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Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers) / Supporting loved ones going through mental illness

Topic: Supporting loved ones going through mental illness

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  1. Petal22
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    4 September 2021

    Hi Everyone,

    If you know some one who is struggling please show them LOVE, Understanding and compassion.

    A mental illness sometimes isn’t visible to the eye but it doesn’t mean it’s not real………

    In my experience with mental illness Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I felt exhausted and terrified I felt like my mind was in an everlasting spiral that I just couldn’t stop….. I lived with this condition day in and day out…..

    I am grateful that I had such a supportive network while I was going through this condition……. They showed me understanding which is all I really wanted…….. I wasn’t judged or disregarded by my loved ones for what I was going through they just tried to understand and be there for me in the best way that they could be.

    I will be for ever grateful to one person who stuck by my side through out my journey this person has left a lasting impression on my soul…. This person came to me with a light while I was in the depths of OCD darkness….

    You never forget the people who come to you with a light to lead you out of the darkness 🙏

    Maybe YOU could be this person for the one you know who is struggling?

    I’m now recovered from OCD….. for ever grateful to the ones who supported me…. You are all my earth angels ❤️

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