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Topic: DSP claiming process

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  1. strawberry-appple
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    6 December 2017

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a carer for my husband who has GAD, Health anxiety, PTSD & Panic attacks.

    He see's his doctor on a weekly basis and a clinical psychologist doing CBT. He is also on medication. 6 months ago he got worse and I needed to give up work to care for him, as soon as I would leave the house he would have a panic attack so now I need to go everywhere with him. He use to get treatment from another psychologist (not clinical) for 5 years but didn't help him one bit then one day said sorry can't help you, you need to find another psychologist that can because I can't.

    Due to my husband's doctor giving him a number of Centrelink medical certificates as he is not in the right mind frame to even think about working Centrelink made an appointment for him to have a review for his benchmark hours. The woman who conducted the interview was nice and could see that he wasn't coping too well and told him he doesn't need to say anything about his conditions as my husband has supplied a letter from his GP confirming the conditions and also a report from his clinical psychologist. She told him however that he may need to consider that he needs to look for 15-22 hours per week but recommended that he consider trying for DSP as she thinks that 15 hours would be too much for him and that she couldn't make it any lower than 15 hours.

    My question is has anyone been successful gaining DSP with the same sort of conditions as he has?

    I thank everyone in advance who replies.

  2. white knight
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    6 December 2017 in reply to strawberry-appple

    Hi sa, welcome

    Every case is so different you cant compare. So I'm sorry but there isnt any point in asking that.

    Your gp,, when asked on the Centrelink form about incapacity, needs to tick 24 months or more. If he/she does, then that is only the first step but a crutial requirement that needs to be met.

    Eventually he'll have his medical records examined, an interview or two then a work capacity assessment.

    Gp letters and his psycholigist report matter less than you would hope. Other factors can include length of illness, type of illnesses, his age, work qualifications, occupation, etc.

    As I said you cant compare others situations.

    Its also much harder to obtain now.

    Sorry I cant help more.

    Tony WK

  3. geoff
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    6 December 2017 in reply to strawberry-appple
    hello Strawberry, well I'm sorry that your husband has been through 5 years without much progress, and personally I would be really upset that it took so long for them to tell him, plus any money that cost you.
    What5 they did with me was tell me that I would probably have to work several hours a week before any consideration of being accepted on DSP, but after a couple of weeks I was put onto DSP, however this was quite a long time ago, back in '95.
    With the change in governments every time a new party comes into power, they have these great ideas of how to save money, so the DSP and other pensions are cut, which is always a ridiculous idea, but let's forget about the past.
    My answer is that eventually I think he will be put onto DSP and then you can become his career.
    I'm sorry that the two of you are involved with some form of MI, but keep mentioning to this particular centrelink person that your husband can't look for 15 hours work, because he may get a job but then can't turn up to it and work, definitely ask this lady if she is staying at this particular office, because you don't want her to leave and then for you and your husband to start all over again. Geoff.
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  4. Bethie
    blueVoices member
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    18 December 2017 in reply to strawberry-appple


    If your not allready apply for carer payment . Make sure his doctor ticks at least 12 months.

    My partner had a work capacity assessmnt early on as in only about a month after getting out of hospital. He has another review in February and I'm hoping by that time the hospital Phyc will have sent his doctor all reports and tests.

    Get together everything you can. We have signed sworn statements for ambulance and police to verify what they have seen and helped with. The more evidance you can get the better.

    If he's been taken to hospital at all to help calm him down get his medical records.

    Unfortunately the carers team can only process based on a points system. The carers number can help you u understand exactly what you need and how to access it. They're really nice people but sadly have had their budget cut way to many times.

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