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Topic: Thankfulness Advice

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Dorian_Gray
    Dorian_Gray avatar
    49 posts
    11 September 2015

    Hi All,

    I’ve been advised to do a thankfulness exercise, writing three things I’m thankful for each day.  I’ve seen the posts of “Three things to be thankful for” here and it has some interesting examples of how to find small things to be thankful for, so I'm really thankful (thankful for others thankfulness you might say!) for people having posted them. 

    Even so, though I have been writing out my list each day for a while now, I don’t really “feel” thankful for any of the things on it; it’s just like an intellectual acknowledgement with no real substance.  I’m wondering if anyone else who uses this technique has any advice on how to actually feel thankful for things rather than just noting them, or if you’ve experienced something similar etc.?

    BTW Today I am thankful for

    1)    My job

    2)    History books…and the fact I have the time and money to buy and read them

    3)    airconditioning

    Thanks D_G

  2. JessF
    Valued Contributor
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    JessF avatar
    1548 posts
    11 September 2015 in reply to Dorian_Gray

    Hello Dorian, I do this exercise whenever I remember, or I'm having a bit of a down day. I think it has more effect than you think it does, if that makes sense. The sheer act of having to think of the three things in the first place actually helps to reset your brain, I believe. It might not make you always have a smile on your face or go skipping around the room, but it gives you a good sense of perspective when your brain can be all doom and gloom and only thinking about the things that you believe are terrible in life.

    I think the time you have to worry is when you actually struggle to think of the three things at all, or you're writing things down that you think you should be thankful for but you actually aren't.  And that's a question in itself! For example, you feel you should be thankful for your job, but you actually hate your job. That then leads you to the next thought, should I change jobs? 

    This has rambled a bit but I hope it gives you some food for (more!) thought.

  3. TheSteve
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    TheSteve avatar
    281 posts
    11 September 2015 in reply to Dorian_Gray

    Thanks for sharing Dorian. I agree with Jess, even if it does not feel like it is working on a daily basis, it is having an effect. A reset, a sub-conscious note made, incremental gratefulness, a "creeping" sense of good as opposed to bad.....I like it.

    I always found that writing down the best advice, and those things I was most grateful for, and keeping them in a visible area (in my wallet; on my PC screen at work; in my car etc.) made me read them more than once daily. It had a profound effect, all of a sudden "advice" became "habit". A material change in the level of consciousness with which you acknowledge the good in your life, and the wisdom required to get through.

    I am thankful for:

    1) The health of my family - my wife, daughter, brothers, mum and dad, in-laws

    2) The realization that effort pays off, perhaps not immediately, but when it is ready to ripen

    3) The peace I am now experiencing....and Pink Floyd playing in my living room.....


    All the best to you.


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  4. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    12 September 2015 in reply to Dorian_Gray

    Hi Dorian

     In another recovery program, I was once told "to fake it till you make it". So, even if you don't feel that there is any change to your mindset initially, once you keep practicing gratitude, it will slowly change your outlook to a more positive frame.

    So, my gratitude list for today consists of:

     1. An overcast day which means that I can walked long distance without feeling uncomfortable.

    2. Enjoying the beautiful city of Budapest with hubby

    3. Finding my favourite chocolate sold in Aldi at a discounted price in Budapest. Wow!

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