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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Bisexual introduction!!!

Topic: Bisexual introduction!!!

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  1. 4smallbean4
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    11 May 2018

    Hi, this is just a little introduction about me!

    I am a Bisexual teenager that has only recently started to come out to close friends and family. I live in a fairly religious part of Australia and currently attend a Christian school. I suffer from anxiety and depression, which in the past has caused me to self-harm and have suicidal thoughts. I have come out to some of my family and very close friends, and although most of them disagree with the LGBT+ community I have not had any really bad experiences yet, which I am so thankful for. The problem is that I feel like I am the only person like me and I feel so different and alone a lot of the time. Even though some of my friends at school know I am Bi I still feel like I am hiding so much about me because I don't want to make them uncomfortable when I say what I really think. I never really get the chance to meet and talk to anyone like me, which is why I have joined these threads. I am also completely in love with one of my good friends, which sucks because she is straight. So if anyone has any tips on how to stop being in love it would be much appreciated.

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  2. Birdy77
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    12 May 2018 in reply to 4smallbean4

    Hello smallbean 😊

    Welcome here.

    I think you are very brave coming out to your friends and family, it is especially hard for you knowing that some of them are not totally accepting and inclusive.

    I didn't come out until I had left school, I also went to a Christian school and grew up surrounded by conservative religious views. You are braver than I was.

    It's hard when you have feelings for someone and they're not reciprocated ... hopefully someone else will come along and distract you from your friend!

    I hope by becoming a member here you feel safe and supported and know that you are never alone.


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