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Topic: Medication not working

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  1. hopeful!
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    17 March 2020
    I am on an antidepressant, but it's not working, so I might have to change antidepressants again. I feel so frustrated. I'm trying so hard to recover, but it feels like a very slow process. Does anyone feel the same?
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  2. Ggrand
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    17 March 2020 in reply to hopeful!

    Hello Hopeful..

    Im sorry your meds aren’t working they should be..

    I went through 4 lots of different meds before my psychiatrist found one that works...I’ve been on these ones now for over a year..They don’t take my depression away, but they do help me with the deep and constant sadness I was experiencing...

    We still have to work at getting better, the meds help but are not a cure..I don’t think..

    Yes..I think it is a slow process..I know it is for me..and at times I get frustrated with it all..but my mh is a part of me that I’m learning to accept and trying hard to manage it..

    When I feel I’m going down or my sadness gets to much, I’ll do something that I like to, singing along with it..internet games..going outside and gardening a little...meditation, mindfulness..these are just some that works for me to give my mind a rest from constant thoughts..Do you have something that you like to do?

    please hopeful...If you can, make an appointment with your Dr. and tell him there not working...and how you’re feeling..your dr can change them if he/she can or might organise for you to see a psychiatrist to get your meds right...

    Don’t give up trying Dear hopeful, to get some meds that work for you the way they should..It can be a long drawn out time..but well worth it when they get the right ones..

    Talk here anytime..many people are listening to you, and some more will drop in and give you there insight and help as well...

    Kind thoughts dear hopeful...with my love, care and some caring hugs...Please, look after you the best you can..


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