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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Struggling to cope

Topic: Struggling to cope

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  1. chelly23
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    1 posts
    28 December 2020

    Hi, im not really sure how to say this or how exactly how this works sorry.

    I have always been the one to help others and don't get me wrong i love helping others, but its come to the point in my life where i have realised that i am really struggling to cope! i have grown up with many traumatic experiences. About 2 months ago i was in a high speed single vehicle motor accident where i got airlifted to the hospital, since the accident i had friends and family who mean the most to me walk away as it caused a massive fight with my friend who was in the wrong (which she caused the accident) and facts and reports were miss understood. We were told that I'm lucky to be alive and if we were going any faster we would all be dead and top that all off i was forced to move states because my mum knew i wouldn't be able to cope being alone but in all honesty right now i feel more alone then ever.

    I have no family or friends where i am and I've been separated from my sibling because they are back in my previous state, it its honestly the hardest not having anyone and I'm struggling and don't know what to do, Christmas and not having family around was the worst! my anxiety, depression and PTSD has been playing up the worst and my medication is starting not to help, how do y'all cope with this stuff!?

    My heart goes out to anyone who's had to experience the same or similar things to what i have!

  2. tranzcrybe
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    711 posts
    29 December 2020 in reply to chelly23

    Hi chelly23,

    Firstly I would like to welcome you to the Beyond Blue forums. How does it work? Sharing your pain with total strangers can be a form of support when those around you may not be listening or appear to be in your corner. You may find it helps to sort your thoughts and find a course of action to pursue.

    Two months is such a short period after a major road trauma - emotions and physical pain will still be raw after the event. How are you feeling as you recover from injuries sustained? I, too, had a vehicle accident close to Christmas but was fortunate enough to be 'released' just prior to spend time with family - for me, that was therapeutic as it was welcome.

    But you did not have that luxury this year - were you able to contact them for a face to face chat at least? Perhaps you could take comfort in that you are away only temporarily and will return to make up for the lost time - maybe a Christmas in July party?



  3. Tay100
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    647 posts
    29 December 2020 in reply to chelly23

    Hi chelly23

    Thank you for coming by and sharing your story- we hear you and recognise your journey. If you'd like to brainstorm some ways to cope with your anxiety and PTSD, we can brainstorm some ideas here if you like. As for the issue with your medication, maybe a GP or a second professional opinion might be worth looking into?

    Thankyou also for those encouraging words at the end- support and well wishes like that are what make this community great!


  4. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    29 December 2020 in reply to chelly23
    Hi chelly23, welcome. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, I'm glad you're still here. It's a shame about you having to move states, and as for your family leaving you, well that's on them not you. Do you have anybody you could talk to on video chat or something perhaps?
  5. Truc
    Truc avatar
    38 posts
    29 December 2020 in reply to chelly23
    HI Chelly23

    The time I was in a foreign country, I had to cope with being alone for quite time and I noticed that I should not cope with it, instead I found that when I tried to find someone or many ones to talk with me random topics, everyone has at least a topic we can talk and learn from them I suppose, small talks big talks anything, so by that I feel my life was in balance and I dont have to force myself to cope with being alone but just sometimes want to be alone to recharge I think you can call your siblings and family right ? I think it would not a big deal if miscommunication is cleared out I suppose.

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