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Topic: Yoga Poses

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Jesicca
    Jesicca avatar
    47 posts
    3 June 2020

    Hey everyone!

    I have been practicing yoga for just over a year now and I find it is a great way to meditate without realising that I'm even doing it because I'm focusing on my breath work and moving my body in a way that feels good for me.

    So I just wanted to hop on and ask everyone if they have a favourite yoga pose?

    My favourite is a traditional one but a goodie, downward facing dog! I love it because it helps me feel relaxed from my finger tips right down to my toes!

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  2. adarkbloom
    adarkbloom  avatar
    12 posts
    3 June 2020 in reply to Jesicca

    hi jesicca!

    ive only started yoga in the last month and i love it! it's helped me so much with my back pain.

    my favourite pose would probably be child's pose because it really stretches my back


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  3. CalmCat
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    CalmCat avatar
    354 posts
    4 June 2020 in reply to adarkbloom

    Hi Guys,

    What a great idea for something to share.

    I've had multiple emotional cry while doing 'Pidgin Pose'.

    Its done in Ying Yoga. I can't recommend that style of yoga and the pose enough.



  4. fred4761
    fred4761 avatar
    122 posts
    4 June 2020

    Great thread!

    I love cat/cow pose. It really helps to loosen my back muscles. Bridge pose gives me a boost of energy when I need it. Before falling asleep in bed at night I like to do legs up the wall pose, extended child's pose, and reclined bound angle pose.

    Doz, I find Yin yoga so calming and restorative. Definitely my favourite style of yoga.

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