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4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Raia
    Raia avatar
    6 posts
    8 July 2015

    I find that morning exercise works wonders for me, listening to music of my liking, much needed pampering and most importantly eating well "I love my yogurt and fruit" and a good nights sleep. Not to mention maintaining social supports.

    How about you? What keeps you motivated to keeping healthy in overcoming depression and anxiety? 

  2. Vetiver
    Vetiver avatar
    4 posts
    8 July 2015

    Finding something that has a long term effect...e.g. joining a supportive class  (I go to dance classes), finding a hobby that takes a long time to do e.g. I knit, eating well, taking an interest in what you put into your body, sleep.

     Also, when my anxiety and depression used to be really bad and I wasn't coping, I used to listen to ABC talkback radio. It was on 24/7 and was a comforting voice to remind me that I wasn't alone in the world. Also, I started to become really interested in some of the world/news stories that I heard, so it helped to distract me from my own troubles. This might not be for everyone, but it did help me to keep going through those dark lonely hours of the night and early morning.

  3. thisaquarian
    thisaquarian avatar
    53 posts
    9 July 2015 in reply to Raia

    Good morning Raia :) Happy Thursday

    It really is the simple things isn't it! I'm still working at getting this down to a fine art - doing the little things which are simple.

    I like going for a walk in the afternoons after work. It makes me feel good and it shakes off the day.  (I work in a stressful job) I really notice when I don't do this! When it's not so dark in the mornings, I will resume my walks.  A therapist once told me, don't walk for fitness - walk for your mental health.

    Eating well - a variety of foods that are nutritionally rich.  I also have eating issues so eating at the table rather than on the run/standing up, and setting the table... even if it's just me (my partner is a shift worker).

    Pampering myself - doing my nails, or perhaps getting a massage.

    I hope that you have an awesome day! :)

  4. thisaquarian
    thisaquarian avatar
    53 posts
    9 July 2015 in reply to Raia

    Another thing - LISTS!!

    I said to my partner last night that I have started to create lists, so that I can remain focussed and feel like I am getting somewhere...

    She said... "That is how I recovered."

    Who else creates lists?

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