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Forums / Staying well / Dealing with chronic illness

Topic: Dealing with chronic illness

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  1. Kjp1409
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    5 posts
    5 July 2020

    Hey guys!

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease late last year and have really struggled with all the symptoms. A big part of the symptoms are depression and anxiety and I just get so overwhelmed with sadness from feeling like I'm running at only 60% every day. I have a great support network but often feel like I'm so negative all the time or like I'm always complaining and don't want to burden anyone. Is there anyone else on here who struggles with a chronic illness and can relate? No one else in my life has an autoimmune disease and I would love to be able to chat to someone on here who can understand the struggle and can give some tips on coping with the mental and physical symptoms.

    Hope you're all holding up okay during this pandemic- what a weird time we live in right now!

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  2. romantic_thi3f
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    3083 posts
    8 July 2020 in reply to Kjp1409

    Hi Kjp1409,

    Thanks for your post! Sorry you haven't had a reply as yet - hopefully you will get some more people jump on soon who have similar experiences as yourself.

    While I don't have an autoimmune disease, I've had my fair share of chronic illness experiences and can relate to 60%. There's been times where I've even felt like 10% so it can be very hard. While I'm not too familiar with Hashimoto's disease, it does seem like an invisible illness - and I think often that can be harder because people don't see the way it impacts you in the way that they see people in wheelchairs/visible disabilities and such.

    I did come across this resource -  It looks as though they have some support services there which might be helpful

    I do hope that you are able to find some use and support within these forums. I'm more than happy to chat about general illness if that works well for you as well :)


  3. Tay100
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    647 posts
    8 July 2020 in reply to Kjp1409

    Hi Kjp1409

    Thanks for posting- we know opening up about something you are struggling with and don't necessarily have control over can be hard, so appreciate you being here.

    Please know that you aren't alone- that's for sure. Everything you are feeling is normal and valid; of course, that doesn't make it easier to navigate. There are no instruction manuals for how to deal with these things emotionally or otherwise, but you can use this thread to keep us up to date with how you are going and to find the community you're after; romantic_thi3f has already started some great dialogue. A like-minded community can give you support, encouragement and consolation like nobody else.

    Sending kindness,


  4. Aphador
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    71 posts
    8 July 2020 in reply to Kjp1409

    Hi Kjp1409! :)

    Welcome to the forums! :) I would first like to thank you for having the courage to share- I recognise it can be difficult.

    Although I do not have a chronic illness myself, my sister was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was 7, and so I feel as though I can understand some of the struggles you are going through.

    Although she generally would remain positive externally at school and socially, she would usually let her emotions out at home. She was quick to tears and often stressed out. My family and I were there to provide support for her. She kept her diagnosis private, and often we were the only ones there for counsel.

    It has been a challenging situation for her to deal with, especially at that young age. I- as part of her support network- never felt like she was burdening me, however. It is a difficulty that she continues to face into adulthood. As we live in different areas now, I am unsure of techniques she uses to cope these days- I will ask her!

    Nice to meet you Kjp1409, I hope you feel you can continue to share on these forums. If you have any more questions, I will be sure to respond.
    Aphador :)

  5. Aphador
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
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    Aphador avatar
    71 posts
    10 July 2020 in reply to Aphador

    Hey KJP,

    Just following up, as I have spoken with my sister. She frequently journals about both good and bad situations in her life. In writing about bad situations (e.g. frustrations with people) it is like a form of venting- she is less likely to bring anger out upon others. Writing about good things (things she is achieving) keeps her in a positive frame of mind.

    Secondly, she suggests going outside and going on walks (either solo or with friends) is very therapeutic. She does this almost daily. She also suggested laughing with them was a major cause of this therapy.

    Hope this helped :) How have you been feeling over the past few days?

  6. broken568
    broken568 avatar
    55 posts
    10 July 2020 in reply to Kjp1409

    Hi Kip,

    I have a kidney disease and my youngest daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease almost 3 years ago when she was 9. I understand what you wrote about crying more ... Sometimes it’s an awful lot to deal with. I don’t know how much help I’d be but I’m happy to listen and share. Take care of you...

  7. Universling
    Universling avatar
    22 posts
    11 September 2020 in reply to Kjp1409

    Hi Kjp, I really know how you feel. I have hashimotos disease and some other autoimmune problem attacking all my joints at the moment that the doctor doesn't know exactly what it is. I have chronic osteoarthritis in all my joints and its very painful. At the moment I am unwell with the hashimotos disease on extra thyroxine and the pain gets worse when I'm unwell. The muscle weakness and fatigue is overwhelming at times and I struggle to walk. I've had this disease for 12 years and had the opposite thyroid disease when I was younger called graves disease which is the overactive thyroid. Now its the opposite slow all the time. I am never fully well on thyroxine. Always needing my dosage adjusted.. Unfortunately hashimotos disease is one of the most misunderstood autoimmune diseases and finding a doctor who really understands it can be quite a challenge. Unless you one of the lucky ones who responds well to the thyroxine. Don't let people make you feel lazy or stupid when your unwell. It is a physical illness. I also lose my balance and walking down stairs is scarey for me with hashimotos. My hair falls out and breaks off and looks like a birdsnest most days. Nothing like hashimotos to give you mad scientist hair. When I had graves disease I had the opposite really smooth shiny hair. And weight yes its yuk but if they can put you on the right dose it's usually down to a minimum. The worst is the fatigue and muscle weakness and the loss of physical activity. I was always an active person. Sorry to talk so much about my situation here when I should be talking about yours but I couldn't help but offload as I'm just like you I don't know anyone with any autoimmune disease or any chronic illness and people don't understand. I I hope the people in your life will get it and support you through it. Everyone with hashimotos disease has varying degrees of it but for me it has been the most debilitating illness I have ever had. I hope it doesn't rob you of your quality of life like it has mine The other obstacle we face with hashimotos is because its invisible, instead of people showing us empathy they often treat us like we are lazy or selfish or something and even blame us for not being up to speed. But that is their ignorance. And I no longer let it get me down. I hope you are feeling better since the medication. I am here for you as a sufferer of hashimotos anytime. Take care:)


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