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Forums / Suicidal thoughts and self-harm / Beyond Crap Parent's Part 1

Topic: Beyond Crap Parent's Part 1

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  1. BabySteps
    BabySteps avatar
    36 posts
    13 July 2021

    I have been under the mental scrutiny of my Dad's In different personality, which for all my life was a genuine Irritation and now It's a lasting mental Insecurity despite It being a reality, Just a relationship, with small talk or occasional chatter or otherwise absent to their own, without genuine hate for each other, Just a different psychology, generation and national relation perspective, I can't like my father beyond In different value's or virtue's, because He has Insecurities that He can't understand as Insecure, He also Is a different political opinion and breed of masculine personality and He would undermine my political beliefs, His 100% average and conventional and overly Australian, I don't like my Father because He has always guilted your psychology to become a adult, or to be Intelligent, or that your caution Is Just anxiety, He can be financially protective and He can be In considerate and selfish and He Is under confident or comfortable with knowing how to talk to His Kid's briefly or about nothing In relation to feeling's or Man to Man or LIFE, He never cared about His kid's off spring, He Just made u feel your supposed to be the world for going to a normal private High School, or that His the best Dad for generically paying the house hold bill's, and especially because your now over 18. He would always say that u have missed the boat and u will be homeless since our early 20's, He would see u as the same as u special weird selective cousin's

    He never listened to His kid's and He would never value any In difference or opinion over His own, and my Co - dependent Mother would always over look your Father resent because she was vague and grateful and un appreciated otherwise fair Co - existent mostly and within a Healthy otherwise marriage without daily drama's

    My Father think's I'm SPECIAL, and If I don't like Him I'm abused mentally to leave home, despite never having direction, Payed Work History and being without my driving, He undermines the need for me to DRIVE, and to catch Public Transport, I'm not on good term's with my Brother too, My Father Is a standard Narcissist to undermine me as " Young "

    My Parent's were disgusting to never BELIEVE In my Intelligence, or encourage my Interest's, they could Ignore a Year x 10 without me being employed or within study, My Dad killed my Individuality all through, and my creative personality, and social esteem

    I never liked Australia for lot of reason's, To the U.S.A. despite their problem's

  2. jtjt_4862
    Valued Contributor
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    jtjt_4862 avatar
    352 posts
    13 July 2021 in reply to BabySteps

    Heya BabySteps,

    Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with your family at the moment. It certainly sounds hard for you to co-exist within your family when all you want is to be heard and understood; to have that family support the way you want them to be.

    Rest assure, I'm here to listen to your story if you'd like to share more, and also happy to discuss more with you as well if there's something you'd like to do to make you feel better? I recalled in another thread that you've posted you're into creativity and want to pursue creativity as a means of expressing yourself, but dislike the fame/money that comes with it. Curious to hear if you had any further plans on taking on creativity? You're not alone my friend, hope to hear from you soon!


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