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Topic: So confused

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  1. Barefoot29
    Barefoot29 avatar
    1 posts
    28 October 2018

    Hey currently I'm so confused and its eating away at me inside I wanna try stuff with a guy but on the other side I dont I'm so scared I find it hard to make friends without asking stupid things at time because my curious side kicks in is it wrong if I wanna try stuff

    Currently i think I suffer with depression today is a bad day where I had a friend add me and he started asking weird things so I did too make it even sorta but it turned back on me that I was the creep and this made my life so hard I'm struggling today at work I dont want to be around people because I'm scared something is gonna happen.. like being caught for something bad or everyone finding out.. my lifes so hard i have no idea what to do

    Please someone help with guidance

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  2. marcus_c
    marcus_c avatar
    92 posts
    28 October 2018 in reply to Barefoot29
    Hi Barefoot29, you sound quite anxious about a few things at the moment.

    Sometimes we can feel anxious and depressed when there is a big gap between the person we are, the person we would like to be (what we want), and the person we think we should be (what we think others expect, and what we expect of ourselves).

    From your post, it seems you would like to be able to explore your interest in other guys, to ask questions when they come to mind, and to have good friends where you can have open and honest conversations.

    The person you think you should be is someone who doesn't ask what you think are "stupid" questions, is scared by your interest in guys, and worries that you will be judged.

    The person you are is the guy who is feeling confused while he's trying to work his way between all of that. It is hard, especially if it's new to you and you don't have people around you can trust to talk to.

    There are no stupid questions here, mate, so hopefully you can post again and talk some more about what's on your mind. Many of us have been where you are.
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