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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Gay and Conservative

Topic: Gay and Conservative

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  1. mmmiguess
    mmmiguess avatar
    6 posts
    24 September 2018

    I'm often described as being a "gay conservative". Now I'm not Dave Rubin aha, but. I've been deeply considering and thinking though my own academic explorations and exploring these through friends. What is the lgbt community, what does it stand for, what is the scene. It's a place for me which I've always felt alienated from and from my interactions with it severely underwhelmed. Allegorical experiences with individuals don't mean much however a large collation of allegorical evidence must stand for something.

    Let's start with my own personal experiences. I went for my first date in my life with someone who purports to be from this gay scene. I mean he's a very large frequenter and sponsor of lgbt clubs. (I also reference this as the club gay scene). He did things unsolicited to me on this occasion. I've seen a lot of things in my life so I wasn't scared and broke off the date when it got too much. There was fleeting moments which I realised and saw my friends in these shoes. I felt this for the first time, first hand. I grew up in a world in which my gay friends sheltered me from this. They told me never ever go towards that scene. I'm grateful for that. My first run in doubtlessly is going to be my last. I'm content in that. No doubt there are good people there. It concerns me however how over represented this perspective of being gay is. I think the objective is at least for myself and for others of my conviction is that, you can be anything and gay.

    It's too long members of the LGBTIQ community have been confined to stereotypes. I'm tired, and if this isn't coherent, I hope to clarify myself more in future. Thanks heaps


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  2. marcus_c
    marcus_c avatar
    92 posts
    24 September 2018 in reply to mmmiguess
    Hi mmmiguess, nothing wrong with being a Dave Rubin :P ...

    I am not into the club scene either, and I find it depressing that some guys seem to be still stuck in it the older they get. I think in years gone by it was the only place gay men had to meet to each other, but we have a lot of other options now. I don't think the kind of behaviour you're describing is reflective of gay people in general, but a reflection of the bar and club scene. Saturday night at your average straight nightclub gets pretty messy too, and I'm not into it at all.

    When I'm looking for guys to date, I usually check pretty fast when initially chatting that if their idea of a good time at the weekend is still being at some dodgy club at 5am when they're older than 30, then I pass.

    I also used to be annoyed that the scene was what seemed to be represented for gay people at large, but then I realised that what that boiled down to was being worried what other people would think of ME... I care less about that now, I'm my own person, and if people want to make assumptions about me based on my sexuality, then that's their problem.
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