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Forums / Staying well / Xmas body weight increase

Topic: Xmas body weight increase

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    19 January 2022

    Anyone that has tried more than 15-20 diets and failed to meet their goal is full of despair and sadness.

    What has changed a lot in the last 15 years or so is our knowledge of genetics. DNA and the complexities are slowly being unravelled to expose the secret of why we are what we are. Everything about you will eventually be known. Including why we are overweight.
    Then there is the post birth reasons. Your food (both quantity and quality and how its prepared), environment, exercise etc all come into the mix that can add to over weight issues.

    We know that mental illness is often a life of extreme behaviour but it is also extreme with feelings, sensitivity, more need for comfort food and things like alcohol. Some people reach for a lolly when anxious....we'd reach for a packet or two. Can we blame mental illness for our appetite? Well, so many people out there would say no sadly, they'd say "just stop putting food in your mouth". Such is the same naivety with over eating as there is with mental illness itself.

    What I would like to promote, as a person that has always been over weight is a few observations using myself as an example-
    - I was clearly over weight at 18 months old. I have a photo
    - My mother was obese and my father had a beer belly (but didnt drink alcohol)
    - All members of my family (except my late brother who was diabetic 1) has tried many many diets and not succeeded.
    - The urgency of losing weight is clear. Failing knees, ankles and backs
    I'm 6ft tall. My weight peaked in 2012. It was the ultimate insult. I felt obese, I puffed, I rolled out of bed, I was unhappy. So what could I do.
    My wife and I (yes she is overweight) embarked on the following plan. No we didnt call it a diet.
    - Eat healthier. Keep carbs down eg less white food like pasta, rice and flour
    - when we eat out (often Chinese) cut down one dish.
    - Eat more fish and white meat, less red meat. (this is also as I get gout)
    - sugarless chocolate
    - whole oats for brekky
    -home grown vegies is also therapeutic
    - Worry does nothing towards reaching your goal.
    - a little exercise but only do what is sustainable. A quick 15 minute walk.
    I'm feeling more comfortable at my current weight. And this has been going for 2 years and is indeed sustainable. We dont ignore our cravings but we limit them. Achievable goals is best.
    Accept you for being you and that includes your size. As long as you do your best to eat sensibly, exercise and stop worrying.

    Your thoughts?


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