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Topic: prescription problem

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. FFrancis2
    FFrancis2  avatar
    3 posts
    20 April 2020
    Hi i have been taking prescription painkillers for about 5 months now and am having the biggest problem in going cold turkey. I have spoken to a few GPs and the common answer seems to be they are really not interested in helping to much. Getting of this stuff is so difficult i am really at a lose on what to do or say to a GP to help me move forward. It would be great if somebody could help me on this best way forward and the way in which i should approach a GP. When i try to stop i have the worst thoughts. It all started with a shoulder injury. Any tips to help the withdrawal. Please help thanks.
  2. Nurse Jenn
    Health professional
    • Health professional
    Nurse Jenn avatar
    423 posts
    20 April 2020 in reply to FFrancis2

    Hi FFrancis2,

    Welcome to the forum. It is great to see you reaching out for support here. Your story is really common as many people who suffer from an injury end up with an unwanted dependence to the pain medication that was required to recover. Going cold turkey off pain medication is not generally recommended and I would definitely find a GP that is sympathetic to your drug dependence as well as one who offers you a tapering or dose reduction schedule. This should be done under medical supervision as there could be some specific side effects they want to monitor (depending on the drug). I wonder if you know any GPs that specialise in pain in your area? You could also try to have a discussion with a Pharmacist and if you tell them your story, they may be able to offer you some support.

    Getting some additional support in managing pain may be a good balance while getting off the pain medication. There is a free online course for people who experience pain which may be able to offer you some strategies. The course is through Mindspot and is available either online or you can also receive some phone support. You can read about this course by going to this site.

    If you feel as though writing helps, please continue to share your story on the forum. We are listening.

    Wishing you the best possible outcome,

    Nurse Jenn

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  3. FFrancis2
    FFrancis2  avatar
    3 posts
    21 April 2020 in reply to Nurse Jenn

    Thank you so so much for your reply it makes total sense to me as not many people seem to understand how difficult it is to get of pain relief drugs.

    I find that GPs are not that interested maybe its more that they are afraid to get involved and giving more scripts in tapper schedule. I have spoken with somebody from drug and alcohol helpline and said will arrange for me to see somebody within there system hopefully soon. So fingers crossed i can get to talk to somebody face to face asap. I will also go and talk to a pharmacist as per your suggestion. Thanks again.

  4. FFrancis2
    FFrancis2  avatar
    3 posts
    21 April 2020 in reply to Nurse Jenn

    Hi again,

    have spoken to two pharmacist and they were NO help what so ever for your information.

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