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Forums / Staying well / Three ways to feel better - now!

Topic: Three ways to feel better - now!

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  1. dizzy316
    dizzy316 avatar
    10 posts
    17 July 2021

    I would love to hear about things you do that make you feel better (or more in control) when you are feeling overwhelmed. When I am feeling helpless a few of my strategies are:

    1. Force myself to get out of bed. Get into the shower, put some clean clothes on, do my hair, do my make-up and brush my teeth. Even though I really can't be bothered, it always makes me feel better.

    2. Put some essential oil on and relaxing music then write down my biggest problems or long-term goals. Then I break it down into yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and finally I am left with a simple task of what I can do TODAY to work towards this. This daily goal may be as simple as getting to the chemist to get my script filled and setting a recurring alarm to ensure I take my medication.

    3. Choose ONE productive thing I can do today. Get on top of that pile of washing that is strewn throughout the house or finally tackle that pile of dishes.

    Life is overwhelming and sometimes I just want to stay in bed. These are my default "get up!" tactics but I would love to hear yours so I can give them a go.

  2. Nervybella
    Nervybella avatar
    141 posts
    17 July 2021 in reply to dizzy316

    Hi dizzy

    what a cool idea for a thread!
    like you, I like to write down any thoughts I have and keep a journal going pretty much all the time.

    the other thing I force myself to do each say is to make my bed as soon as I’m out of it. It means I can say I’ve done a “job” within the first few minutes of being up. It also means I don’t just crawl back into a comfy bed. Once it’s made, it’s done for the day!

    hoping to get some good tips from others in here!

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  3. dizzy316
    dizzy316 avatar
    10 posts
    18 July 2021 in reply to Nervybella
    The bed-making thing is a great idea! And clean sheets too :) That's another thing that always feels amazing!
  4. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    12407 posts
    18 July 2021 in reply to dizzy316

    I like having a shower and getting dressed

    I read some whether if you have a clean sink that helps but many people have dishwashers.

    I write a list, first thing on list I write start a list. So then I can tick that off as I have started the list!,
    gives me the confidence to write no 2 on the list. Pick a small and doable task.

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