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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / Inpatient in a Public Hospital

Topic: Inpatient in a Public Hospital

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  1. supportiveother
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    12 posts
    24 July 2018

    Hi all,

    Has anyone got any personal experience on what its like as an inpatient in a public hospital? Is therapy involved or is it mostly just medication and monitoring? How often do you see the psychologist etc?

    From what I can gather doing my own research on hospitals in my area (Sydney) theres usually an acute ward and a ward for those staying longer and I was wondering if anyone has any experience as to whats involved with admission to either of those.

    My partners psychologist has recommended a hospital stay but he's hesitant to stay in an acute ward because those he's been to previously haven't really offered any psychological treatment and at the moment we can't afford a private hospital.

    Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  2. Doolhof
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    8003 posts
    24 July 2018 in reply to supportiveother

    Hi Supportiveother,

    It may be beneficial to find out from the Dr. which facility he/she would like to place your partner in, then contact the hospital and ask if you can speak to someone who can explain what is available to your partner.

    If your partner does agree to being admitted, then I would be attending the facility as soon as is possible to further ask what is available and to try to ensure these things happen.

    It may also depend on the individual persons needs as to what care and assistance they receive.

    I was admitted once to a mental health facility in S.A. I was mainly offered food, rest, medication and an opportunity to not have to worry about the outside world for a couple of weeks. There was minimal mental health assistance in the facility I was in.

    That was a few years ago, so it may well be different now. I am sure each facility works differently.

    All the best with getting the help your partner needs. A stay will provide an opportunity for your partner to be cared for and monitored at least.

    Cheers from Dools

  3. supportiveother
    supportiveother avatar
    12 posts
    24 July 2018 in reply to Doolhof

    Thanks for the insight Dools!

    I'll definitely have a chat to him about bringing it up with the psychologist at his next appointment! Your experience in SA seems fairly similar to what he's had before which he didn't find helpful, he found that without the benefit of any kind of psychological treatment the environment was just making him feel worse. Every one is different I suppose!

    It does sound very similar to what I've found in my research though, likely for the public sector thats mostly whats on offer! There seems to be some excellent paid facilities but unfortunately we don't have enough to send him to one of those!

    Appreciate the response,


  4. startingnew
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    5783 posts
    24 July 2018 in reply to supportiveother

    hello and welcome

    I have been admitted as a patient myself. it depends on the uni you go into. the one i was in was an acute/short stay facility where i was moniotred 24/7, had nurses to talk to, a psychologist would pop in a day or 2 after admission and also the psych team within the hospital coming in daily to check progress and to see about discharging etc. Mine was very much like Mrs Ds admission. However if you go into a longer term on you still get the same as a short term stay but i think you see the psychologist in there more regularly, im not sure about day programs though. its best off enquiring with the hospital your/ loved one is being admitted to.

  5. supportiveother
    supportiveother avatar
    12 posts
    25 July 2018 in reply to startingnew

    Hi startingnew,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me! If you don't mind me asking, are you aware if health insurance is required for either the short or longer term units in a public hospital?

    Appreciate the information though, did you find the stay in the acute ward helped? My partner always says he didn't feel it helped but he also said he never saw a psychologist whilst admitted...

    Kind regards,


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  6. startingnew
    Valued Contributor
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    5783 posts
    25 July 2018 in reply to supportiveother

    Hi M,

    i dont mind you asking anything, ill try my best to answer.

    With the public sector and long term stays im not 100% sure about insurance for those. For short stays mine was covered and didnt need insurance. Maybe give Medicare a ring or email and enquire with them?

    Is your hubby on NDIS or work cover at all? the reason i ask is because sometimes with those services you can access the private sector for free as well.

    The acute ward was helpful in a way. i ended up staying 6 days instead of 3 because sat and sunday dont count and i was admitted after hrs on a friday. I was admitted involuntarily because i was in no state ot keep myself safe and had intentions of ending it. it was good to get away for a few days from all my responsibilities and expectations and just breathe. i didnt have alot of psychological supports though.

    i think the short term stays are for crisis care (safety) and/or just a short break, kinda like respite rather than a recovery program as such- does that make sense....

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