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Topic: Safe Social App Recommenation

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  1. GeminiLion
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    8 posts
    6 May 2020
    Hi. Im looking for recommendations for Apps which are designed and moderated for people who are alone and just beed some connection at times. Similar to Daybreak (you post and strangers have their best heart in right place). Not Facebook style (competition and a mask).

    I went for years if not decade or two alone with no contact. Before social media.
    Now I have moved away from social media Im actually finding it hard (I only had pages on, and I stop personal info about two years ago and just post humourous).

    Ive been going on daybreak app but its not really suitable for me anymore. I stop drinking two years ago.
    But hoing on daybreak just for comfort.

    Why I am finding it hard now got me stuff. Considering I was isolated big time so long.
    I am still isolated but technology changed it. Im getting back away from social media, news etc.

    So I am looking for replacement to daybreak. A safe app that I can let my feeling on or find comfort without judgement. I dont have real life friends - I never really ever did except back in 1996 Senior High School. I see the world differently so it makes be different to others. I have worked, only briefly and always get sack because I dont fit in. Im not unemployed but self-efficient (leant to live below poverty line and done well). Never had a intimacy. Anyway you get the picture. I stop drinking etc 2 years ago roughly. My mental health has recovered but at time although rarer these days I might struggle but nothing like I once was
  2. Tay100
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    647 posts
    7 May 2020 in reply to GeminiLion

    Hi GeminiLion

    Thanks for posting here, we appreciate that it can be a tricky thing to do sometimes, so it's great you've taken this step.

    Social media and apps can be great tools. I'm not sure of any apps that are exact replacement of Daybreak, but you could check out the BB social zone, where we have a lighter social space where people can form social connections and discuss topics of interest or just catch up with each other:

    Alternatively, you can introduce yourself on this thread and people can get to know you: We can just chat on this thread too, if you like.

    Another resource is the Friends For Good 'Friendline' Hotline- they are a free, anonymous, nationwide phone service where you can ring up for a friendly chat with someone- they may be something you like to try. Give them a Google.

    Let us know how you go, best of luck- hope to see you around some more!

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  3. Sleepy21
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    3382 posts
    7 May 2020

    Hey and welcome to the forum
    Definitely relate to feeling isolated and wanting someone to talk to

    I personally don't like using apps so I can't recommend any, but I have called the Phoneline Friendsline and that was really good!

    Would love to hear what tools you find helpful and wishing you success!!

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