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Forums / Staying well / coronavirus nsw truck driver passes through nsw

Topic: coronavirus nsw truck driver passes through nsw

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  1. car10001
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    28 August 2021


    As you’s probably have heard about the truck drivers from nsw going to perth through sa and vic, apparently they stopped at a couple service stations at port augusta and ceduna.

    If cases pop up from there and state locks down what would be a way to get a exemption to have second accomodation and/or other workshop in different property to main one and go there and stay there unless leaving to go to there and back to primary residence or leaving for essentials.

    What’s likely chance of cases popping up from there and state locking down as found past and future lockdowns hard because am at age where am wanting to have own space even if part time stay to start off with own kitchen bathroom and lounge area and the primary residence only has about 500m2 yard and the aunt will likely stay there whole life time and what am doing to get it is as about as close as am going to get for quite a while and just trying to do what previous generations did and make do for now.

    Am single and only have one wage so it’ll be longer because usually it takes longer if on a single wage and you need 2 normal incomes or 1 really good income however if you don’t mind waiting longer it is possible on 1.

    Find past and future lockdowns hard because only current options for a proper shed and own space generally have to close and don’t yet have anything else and trying to make do with current options until the more ideal thing comes however long it takes.

    Am waiting until am able to buy as with cost of renting it’s nearly as much as buy plus with renting you’re limited to what you can do to place and with buying you’re not and you get to choose how it’s setup and choose colours and fittings and stuff,

    Normally the minimum is 10% for a deposit but 20% or more would be better and sometimes you can get away with 5% under certain conditions.

    What could be done to end future lockdowns or where could you quarantine seperate to rest of household in event that the house had to quarantine because yard is only about 500m2 and it isn’t big enough to put a tiny house or large van to live in where you’s be able to quarantine seperate or not be affected.

    Due to being happy living at primary residence currently just want to most importantly get the shed trouble sorted and part time stay sorted and have latest and new gear and paint and fit outs then do rest as am able to afford and the current home will still be primary one atleast for while


  2. smallwolf
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    28 August 2021 in reply to car10001

    Hi. While I know of the story you are talking about I am not aware of the specifics. And hopefully no bad consequences. Beyond blue also has a few pages on their website about covid as well.

    In relation to yard sizes ... Back in 2000 in the city where I live the typical yard size was 400m which makes a separate space harder. Or about 500m from where I live the houses are replaced with apartments.

    I don't really have a solution and to some extent I am resigned to the thought it will be around for a while and everyone has to co-operate with each other and consider each other so that we can get through this challenging time.

    At the same time it sounds like you have a solution in your situation which is a goal to aim for. Or what about tiny homes? Not sure how compare with your shed idea.

    Lastly I hope I am on the right track with your post. If not you will tell me. :)

    Listening to you.

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