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Forums / Suicidal thoughts and self-harm / Just feeling lost

Topic: Just feeling lost

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  1. LonsyBoy
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    6 posts
    15 September 2021
    I’m just feeling lost… I’m a disabled veteran from a deployment gone bad. Lately I’ve been trying to lose weight with the intentions of a stomach sleeve in 2 weeks, so I have to stick to the shake only diet and it’s just draining me and has me completely stressed because if I don’t lose 20kgs within the 3 week period the shake diet would be increased to another 4 weeks because the surgeon was just blunt about it. Lose 20kgs or no second appointment needed. $28k of his potential income… yet girls I know have said he didn’t even expect any loss on the diet just sticking to it as best they could… I don’t know if it was just a scare tactic to make me stay on the right track but I’ve been feeling extremely down and thinking to give up. I hate the way I look, the way I feel and the pain I’m always in. I used to be a bodybuilder and loved my strict dieting with long gym sessions, had abs at 120kg but this just feels like I’ll be given the bad news at the next weigh in and I don’t think I’ll take it well. I’m meant to have 3 shakes a day and been starving myself with just having 2 and some days only 1… it’s just self destructive because it’s all a gamble if I hit the 20Kg goal or not
  2. smallwolf
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    6282 posts
    15 September 2021 in reply to LonsyBoy

    hello. I dont think I have seen you about but you have a post count. welcome.

    firstly, I hope you don't mind if I say thank you for your services.

    Now I would hope or assume the doctor / surgeon did their maths in order for you to be able to the lose that amount of weight in that time. I would guess you would also have to do some sort of activities for burning calories. Sorry, I am no expert here.

    Yet when you are in that position where something seems impossible, I know the temptation to give in is real, as it "whats the point". Of course that becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. The other perspective is to try. But then the mind tell you again "why".

    if you allow me to be bold... what our mind tells us (or me) are only thoughts and that is all they are. Only thoughts. On occasions in the past I have been able to tell myself how useless I am, etc. and in these instances have to ride those waves.

    there was an occasion when I had to have a psa test ... if the results came back the same as last time, they were going to do a biopsy. Just to make it more interesting, it was suggested I try to compartmentalize my thoughts about this. Thanks! I had somewhat resigned myself to the fact it was going to be high. It was a nervous wait. However I was lucky. Admittedly there was little I could do either way as it was just a blood test.

    Sometimes ... in order to move a mountain we have to move one pebble at a time.

    If you love(d) long gym sessions, I would bet some of the exercises you would consider as a challenge to see what you could do?

    My other thought is that this is also something you could speak with the doctor about? The feeling of not making it and what means to you.

    If it is worth anything, I am interested in hearing your story, your dreams etc. Listening to you.

  3. Petal22
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    2131 posts
    15 September 2021 in reply to LonsyBoy

    Hi LonsyBoy,

    I understand you want to loose weight 20kg in 3 weeks sounds like a huge ask……. Ive known a person who lost 20kg in 6 months by exercise and diet…… 24weeks………

    I understand the need to feel like we need to loose weight for health reasons or to make us feel and look better……… I understand you don’t like the way you look but is it possible for you to try to loose weight by healthy eating and exercise? It really is possible to do this and loose 20 kg in 6 months……. roughly 3kg a month ….. for your health reasons is it detrimental to have the sleeve?

    Thats great that you were a body builder and loved the gym is it possible for you to rekindle that?

    Im sorry you are disabled veteran from a deployment gone bad that must be difficult for you…… does your disability enable you to exercise?

    Im here to chat

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