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Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers) / I’ve got a family member that I’m extremely worried about

Topic: I’ve got a family member that I’m extremely worried about

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  1. Kyle961
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    18 July 2020

    Hi everyone. Just tonight I caught up with my mum and I’m extremely worried about her mental health as the conversation got very dark as she fell into tears which I’ve never seen her do before and mention that her work has been hell for her as her boss isn’t helping around the workplace and has been very cold towards her and very unorganised and she’s feeling the pressure at work and has effected her behaviour at home. She mention that she has no energy to fight and more and wants to roll over and give up. I’m very worried. What should I do. I know if I recommend a psychiatrist she won’t go as she can be as stubborn as me. Please help as I’m as m concern that it may affect my parent’s marriage

    P.S. Before anyone’s stresses about me I’m doing good. I’ve got a job under my belt and working full time on a job that I love and I’m moving out in 3 weeks and got close friends to communicate to. Any advice would be appreciated and I wish very one that no ones alone during these difficult times

    Thank you

  2. geoff
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    18 July 2020 in reply to Kyle961

    Hello Kyle, and can I offer you a warm welcome to the forums and want to thank you for your comment.

    I appreciate the situation you are in and understand your last paragraph and believe you are tackling this with a great attitude for the love you have with your mum and how concerned you are.

    Being able to talk with your mum is important and for her to finally open up, whether it's by her breaking down or having the courage to speak with you.

    Everybody is different in how we approach them, and this can also include our parents, especially when they break down in front of us as this may not have been the case very often.

    From what you say ' she has no energy to fight' and first of all if she could take time off work with a letter from her doctor mentioning the reason why, then workcover may investigate the position she has been put into.

    The start is getting her to see her GP and will continue when others reply and if you also can do so.

    I want to compliment you on wanting to have our advice.


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