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Topic: OCD & Therapy

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  1. ahsoka
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    29 April 2020

    So I’m currently seeing a therapist and have been since the beginning of the year. We have mainly focused on anxiety, mood and self worth as that is what I brought up when I first started going.

    And it’s definitely helped me to realise more of what’s going on inside my head. However I think I might have ocd. It makes so much sense but part of my brain keeps telling me I’m being dramatic or making it up. Which has made me be nervous to bring it up with my therapist.

    I really want to bring it up but I can’t stop the thoughts that I’m looking for attention or being dumb.

    If anyone here has been diagnosed with ocd and could tell me anything about what that was like I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Aaronsis
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    1976 posts
    29 April 2020 in reply to ahsoka

    Hello ahsoka

    I am so pleased that you have come here to share your concern and that you have reached out for some support on your thoughts and feelings, it is not easy to write your first post so congratulations to you.

    Can I say that your doctor is there to help and support you, the best way you can get this support is to be open and honest and share as much as you can so as they can see the whole picture and give you the best support. I understand that this does not come easy to most, that there is the worry that you are attention seeking, you are a burden, that there are others that need their time more than you. Well this could not be further from the truth. You matter and you are just as deserving of support as anyone, that is why we have these specialized doctors and therapists, to support our community and you are apart of that ahsoka.

    It might be hard to start this conversation, to open up, so a way you can communicate is by writing it down, express everything you want to say, pass it to them at the start of your session, or even email prior to your session if that is an option, and let them start the conversation with you.

    I am so proud that you are seeking support for your anxiety, your moods and also your self worth, I hope that you are finding the sessions helpful as you are so worthy, you matter in this world and you are loved.

    We are here for you also to listen and give you some conversation on how to help you through this time,

    I hope to chat to you some more.


  3. geoff
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    13246 posts
    30 April 2020 in reply to ahsoka

    Hello Ahsoka, thanks for posting your comment.

    In therapy, we need to bring up and discuss the problems that brought us into this situation, we're not there to pay for a service asking 'how was your weekend', so it's best to ask any questions that concern you.

    I have OCD and had it for 60 odd years and it has taken me on many different experiences, with obsessions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts, much of which I have learnt to hide from people, but that still doesn't stop this illness.

    Please get back to us and ask any question you want to.


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