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Topic: Life Coaching

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  1. Haggisinoz
    Haggisinoz  avatar
    9 posts
    24 June 2020

    Afternoon everyone,

    I hope everyone is safe and well.

    I wanted to share a recent experience which really helped me personally and I also think anyone can benefit from this no matter where you are in life or what struggles you are experiencing. One of my close friend recently started her own life coaching business and although I was very supportive of this I have always questioned the value of Life Coaching and if this was just all a bit too fluffy to be of value.

    Personally I have always felt like I was lacking some direction in life and sometimes questioned what I was trying to achieve. Personally for myself I think this probably comes from not having a solid family foundation and always having felt an underlying struggle to find my path in life.

    I made the decision to start coaching because I knew in myself I was starting to feel a bit lost in life in general and I needed some structure. I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I soon realised that the process was very clear and ultimately was directed by myself. My two goals were to work on my career and securing a role in the Community Services sector having worked in financial services for the past 20yrs. I also wanted to focus on myself and building my own self confidence. Having now finished the process I have taken the first steps in changing career having commenced my studies in Mental Health and the process has increased my own self confidence and general life direction which has been so valuable for me.

    I can only speak for myself but I think that in life it's rally common to feel lost sometimes and we can forget who we are and what we are trying to achieve. This process helped me work on my own personal goals and to really break down whats important to me in life and to make them a reality. I would recommend life coaching to anyone who needs some support and structure but I know that this can also be an expensive excercise. Another option is to set some simple life goals which is a great first step to steering your life in the right direction. I think the most important thing is to make yourself accountable become otherwise it's just not going to be of value.

    Taking some simple steps like this can have a significant impact in your life, it did for me! Take care (;

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  2. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    12428 posts
    24 June 2020 in reply to Haggisinoz


    hanks for your uplifting thread .

    I have heard of life coaches and have a few friends who are coaches.

    I am glad it worked out so well for you.

    I was wondering what di the life coach encourage you to do which was important for you to change but you had not done by yourself?

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  3. therising
    Valued Contributor
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    therising avatar
    2198 posts
    24 June 2020 in reply to Haggisinoz

    Hi Haggisinoz

    Just gotta say 'WOW'. You are really an inspiration. I personally believe, as mental health stats continue to rise in so many communities, life coaching (personal skill development/self empowerment) is the way of the future. Good to see you got in early.

    I imagine, through this process and education, you've come to realise how few skills we're given growing up. While parents do their best or worst (in some cases) in life coaching, there's just not a lot of constructive detailed guidance to change their own ways as well as the ways or paths of future generations. In my opinion, some forms of life coaching should be factored into the school curriculum, from prep to year 12. Maybe that's a project for you in the future.

    Sounds like you found your calling in life - raising people to new perspectives, possibilities and skill development. Such a fulfilling calling that I imagine will go on to raise you in amazing soulful ways.

    You're a legend :)

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  4. Haggisinoz
    Haggisinoz  avatar
    9 posts
    26 June 2020 in reply to quirkywords

    hi quirkywords,

    Thanks for your reply, hope you are well.

    That's a good question, I think to be honest what the process has really helped me with and what I wouldn't have been able to achieve myself is having the structure to put my goals in place and being held accountable by someone else. I knew that I wanted to change mycareer to move into the community services sector but I didn't know exactly what area or how to approach this because I have always worked in Financial Services. My life coach helped me pick out and drill down on my personal values and what is important to me in my careers to then look at positions in the sector aligned to my values.

    She also helped me market map employers aligned to my values and to explore what is ultimately going to make me happy in my career. She suggested I start writing journal and wiring on my inner critic which was sabotaging my self confidence. I have been surrounded by mental health from a very young age from various family members so it was an easy choice for me to apply these skills working in the community.

    Enjoy the weekend. (;

  5. Haggisinoz
    Haggisinoz  avatar
    9 posts
    26 June 2020 in reply to therising

    Hi therising,

    Thanks for your kind words of support, I hope all is well with you.

    I think that's a great idea to introduce life coaching and life skills into the school curriculum. I think that would be of benefit to so many children to have an understanding of this and to learn some of these skills form a young age so they can be prepared for the challenges of what life can throw at you. If I can look back and say to made a difference and helped that person then I'll be a happy man. Life is too short and we all need to support each other especially when is comes to mental health and breaking the stigma.

    I wish you all the best too! Take care x

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