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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Im a little on edge today.

Topic: Im a little on edge today.

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. Helium
    Helium avatar
    392 posts
    10 October 2019


    Im a little on edge today. Yesterday 2 cops were banging and i repeat banging not knocking on my door. Not knowing who it was i opened the door with my door next to me barking. There were 2 cops in there swat gear, im in petrified shock thinking what the hell have i done. The only thing i do wrong is walk my dog in places dogs arent allowed. I opened the screen door and they moved right against me. One cop spent kept looking at my chest cause i had no bra on and it was obvious. They started accosting me where the teenagers are. I said what teenagers? They said i have teenagers living hear which i do not. In the end they realise they knocked on the wrong door.

    If someone did that to someone else they would get in trouble so why do these thugs not get in trouble for abusing an innocent person.

    Sorry i just needed to rant im very upset over it.

    Cheers lynne

  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    5578 posts
    10 October 2019 in reply to Helium


    That must have been very disturbing.

    You could ring the local police and ask to talk to someone, and explain how you felt. There is a police department that look after people's complaints.

    I can understand how upsetting it was. . Did they apologise to you?

    Would you be able to ring up or email a complaint.


  3. Helium
    Helium avatar
    392 posts
    10 October 2019 in reply to quirkywords

    Hi quirky.

    No no apology just utter rudness. Thankyou but one thing legal aid made very clear to my innocent brother when police raided his van and stole money when i was younger was to never make a complaint against police because they will get you back. I know im being nit picky stressing over this.

    Cheers lynne

  4. Guest_9462
    Guest_9462 avatar
    32 posts
    10 October 2019 in reply to Helium
    Hi helium..I think it's the way they are taught..they have teaches with bad the police force.
    .I'm constantly being followed and harassed by cops..for no reason.. and I've seen them hassling homeless and mentally ill people in shopping centres and o n's obvious cops dislike homeless's even more obvious they hate people with mental illnesses..they refer to us as having "form" ,meaning they class mental illness as "criminal" or a "pest" ..
  5. monkey_magic
    monkey_magic avatar
    2420 posts
    10 October 2019 in reply to Helium

    Hi Helium,

    If that happened to me I'd be shocked and prob a bit frightened lol. How disrespectful of him to stare at your chest.

    The swat team lol. I watch a lot of cop movies but havent experience swat in my real life.

    Oh well dust it off and hope it never happens again. Did they even apologise for scaring the shit out of you?

  6. Helium
    Helium avatar
    392 posts
    10 October 2019 in reply to monkey_magic

    Hi monkeymagic and islandwiz

    When i said swat hear i mean swat type gear with there bullet proof vests and mass of accessories attached. No no apology. Thats terrible islandwiz that your being harrased for no reason😡

    Cheers lynne

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