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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / No one is willing to help

Topic: No one is willing to help

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  1. NateMcNate
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    9 November 2019


    I am posting here as I have no idea what to do.

    Heres a brief account of what happened to me. Late 2017 I was involved in an incident while at work where I mistakenly put myself in between a violent male and a woman and her child. In doing so I ended up being physically attacked.

    Everything seemed fine in the following weeks.

    Approximately 4 or 5 weeks after something switched in my head. Severe anxiety, depression, stress manifested out of nowhere. This affected me severely. I have approached GP's, attended psychologist and they all have diagnosed me with PTSD but have done nothing to help me address the problem. I feel that these people only prolong the agony to make as much profit from it.

    Since then everything has gone from bad to worse, I have gone from working where I did make quite a good living to being homeless, living out of a tent, constant anxiety, heart feels like its ready to jump out of my chest most of the time. I don't eat, I haven't had a full nights sleep in 2 years. This is not living, what is the point.

  2. Aaronsis
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    9 November 2019 in reply to NateMcNate

    Hi NateMcNate

    I am so very sorry to hear that you are suffering and that your whole life has been impacted as a result of ultimately trying to do the right thing.

    PTSD is a very serious and very frightening disorder as you are experiencing, the feelings and thoughts are as a result of you going through trauma and putting your body and mind through an event that is foreign to you, it is a very common response to a very abnormal or terrifying experience. You have done nothing wrong and it is so very common for people who have gone through a traumatic event to have some impact from it. I am just so sad that it has caused you to be homeless and that it has impacted your ability to work and eat and sleep, I can hear how overwhelmed you are and so very exhausted.

    I kind of feel like after having experienced grief and loss that it is kind of the same as going through trauma, and what has helped me so very much is talking, being here in this space and sharing my thoughts and feelings and hearing how others are coping and welcoming their support and comfort.

    If you feel that you are not satisfied with the conversation and outcome that you got from the doctor it would be worthwhile perhaps seeing if you can make an appointment with a different one and hopefully they will be able to give you some solid advice how to move through this time and deal with these symptoms.

    I am not sure if I have been helpful to you but if you would like to chat some more and even talk some more we are here for you.



  3. Summer Rose
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    956 posts
    9 November 2019 in reply to NateMcNate

    Hi NateMcNate

    Welcome to bb and thank you for trusting us with your story.

    I am so sorry that you didn't receive the right help in your initial time of need. The consequences of this "system" failure for you have been significant and again I am sorry. You deserved so much more.

    I really feel it important to address your homelessness as a matter of priority. Do you feel strong enough to attemp this?

    If so, please visit your local Salvos and talk through your situation with a representative. They should be able to offer housing assistance and they also have legal services.

    I mention this because your injury occured at work, which means you can make a Work Cover claim. You may not be ready to deal with this at present but just keep it mind for when you are ready, as I'm sure any financial assistance would be welcomed. Equally you may be entitled to victims of crime compensation but you will need legal advice to make this determination.

    If talking to the Salvos seems daunting, please call the bb support line on 1300 22 4636 and they will be able to help you take the next steps with regard to accessing social services and your mental health.

    Life can get better but you need to approach this one step at a time. How do feel about first working to get a place to stay? Do you have any family or friends that could help you?

    Kind thoughts to you

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