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Forums / Staying well / What keeps you going?

Topic: What keeps you going?

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  1. Ciara1
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    25 July 2021

    I learnt that for me its the little things that keep me going. From being able to see the sunset, to being able to say good morning to my boyfriend, to finishing my work and going home, and to watching my favourite Tv-show. I had to explore all of these things during the pandemic to keep myself going. To keep myself positive.

    I want to know from you, what it is that keeps you going. Not just today, not this year but living this life, what is it that makes you get up and keep breathing.

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  2. jtjt_4862
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    26 July 2021 in reply to Ciara1

    Heya Ciara,

    Thanks for starting this thread. It sounds like you're staying strong during this pandemic, and I recalled that you are in a long distance relationship with someone whom you love very much as well. Hope you two were able to find creative ways to connect with each other while riding out the pandemic for the day that you two will be able to see each other.

    What keeps me going... I currently have got two goals in mind.

    1. Purchasing my first property so I can live by myself.
    2. Completing my first marathon

    Ever since I've gotten out of a relationship, I've been wanting some time off to myself. There's even the thought of travelling abroad and experiencing the world to do some soul searching. But the pandemic happened, and I recently switched jobs, so that's not possible. Fortunately I have enough savings to commit to buying a property, so I'm currently doing just that (going to work to earn money for my mortgage), and waiting for the day I can move into the property and start learning/enjoying living by myself. I'm sure there's gonna be heck tons of things to discover (cooking/gardening/other hobbies), which I really look forward to.

    I was meant to run a marathon yesterday, but due to the lockdown, the marathon got cancelled. Hopefully the next one at the end of August won't be impacted by the lockdown. Otherwise I will keep training myself to run further and faster!

    It is these two goals that are keeping me from going on. I'm fortunate to have supportive friends and family in my network, and really grateful for having each and every one of them in my life. But I have neglected myself for a very long time, and I want to learn to love myself, appreciate the person for who I am, and keep learning/discovering new things that brings me joy. The journey of self-love, starting with these two goals, and from there, who knows what else will come by. Maybe another opportunity to fall in love and be in a relationship? Or a new hobby that I never knew I'm super passionate about. Or another bad experience that will teach me more about what it means to live life.


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