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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Is this PTSD or severe anxiety (or both)?

Topic: Is this PTSD or severe anxiety (or both)?

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  1. Leptospermum
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    12 February 2021

    Is it possible to have PTSD if you have had a boss that has bullied and harassed you over a number of years by:

    * allocating you more work than others (and expecting it to be done before you can go home)

    * taking higher duties away from you for no reason and giving them to another staff member (along with the pay)

    * micro-managing your work constantly and 'nit-picking' at small things

    * refusing to approve leave due to workloads

    * eventually trying to get you to move departments (and gaslighting it as a great opportunity when you have no desire to etc.)

    Just that I feel I have some PTSD symptoms just at the thought of returning to the workplace after working remotely for the past 6 months, as I have been given more autonomy (apart from twice daily online 'check-in' team meetings) and felt much happier and productive. Thinking about going back to the same environment again is causing panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression and now insomnia. I am thinking of seeking help of a professional, and perhaps get a letter to enable me to continue the current work arrangement where possible. At the same time, I am worried about dismissal and anxious what others will think or say if I am not at the workplace. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank-you

  2. Croix
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    13 February 2021 in reply to Leptospermum

    Dear Leptospermum~

    Welcome here to the Support Forum. I am very sorry to hear of your situation which appears from your account to be a clear case of workplace bullying.

    Just to get a general idea have a look at the Federal Government's listing of the types of bullying (you will see several that are familiar) and also where you can go to get help.

    It is horrible thing leaving you feeling helpless and even weak if you do not take action. In fact it is another peron harming you -with cruel intent - and no reflection on you at all.

    Things were so bad that now there is the prospect of it re-starting after 6 months of calm and acceptable work practice you are exhibiting lots of signs of great anxiety (don't worry about a label if it is PTSD or not, just the symptoms)

    I've have those myself and know it makes life a complete misery. Professional help with these is really a must.

    I can understand you wanting a note to work from home, however I'm not sure, even if granted, it would solve the problems. Instead of being one of a team checking in twice a day you would be on your own, and the chances of being bullied down the phone would be there .

    There may be several ways of dealing with this, one is of course to leave, but no money and a possible sense of failure does not make this attractive.

    If it is a large company a complaint to the employee welfare officer or his superior may work, particularity if you can document matters -here a professional's report wold be a great help.

    Apart from that going outside the company to Fairwork or the State equivalent may be possible. It would mean a battle though, and like all of these suggestions do not help your anxiety.

    Often a solution often proposed is to move the person to another department, you have been offered this by your boss, was the department in question a particularly bad one?

    Apart from medical support which helps you cope and reduce your symptoms - I really hope you start getting right now as it helped me heaps, do you have anyone at work who is friendly and sympathetic, someone who might make things seem better or even stand up for you.

    The same applies in your private life, do you have a family member or friend to help you share the load?

    Please come back and say what you think


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