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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Coming out as Trans to my parents.

Topic: Coming out as Trans to my parents.

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  1. Jazzyjas
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    2 posts
    19 June 2020
    Hi! For the last 25 years I have lived my life as Jason, a male pretending to be highly masculine in order to fit in with his small town surroundings. But never in my life was I happy or confident within myself and I often found myself looking at my self in the mirror and hating what I see. A week ago from today I came out to my partner as transgender and nothing in life has ever felt so freeing or so right. It's as if everything in my life suddenly makes sense and I've had a constant flood since of repressed memorys that should have revealed my true gender when I was only very young. So I'm obviously very happy and very confident that I'm making the right descicion, the next big hurdle however is my parents. My parents aren't inherently bad people, but they certainly aren't understanding people when it comes to gender or sexuality issues. Hence why they don't even know that I'm Bisexual. In fact I'm so worried about there reaction to this I came out to my sister first and she made me swear that I wouldn't come out to them without her there. If anybody out there has any suggestions or advice for me to make it easier to come out to my parents I would really appreciate it. I understand that everybody's individual circumstances are different but any help would be fantastic. Thankyou so much in advance! :) kind regards, Jasmine.
  2. Sophie_M
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    5893 posts
    19 June 2020 in reply to Jazzyjas
    Hi Jazzyjas

    It is good to hear that things are going well for you, and that you are feeling confident and living your authentic life. Thanks for reaching out to the community and sharing your story, we are here for you. It is a very big step coming out. Gender and sexuality can be a challenging topic for some individuals, but with the right support and education, things can definitely improve.

    Please stay in touch.
  3. white knight
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    9207 posts
    19 June 2020 in reply to Sophie_M

    Hi, welcome

    Firstly I wish to acknowledge your courage in making this important step.

    We rely on our parents rubber stamp in life and we are devastated if it doesn’t come along. For you in this scenario it better to be prepared for doubt and even rejection than your head in turmoil and great sadness.- please remember this:

    • if they show any rejection or more likely disappointment it could be temporary as an adjustment process like shock
    • Once you tell them, silence is golden in that too much explaination will only make you feel guilty and you’ll get “but....” You don’t need to justify yourself
    • Remain proud you found Jasmine. It is a major achievement

    On a different topic when a young man I began living with a woman. Them days society was just getting accustomed to this. When I told my parents they were shocked and kept asking when I was going to marry her! Finally I asked -“if you was a judge what sentence would you hand down”? Short witty answers make impact.


    beyondblue topic you are still a jigsaw piece.

    beyondblue topic wit, the only answer to torment



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