Jlee81 avatar
    5 posts
    19 August 2020 in reply to Ggrand

    Dear Grandy

    thank you for taking time to write to me. All great words and so helpful.
    i have bee there for seven years. Over six years on and off with bullying. And I have been the manager for the last 4 yrs i think

    I have also tried my hardest to stop all kinds of bullying and gossiping in the work place. No actual action or no one has listened to the owner.

    I suppose i need to take my time in finding a job that would be good for me.

    I need to just jump and have faith that i wont have this again in a work place.

    Today was another bad day as there was a staff meeting where again i felt attacked, bullied and felt like everything was my fault.

    I cant seem to shake the feeling or the hope that things will change.

    Thank you so much for your support.
    And kind words.
    The people on here are wonderful human beings and am grateful i have joined in the forums.

    I hope you have had a good day today ☺️☺️

    thank you


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