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Topic: Words of hope

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  1. BB563780
    BB563780 avatar
    3 posts
    23 September 2021

    Good evening all! I am Brandon. Many people are unfortunately losing hope in the state of the world. Specifically, I wanted to share my insight on 'the world has gone crazy'. Hearing it can cause people to feel afraid, as though the world has never experienced such a state like it.

    Throughout history, society has held the view that 'the world has gone crazy'. The most notable examples of world events that come to mind that caused people to feel that 'the world has gone crazy' were the Bubonic plague and Spanish flu outbreak, World War I and II, the social activism of the 60s' and 9/11. The expression 'the world has gone crazy' is subjective and based on fear rather than an objective statement.

    The beauty of history is that we have been taught the skills to rectify catastrophe. Most of all, I wanted to leave you all who are possibly feeling hopeless and afraid regarding the state of the world with a message of hope from one lesson that history has taught us: humanity has continued to demonstrate resilience and prosper despite countless hardships along the centuries. It is through hardship that we have gained the knowledge and experience to prolong our humanity's survival. For example, Buddha gained his wealth of wisdom by leaving his father's lavish castle when he was 16 years old to experience the hardship of the citizens himself.

    Why is it that if the world truly had 'gone crazy' that the wind blows, the sun rises and sets, the birds tweet and the flowers and trees grow? I am not sure. I feel that society often gains a false sense of doom from the impacts created by negative media, hearing others' pessimistic views and the false perception of the 'good old days' that tends to be generated by nostalgia. What are your thoughts?

  2. mmMekitty
    mmMekitty avatar
    347 posts
    2 October 2021 in reply to BB563780

    Hello Brandon,

    I was looking through the many threads, and notice no one had posted a reply,

    A suggestion: I feel insecure, unsettled, and can't find rhyme nor reason for recent events, but so I don't label myself as 'crazy', I stick it on the world instead. So there, I'm okay and the world is not!

    With 'world' war, with one set of several nations' leaders co-operatively going to war with another set of leaders' over some ideological differences or because one group thinks to seize power and control of another group and other groups choose sides. Whether it is 'crazy' depends entirely on your point of view.

    With this latest viral pandemic, it is a mindless virus spreading. It is one which our bodies are not well equipped to resist. It 'wants' to live. It 'looks' for hosts. It is too efficient when it reproduces at rates which cause us severe illness, and death. Then it loses it's host. I gather, it is within its' own interests to eventually mutate into a gentler form and become something our bodies can accommodate without causing the illness it currently does. It will become like the bacteria which our bodies host, even need, now, without us even being aware.

    In the meantime, we are scrambling, trying to keep as many of us alive and well. I don't call that 'crazy'.

    It's when we seem to have made decisions which fly in the face of reason, which would lead towards our own destruction, that I might consider using a word like 'crazy'.

    But, I am not actually comfortable using 'crazy' anyway, for anything. Especially as a derogatory word to describe any person, their mental health difficulties, or anyone who has a different perspective...& more I am sure, when I think about it.

    Throughout the ages, the fact we are still a more or less thriving race, might be perceived as a reason for hope. Personally, I struggle with liking humanity that much. We do have our good points, but ... we sure do have some bad....mmMekitty the misanthrope? Perhaps.

    I noticed you have not posted much. I hope I will see you around again.


  3. The Bro
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    136 posts
    7 October 2021 in reply to BB563780

    Gidday Brandon - I think your post is great and hits such a chord with me. Thank you for that!

    I was just reading the other day about how many men under 35yrs are having a vasectomy and give as a reason they don't want to bring children into what they see as this crazy world.

    I can't help but think how sad this attitude is and agree with you totally - as far back as history records, mankind has been at war with each other, there have been great plagues, huge worldwide famines, weather catastrophes and on it goes. So it today really any different?

    I think that digital media and the speed at which 'news' moves has created a lot of the pessimism. Plus the ease with which any person can create fake news, conspiracy theories etc and grow a follower base so very quickly. Some people are pessimistic by nature and like to always complain.

    I myself am an optimist, think the world is amazing, and do all I can to help others to think the same way.

    We are all entitled to a great future.

    Perhaps we should start 'We live in an amazing world' movement?

    All the very best Brandon - I salute you.

    The Bro

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