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Forums / Staying well / Stop mind racing while falling asleep

Topic: Stop mind racing while falling asleep

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  1. Guest5643
    Guest5643 avatar
    460 posts
    17 June 2019
    If anyone has trouble falling asleep try this. For yrs ive used a soft toy dog called a snuggle puppy that has a beating mechanical heart in it. Its actualy made for puppies for there first nights in a home to comfort them while sleeping. Like most people my mind is more active when trying to sleep. This toy is perfect for stopping that. With me the regular constant sound of the beat and the gentle thumping slows my breathing to a relaxed steady pace and it shuts my mind off and fall asleep quite quickly
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  2. Yana8216
    Yana8216 avatar
    68 posts
    17 June 2019 in reply to Guest5643

    That is such a wonderful idea! I have found a progressive relaxation CD by Ian Gawler really helpful for relaxing into sleep - it takes you through the steps of noticing how each part of your body feels and relaxing each part from feet, legs etc to shoulders, neck, head.

    Falling asleep can be really tricky for those of us with anxiety, particularly if we've had a worrying day or are anxious about a future event. Very helpful post Helium!

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