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Topic: Variations in treatment practice

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  1. Equalitysmiles
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    9 posts
    7 March 2020

    Hi All,

    Our situation here, is one of rest and recovery and the bush is regenerating. Where the fire was they are getting in and getting things done. So u get out of the way. The next town where it was horrible, its sad, there was only one house lost. People there need to be heard at this time. And knowing that other people care, for them makes a huge difference. As does, knowing people care about me. And that is not always the case we are on the receiving of, sometimes there is just such an absence of care. So care within is important at this time, to know Care and that we are cared about, but also others cared about to and we care about our nation. Sometimes people that care and give care, can get exhausted to. Along with the doctors and professionals.

    The tests I did turned out negative, which is good. But it also leaves unanswered questions. And because there is unanswered questions that prevents being able to do anything about our medical situation at this time, its not easy. Because u have to take a very careful approach, to prevent injury, and adding to our list of disabilities we already have. In other words making it worse.

    Because of the virus at this time, it makes people learn about the immune system and also how important that is for good health, and mental health. Ptsd is just everywhere, but we also have what we need to deal with that as a nation, and that is to remain calm and patient and know we can get through things on our own and together.

    I can't give much support at this time, because of what we need to live. But when we get our needs met, then we can be more of a support to others. So we have learnt the importance of knowing and accepting our limitations. And knowing and accepting, when life gives to us no limitations its amazing, cause of care and meeting needs.

    Take care all at this time, and I hope people remember to have a lovely day. When we live a life that is difficult we learn to appreciate what really matters and keep that focused and let go of what doesn't matter.


  2. Croix
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    8501 posts
    10 March 2020 in reply to Equalitysmiles

    Dear Es

    I've read your previos posts talking of times when you have had no support and others when you have. I remember you looking forward to this test as it might open a doorway to appropriate treatment, unfortunately like many such things it was inconclusive, being negative but leaving larger sensibilities unanswered.

    May I ask if there are further steps that can be taken?

    You are right in letting go of the important. I've been in a situation where I thought I'd die, I was wrong, however during the intervening months it was amazing how many things I thought were essential or were my duty, could be discarded without guilt.

    I was sorry to read your son has disabilities, and htat at the moment corrective procedures are not feasible. Perhaps when the virus has played itself out htere may be the resources for him.

    I too love to look at perky little birds, finches, wrens, even sparrows and take delight in their freedom and antics.


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