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Topic: Parental Shock

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  1. Opppie
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    12 February 2021

    My young adult sin just expressed thoughts of not wanting to exist. First time ever. 2-3 years struggling with anxiety an depression. Not once did he share Suicide,till now he actually vocalised this.

    I need to get him to see he needs intervention. But he just wants to be alone. I think he's trying to do it on his own - pull him out of his own thoughts, pain.

    Please if any ideas how to respond to

    my 23 year old, your help is much needed.

    thank you ...

  2. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
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    6623 posts
    12 February 2021 in reply to Opppie
    Hey Opppie,

    Welcome to Beyond Blue forums and thank you for reaching out tonight. We are really sorry to hear your son is experiencing suicidal thoughts and we can imagine how difficult and painful this must be for you. We can hear that this has come as a shock and you are not sure how to process it or what to do about it. We want you to know that you are in a safe, supportive space where our wonderful community members can provide their valuable input and support.

    It is important that you son has access to mental health support services to stop the 'emotional bleeding' so to speak and we hope he is aware of the different support services that are available: offline - mental health professionals, GP; by telephone - Beyond Blue Support Service 1300 22 4636 , Lifeline 13 11 14 , Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 and webchat options with Beyond Blue Support Service , Lifeline and Suicide Call Back Service).

    It is equally important that you are looking after yourself as well, especially as him showing reluctance to seek help could trigger a range of feelings within yourself. We strongly encourage you to contact our Support Service anytime at 1300 22 4636. If at any point you feel that your son is in immediate danger to himself, this is an emergency and you must contact triple zero (000).

    You can read some information about how to support someone experiencing suicidal thoughts here:

    We hope you will find the support you need on this forum and please do let us know how you're doing, whenever you feel up to it.
  3. geoff
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    geoff avatar
    16228 posts
    12 February 2021 in reply to Opppie

    Hello Opppie, and a warm welcome.

    Sophie_M has provided you with some links for you to browse over and many good points will be shown to you.

    I am deeply sorry for the situation you are in because thoughts like this, although they may not be said by a person, doesn't stop them from thinking about it, especially when they are in a dark hole and can not see any light.

    You can contact the police who may decide to take him to hospital for his own protection, this maybe enough to help get him over those deep dark thoughts he maybe having and be able to talk with someone who is qualified.

    You could also contact Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 by phone, webchat or online, they help people up to the age of 25 and can suddenly relate to anyone who is not feeling well.

    Please remember that people in this situation always want to be alone, only because they just don't want to keep answering questions posed by their loved ones who are deeply concerned, but may not know why they feel like this, or simply are unable for the want of speaking.

    You need to also look after yourself because as frightening as this is, you need to express how you feel starting with your doctor and please ask them about the mental health plan which entitles you to 10 Medicare paid sessions with perhaps more sessions available for yourself.

    We hope to hear back from you when you ca.

    Best wishes.


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