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Forums / Staying well / Who else likes gardening?

Topic: Who else likes gardening?

  1. Gambit87
    Gambit87 avatar
    703 posts
    1 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Good morning everyone!

    been busy busy with life stuff.

    My roses are blooming!!! they looked a little rough during winter but with some TLC theyre back!

    I really must take some time out and go to the local botanical gardens.

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  2. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    2 October 2021 in reply to Gambit87

    Hey everyone, how's your garden going?

    Hey Gambit, WOW how beautiful! How satisfying to see them come back to bloom for you, yay! Pretty scary to see our beloved plants look like they're dying eeeek. Hate that lol.

    Now you have sweet blossoms to love you back.
    Do any of them have a fragrance?

    Love roses, who couldn't?

    I need to move my Irises and IDK where to move them to! I need to Google best places in the garden for them, esp for flowering.
    That'll be a massive job as they've been in situ for over 20y.

    They're in the way of the proposed internal fence / gate to form a path for the cabin.

    I cleared a HUGE pile of mixed stuff I thought was all garbage. I found lots of timber to burn so did that etc. Looking forward to our Council pick up on Tues night, lol I'm SO excited! That just shows what lock down can do to a person lol.

    2 of my kids promised to help me move more than 5 steel beams in place this afternoon.
    These will line up down my property as the proposed internal fence boundary. Then I can see the space on either side and know what I need to do! Yep more work.

    I BLITZED the lower side path again. Will have more to do there after the steel beams are moved.
    I have SO MUCH scrap metal, it's annoying me but my car is full of Return and Earn bottles atm, so I can't fill it up again yet. Plus lots will have to be attached to the roof racks and I'll make no more than $10 lol BUT at least it's being recycled and not going to land fill.

    I made ONE terrace yay! I used 2 long lengths of Coppus logs and it looks sweet there. Will have to bring buckets of soil up to back fill there.

    I yearn to plant plants and seeds but with all the proposed building works and tradies tramping over everything as they do, I'd rather protect most of my plants in pots for now.

    Clearly I'll need to MOVE my Fungus wood heap AND composts and that's the easy work.
    Cutting down tall dead pine trees and digging out stumps is the heavy work, and building the cabin over time too ofcourse.

    have a great day everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  3. Shelll
    Shelll avatar
    7380 posts
    2 October 2021

    Hi beautiful and awesome people

    I now have this beautiful old 1/2 wine barrel. Not sure if this is right... but I guess I will learn if it isn't. I filled it with mushroom compost, organic potting mix with a mulch of sugar cane mulch. In it I planted a pink federation daisy, purple lavender and another plant that has wider leaves with clusters of pink flowers. This wider leaf one gets blue looking berries on them at done time. Looks like a blueberry but isn't. It also likes butterflies and bees.

    I love this cottage look in the 1/2 wine barrel. Its so pretty.

    I did have a pumpkin vine growing over the grass in my backyard. Its long gone now, and when I pulled all the dried up leaves etc, I found a couple of itty bitty pumpkins.

    I have growing in my raised garden. Kale ( of which has large holes and nibbles taken out of the leaves) think it might be snails. Growing in there was 3 or 4 marigold seedlings. All of them got gobbled up by something. There is also a flourishing oregano plant. Which I have now learnt by expermenting... if you cut it right back it will shoot out fresh new stems and leaves. I planted 1 stem of supermarke shallots, which had roots attached. It too is growing. As well as some corriander... a newish and yummy plant I like in salads.

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  4. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    2 October 2021 in reply to Shelll

    Hey Shelll!

    You sounded so peaceful and happy as you described all those cute, wonderful and even nibbly things going on in your garden.

    Don't the half wine barrels look so gorgeous?
    It sounds like you have a real 'eye for colour' as I imagined the sweet plants and their flowers growing from your half wine barrel, nice!!

    I have one pretty much falling apart lol. I think I've had it about 15y so it's done well!
    If I move it then I have to be very careful but you've inspired me to plant some flowering plants (I usually only planted food in them, rocquette seemed to grow so well in it and I always have surprise tomato vines pop out for some unknown reasons lol. Probably just because I "recycle" all my soil!

    I got into my garden today again, mainly just to move heavy things.

    I look forward to a time when I can be planting more, that's the most fun for me.

    Thankyou for your update Shelll, it was great to hear about the beauty you're creating in your spaces.
    Well done you!

    Love always

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  5. Shelll
    Shelll avatar
    7380 posts
    2 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Oh yeah the 1/2 wine barrels do look gorgeous. I sometimes gaze at it and the flowers through my living room window.

    You have had yours for 15 years.. I have no idea if that is a long time or not. But I hope mine lasts that long. If you get the opportunity and are still keen to plant any flowering plants, do you have some in mind at all?

    I have also had tomato plants growing out of homemade compost.

    You must be super physically fit with all the heavy moving of things and digging out stumps.

    What is this cabin you are building, like a granny flat or something? You may have already talked about it before. But it is too much for me to read back.

    I too collect bottles for the earn thingy. There is a place over in the next suburb, behind the service station to take them.

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  6. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    ecomama avatar
    4567 posts
    3 October 2021 in reply to Shelll

    Hey Shelll,

    After seeing your post, we went down to the garden to TRY to move some heavy steel beams but 2 of us couldn't do it, because we found a BIG Blue Tongued lizard under the first one and had to get the dog away from seeing it. My son thought it was a snake, thank goodness not. There's likely LOTS more living there so we want to be careful now.

    So we ventured into other parts, did more work and will wait until we get more muscle to help us.

    Yes I'm surprisingly physically fit esp for my age and the extent of my injuries, by the grace of God I'm still able to walk - by all medical reports I should be in a wheelchair apparently! lol.

    How sweet you can see your half wine barrel with those gorgeous flowers growing from your window. Love that. Seeing such a sweet sight can really help bring happiness at least for those moments as we look at them, do you think?

    I looked my half wine barrel, lol it's pretty rickety at it's old age. The others I bought at the same time rotted away. If I could decide on a spot to put it, I'd be half way there!
    So many slopes on my land so it's tricky.
    Plus I need to keep it out of the way of all our building work that'll be happening over time. IDK maybe in the fire pit area? IDK lol.

    YES! As of my conversation yesterday with my Fiance (I call BF) he offered to transfer $25k to give us a kick start to build a Granny Flat / Cabin way down the back of our garden. He's SO KIND to offer this, he's also smart lol, he can see it'll be a very good investment :-) It'll cost way more than that but we really appreciate the boost!
    I have STACKS of research to do first and no doubt lots of paperwork too. Plus an Owner Builder's Course to complete etc etc.
    AND tons of clearing the land / cutting down dead trees ugh. I think there's about 2 tonnes of timber logs to move too. Lots of hard work ahead.
    It's going to take me prob 2y to complete, not sure of course.

    My intention is to rent the Cabin out to Tenants. There's a housing crisis here and lots of people are building cabins to rent on their land, so that's going to help, somewhat. The rental return is excellent atm too. This'll help me cope better financially into my old age! Or further into my old age lol!

    happy days lol!

    Love always

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  7. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    5 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    2 tonnes of hills special mix soil. 1 tonne dolomite for the drive (all in and set wife loves it). 1 cubic yard of jeffereies forest mulch.

    about 8 large pots ready for wifes seed choices.

    about 8 small pots also. (empty strawberry punnets=small pot)

    5 metre by 2 metre new vegie patch dug and de-grassed, half ready for the hillspecial in short time.

    contacted daley's fruits, they do great youtubes and online sales of aussie bush tucker plants! i am not involved with them, just customer.

    and best of all. some young bucks to do the hardest heaviest bulk labour! I pay $15 ph.

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  8. Paw Prints
    Valued Contributor
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    Paw Prints avatar
    1651 posts
    6 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hello Em, Shell, DnG, wave to everyone,

    DnG that sounds like you have a big change happening in your garden... that is a very big vege patch you are putting in.

    Em lass I get tired just reading everything you get done each day... I honestly think you would put most young & healthy folk to shame with how fit you are... I love your enthusiasm for your garden & your leaf blower...

    One of the plants I recently bought was a raspberry... I want to grow it in a pot... so I have been busy googling & pondering as I have never tried to grow them before (let alone in a pot)... it seems that I will need to get a pot at least 2ft (60cm) deep to grow them... all your talk about wine barrels has me now pondering how nice one would look for the raspberries as they will need to go in the front yard to get the right sun... hmmm... I will probably have to go with upcycling something much cheaper... like using a garbage bin & spray painting it a nice colour...

    I've already decided to use branches from the pussy willow the previous owner planted to make a climbing bower for the raspberry... long term I will probably need to work out how I can net it to keep the net away from the bush... but for now I will be happy to share with the local wildlife.

    Shell it is nice having something to watch out the window... your cottage garden in the barrel sounds lovely especially with all the butterflies, bees & birds it will attract...



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  9. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    ecomama avatar
    4567 posts
    6 October 2021 in reply to Paw Prints

    Hey Happy BB Gardeners!

    Great work DNG sounds like you'll be eating fresh, healthy produce from your garden in no time!
    Bargain at $15 per hour lol.

    Thanks Paws, yeah I know lol, I wear everyone out here, then keep on working. It's just so exciting seeing massive progress and that it keeps spurring me on, I can't get enough of working! (I'm not comfortable with relaxation tbh).

    I grew raspberries in my berry patch years ago. I think there's a PH consideration in the soil if I remember correctly? I got the cuttings from our Permaculture group. Basically I only have free plants in my garden, unless I grow them from seed and then even some of those were free.

    Lantana out competed the raspberries and alot of other stuff. Now there's a surprise passionfruit vine growing there, so hopefully it fruits!

    Last night I had my sons' help for about 2 hours. We moved old stuff up for a Council pick up, being around 8ft high and 12ft long, so much stuff and I'm relieved they took it ALL. Yay.

    After work today I got into my garden lol!
    Shelll's half wine barrel story inspired me. I pondered where to put it. THEN I GOT IT - right near the outdoor pizza oven! I moved an ailing geranium in a pot, brought 3 buckets of soil up and levelled the land there. I emptied the old soil out of the barrel. Then tentatively carried it to the spot.
    YEAH it looks GREAT there! Thanks for the inspo Shelll!

    Now to fill it with soil. I'm thinking of putting some stuff in the bottom to help retain moisture in the barrel. I put some old timbers in there to block the holes.
    Can't wait to grow some Rosemary in the centre and rocquette all around it. I doubt they're companions lol.
    We found rosemary growing in the local school's vege patch, so I can get some cuttings from there and see how they go. It's the wrong time of the year to strike cuttings but there you go! lol.
    Rocquette should take well if the barrel doesn't leak too much soil and water.

    I decided to move my huge terracotta pots from the ledge against the house. One awesome Dragon's Blood Tree is growing in one and it was HEAVY! They'll all look better around the fire pit area, like a Mexican theme.

    I'll put the pretty huge blue glazed huge pots on the ledge against the house. Better water retention and will look nicer against the work I'll do on the house later.

    I decided to put all my vintage/retro white pots in the front courtyard. White glows at dusk and I like that!

    Happy gardening peeps!

    Love EMxxxx

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  10. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    7 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Morning fellow gardners.

    Wife says "mow back lawn" = i book my labouring lads to come round whilst wife at volunteering work. lol.

    I got some very nice photos of nature recently.

    The vegie patch = love patch. Corn I said, plant corn we will, i like corny stuff.

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  11. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    7 October 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    Great thinking DNG, getting things happening more and more in your garden must feel great!

    After work I spent a few hours in the garden until dark.

    Seems like as soon as we're out of lock down, we'll have lots of people visiting.
    Very strange for me!
    But the kids must be very proud of how tidy things are looking at home now.

    I had to level up underneath the half wine barrel more, sighhh might be an ongoing issue.
    All around that patch are sweet native violets growing plus lots of weeds and grass patches too.

    My chickens are starving for grass so I weeded out so much grass and fed it to them.
    Cut back some shoots I don't want growing. I was going to compost all this but I'd prefer to let it die and burn it.
    I trimmed my Camellia back.
    Bark mulched a short path.
    Weeded the whole paved side path too.

    Still need to finish my coppus log terraces but I haven't been to Bunnings yet to spend my vouchers and get more materials.

    I brought up 5 x 11L buckets of soil and levelled out where I'd weeded.

    I've decided to bring the top water tank's hose down to the back yard as this tank always seems to collect alot more water than my back tank. I'll have to trouble shoot that issue and hopefully can remediate it myself.

    Water is so expensive here that I refuse to use town water for my garden.

    I'll scrub the downstairs patio with the tank water while I'm at it!
    This is my kids' favourite place to hang out with their friends and all this is on the horizon again :-)

    Must go and pick up P.son from the train station now.

    Happy gardening everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  12. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    7 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    News flash, news flash.

    Strawberry flowers have sprouted, repeat, the strawberry flowers are sprouting.

    Stay tuned for more delightful news...

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  13. Shelll
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    7380 posts
    8 October 2021 in reply to Guest9337
    Yeah Yeah Yeah, clap, clap, clap DNG.
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  14. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    8 October 2021 in reply to Shelll

    Hi Shelll, that is exactly what wife and I did. Applaud the wonderful growth!

    Today i cleaned up the main vegie patch, furrowed it and wife planted potatoes over the two furrows. So much in the ground now i cant remember it all!

    Really looking forward to just seeing this stuff grow.

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  15. Banksy92
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    107 posts
    8 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    This is a wonderful thread - gardening has magical powers for our mind, I truly believe this!

    I live in a tiny block so we have very little soil to work with (plus it's a rental) but I get my fix through small efforts in the front yard.

    Today I was tired and sore from sitting at my desk all day for work, I got up to get some sunshine as a break and did just 10 minutes of weeding in the sun. It lifted my mood drastically! Such a beautiful thing.

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  16. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    9 October 2021 in reply to Banksy92

    Hi Banksy, indeed!

    How wonderful that 10 mins in your garden can drastically change your mood. Awesome!
    It's so pleasant spending time in our garden spaces, no matter how small or in what capacity we do so... it's truly a wonder for our mental health and feelings of well-being.

    WOW DNG, applause from here too! How sweet and exciting :-) Strawberry plants are the sweetest looking little things lol.
    May you and your wife have many yummy escapades finding lovely strawberries to eat.

    Hey Shelll.... well my half wine barrel stands proudly now due to your inspiration lol. It's only half filled with soil but looks so good where it is, so thankyou!

    I hurt my back pretty badly late yesterday, in my garden. I've already had a broken back for around 30y, so most of my efforts are done rather carefully lol.
    Hopefully my Chiro can put me back together this week!
    I took magnesium and zinc and put lots of heat on it all night long.

    I can walk tentatively today at least but with far too much discomfort lol.

    What kept me company WAS.... awesome Clips on YouTube of Lawn Mowing people doing other's lawns as a GIFT!
    Oh this makes my heart sing.

    It's a perfect day here today. I hope you can all find wondrous things to do that make you HAPPY!

    Love EMxxxx

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  17. Shelll
    Shelll avatar
    7380 posts
    9 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi Em, Paws, Bansky, DNG, and all

    My brain is scattered. Can hardly concentrate. Just read about blue tongues, raspberries, strawberries, cabins, old wine barrel ( glad you like whet you placed yours Em)

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  18. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    9 October 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    dug out anothe 2 square metres for extending the extension vegie patch! wife said, we need more... so of I go pitch fork in hand dig dig dig!

    I built some wire/mesh covers for the fragile seedlings, the blackbirds are vicious, but man they eat worms in the soil as quick as i uncover them! I get the feeling I am actually just the blackbirds servants, digging up their supper.

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  19. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    11 October 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    today i gifted some sweet corn seeds to a new friend who is also a gardener.

    I did no physical labour in the garden today and yep, my body has eventually recovered from the digging a few days ago... thus I am ready for more digging later today!

    wife tells me we now have zuccini also. I like that i will soon be planting a fig tree, in the spot where we are removing a dangerous (too tall/old) palm tree. Thus we replace non-food tree with a food tree, and that is a bonus in my opinion.

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  20. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    11 October 2021 in reply to Guest9337
    i watered my pots this afternoon and i wept afterwards for my anxiety is strong today
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  21. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    Lillylane avatar
    333 posts
    14 October 2021

    Hi All,

    Some heavy rain overnight here, still listening to it now. I was just thinking how much we’ve really needed some good soaking rain.

    I have a long list of trees I want to plant, even though I probably only have room for about 2, haha. Will have to decide what best suits the location.

    Trees I have on my wish list? Lots of native trees like lemon scented (and every other scented) myrtle, blueberry ash, grevillea, banksia. Other trees I’d love are snow pears, olive trees and some other fruiting trees like apricots. Maples too.

    Have made some progress with the front garden. Over winter it’s been overtaken by weeds and I felt so overwhelmed by it all. But I’ve tackled it bit by bit, weeded and mulched the main garden bed and it feels so much better. I can start to visualise what to do with the rest.

    Hope your greenery is providing some peaceful moments, no matter how big or small.


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  22. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    ecomama avatar
    4567 posts
    16 October 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Good morning BB Gardeners,

    I understand the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety (all too well).... the garden is a wonderful place to let it all out and cry. I've done that for years at times. It's like the garden soaks up all those tears and responds in the kindest of ways.

    Much love and peace to anyone struggling today. Hugs.

    DNG lots happening in your garden! Sounds amazingly creative and so nice you have excess produce to give away too. Yep lol I agree, replacing a food tree with a non food producing tree is always fun and satisfying :-)

    Awww Lilly I hear you! If you took a drone up and looked over my property compared to the neighbours, you would barely see the ground for all the TREES in mine, and others have manicured lawns they labour over lol.

    It's hard to decide which trees to plant when we want to grow SO MANY!

    When I feel down about stuff, I try to turn it around to feelings of GRATITUDE that I even have a garden space to make choices with lol.

    There's always the Community Garden spaces too, they're part of our custodial land also :-)
    So if they're growing certain foods, then we don't need to.... BUT tomorrow I will probably cut some Rosemary from the CG near here, so I can propagate the cuttings for my garden. It's more the fruit trees I was referring to.

    Have a wonderful day today, I'll be exploring WHAT has changed in my gardens since the rain.

    As usual I'll get out my trusty leaf blower and go for our walk around the property.

    Happy days,
    Love EMxxxx

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  23. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    333 posts
    19 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi All,

    Your garden sounds lovely with all the trees EM. Do your Lilly pillies ever get psyllids? I’ve noticed them on some of our older trees and cut off some off the affected branches. Newer planted varieties seem to be more resistant to it. I really don’t want to loose our old ones because they are very tall and birds are in them all the time.

    LL xx

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  24. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    19 October 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hi LillyPilly!

    I had to search for photos of psyllids online to know what they were lol.

    I have seen them at times but can't remember if they were in my garden or elsewhere.
    I don't think they're in my garden but not 100% certain. I'll keep a look out for them and let you know :-)

    I'm pretty sure my Lilly Pillies are quite old, older than 50y I'd say, because of the History of my property our elderly neighbours told me about when they lived next door. Less likely they are "newer" varieties.

    But still, alas my gardener told me the BIG one in my back yard is on her way out. There's a disease he could see and it looks like a mould of some type growing in spots here and there on the trunk.
    I guess she knew something was up!
    This tree is right in the middle of the proposed side path for the cabin we'd need (if all DAs are passed of course). So .... yeah.

    I found BLACKBERRY growing (again) and wow I was heated when I saw it!
    It grew SO fast in 3 weeks there were tendrils everywhere.
    I thought I'd dug out the only plant. I believe it must've been used as the base of a graft on a Rose I planted there, not happy.
    The Rose died years ago. The Blackberry not so.

    I had to dig about 40cm DOWN to get that primary one out and now there are 2 more. Looks like I have some more unforeseen heavy grunt work to do.
    A gardener's occupational hazard lol!
    I had to fill that hole and thankfully the grass grew rapidly over the new soil.

    I've only done some gentle weeding recently. More inside work really.

    Whichever I buy, being a hedger or a electrical garden saw OR a bigger chainsaw (which I doubt)... I need to heavily prune my huge Conifers in the front garden. I don't want to cut them down but they're getting so high and too close to the electrical wires.
    They'll look awful for ages after that lol, but I'd rather do this than get rid of them.

    Happy gardening everyone!
    I'm off to cook dinner.

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  25. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    333 posts
    22 October 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hey EM!

    Haha yes I had to google ‘psyllids’ too just to be able to spell it! :) They make a whole lot of bumps on new leaves, which then end up curling over instead of growing into normal healthy leaves.

    I’ve tried to cut off as many affected branches as I could. Not easy when they’re up so high.

    I just noticed that a talk trunk has fallen on our carport - I didn’t hear it happen, it must have been during a storm we had recently. It was an old Lilly Pilly growing on our neighbour’s side. Lucky no one was hurt, and I don’t think it’s caused damage to the carport.

    Oh my, that blackberry sounds like hard work to remove! I have some oyster plants that I thought I removed completely last winter. But they are back now, looking like nothing ever happened! Ah well, they do have really interesting flower spikes at the moment.

    Roses seem to have gone nuts this season where I live. Must be the right kind of conditions for them this spring. I’ve not tried to grow them for a long time - previous attempts haven’t gone well. But I can understand why people love them so much. It would be nice to have roses you can pick and bring inside.

    Happy gardening adventures this weekend all!


  26. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    22 October 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hey Lilly

    Oh okay so they're the little bumps that cause LEAF CURL?
    My darling old orange tree has periodic leaf curl, darn it lol. I cut the leaves off and have used Eco Oil once but the conditions have to be just right and it's hard for all that to come together for me to use it.

    Wow so was it a huge branch that landed on the carport?
    We've had very strong winds here too. A very pretty "dry" storm with just a lot of lightning and thunder. Light rain before and hours after but wonderful to watch from the balcony.
    I had lots of branches fall down from the Faraway Tree lol. Still no one knows what it is.

    Oyster plants? I'd never heard of them, so back to Google lol!
    You don't like them?

    I like Spider plants but NOT planted in my garden. Only in pots, that's it.

    I had to burn off lots of those dead branches a few times this week.

    I'd have to say that my proudest moment this week re: my garden, would have to be repairing my long armed mini chain saw. It only worked for about 5 seconds and plain stopped.
    This is a trigger for me - things breaking like demon did all the time.

    So I took it upstairs to the balcony. Got some Isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag and cleaned the WHOLE thing. This is what my Engineer BF does when he's not sure of what's wrong in the million dollar instruments he works on lol. I invoked him!
    Then I put it all back together and lo and behold, it worked!

    Omg I'm so proud lol.

    So it's in my nice clean hallway along with my new electric lawn mower I also put together (but with BFs support to co-regulate me over the phone).
    Both ready to go for tomorrow plus I need to wash and vacuum my car.

    The former being FUN and the latter not lol.

    Gotta go pick up kids from work!

    Talk soon,
    Love EMxxxx

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  27. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    1 November 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Good morning BB Gardeners, I hope your gardens and YOU are doing well?

    What's everyone been up to in their gardens?
    Sipping tea in your favourite spot perhaps?

    That's exactly what I'm doing now :-)

    My energy has been low, being unwell and all.
    I still managed to get out there for a short time each day most days.

    Before I was very unwell, I got my electric lawn mower with all the long extension leads way out to the front of the property and mowed away.
    It worked REALLY well!
    There's not much grass out there but still I filled the lawn catcher 4 times, so that was surprising.

    I spent many more hours sitting and weeding. Pulled lots of Bindii out ugh. They're huge and crusty lol, ready to spike!
    It took many days to weed the driveway :-(
    But it looks GREAT now lol!

    I've scheduled my boys in to lift the massive cast iron grate that goes over the drain in front of the garage door.
    It's CHOCK full of awesome soil with big fat worms.
    Lots of weeds there too.

    When I do this next time, in 6 month's time, I'll have to lay concrete along it as the roots from trees are breaking through ugh.

    That's for later lol.

    My back neighbour DID hang her extra Hippie plants over the fence and I was SO HAPPY to receive them!
    I need to pot them up today.

    My Queensland Arrowroot bulbs have shot up so big, so quickly! They're absolute BEAUTIES. Big shiny leaves and so happy :-)
    I only have them in pots atm as IDK where to plant them with proposed building works planned.

    My front Courtyard is surrounded with various trees and they're looking really "unkempt" even though I've trimmed and hedged them. I filled my green bin this week with just one tree's cuttings from there.
    I've decided to try and idea I had lol.

    I'm thinking to "Bonsai" them. Like, select a certain branch here and there and chop it. I accidentally did this with the Camellia and it looks really pretty. I think the Bottlebrush and all other trees my respond happily this way too.

    I'm distracting myself with other, more delightful chores, so I'm busy and not getting the cabin stuff together.
    All that involving outside Authorities freaks me out a little atm.
    I'm sure this will pass once I return to work on site and get used to that interaction more... hope so anyway.

    I'm SO grateful we put the 3 shade sails up!
    It'll be another HOT Summer and these help keep the heat down in the garden, somewhat.

    Happy gardening everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  28. Lillylane
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    333 posts
    4 November 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi EM,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell dear Em! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Sending you big hugs! You’d be missing your gardening so much I imagine. Are you feeling any improvement in the last couple of days?

    Electric lawn mowers! Such a game changer! I totally get it :)

    Not much happening in my garden lately. But my neighbour did help me remove the tree that had fallen on the carport (yep the entire tree!) so that was a relief!

    Take care xx

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  29. ecomama
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    9 November 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hey Lilly! Hi everyone reading :-)

    Wow what a HUGE achievement removing that TREE! I bet you feel great about doing that. How nice of your neighbour to help!

    What did you do with the tree? lol. Knowing what to do with trees or branches I cut down is a constant battle here.

    I am SLOWLY getting better but not sure how long it will take or if I'll fully recover tbh.
    I'm alot better than the first week after the vax that's for sure.

    I did get out in the garden on the weekend, no visitors which helped.
    I OPENED up my Leaf mould and the beautiful black soil in the middle was rich with fat worms so was very exciting!
    I was going to use it all for the Half Wine Barrel but decided to use the soil in a closer spot to begin with. I put them worms in my tower worm farms.
    I levelled the front Courtyard with the soil. The scrappy grass was trying to grow across hardened, downtrodden soil. Now it has healthy black soil to grow in to and with the light rain, it's already looking MUCH healthier!

    There's still plenty left for when I have the energy to bucket it down the back for the barrel.

    I have to focus on work a WHOLE lot more atm. Plus follow up on medical things etc, plus a few other financial issues but what's new!

    Early start today as I was in bed SO early yesterday.

    Have a wonderful day and I hope everyone gets to enjoy some greenery.

    Love EMxxxx

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  30. Blue's Clues
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    10 November 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi EM and everyone,

    Wanted to report that the orange tree we planted a couple of months back is doing brilliantly, just about doubled in size. And the parsely, 2-3 times the size it was. Most of the natives we planted have held up well, one didn't make it and one is looking a bit frazzled from a few quite warm days. The rest are growing really well and looking healthy and happy. Oh, and we have two surprise tomato plants that sprung up under the orange tree. No doubt some tomato seeds in the home-made compost that decided the time was right to sprout. Pretty delighted about those.

    EM, I'm glad you're getting out in the garden around all the rather pressing stuff you have going on at the moment. The rich soil and all the worms sound great. Though we have pretty heavy clay soil, we have been finding loads of worms in our garden, so it must at least be pretty healthy.

    Fairly cool Spring so far here, everything (unfortunately including weeds) is growing like mad. Many birds and bees in the yard, the former breeding in and under our trees - loving all the baby birds around.


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